An investigation into the use of the Turning Point mobile app to

An Evaluation into the use of the
Turning Point mobile app.
The purpose of this survey is to enable staff at the
University to evaluate the use of TurningPoint
App: Influence use of the App by staff
 Evaluate the impact of this App on the learner
 Ascertain the initial usability of the App for both
staff and learners.
An Evaluation into the use of the
Turning Point mobile app.
Assessment and Feedback:
 This research investigates the use of innovative
mobile app for use with Turning Point
Technologies to facilitate both summative and
formative feedback
 Success requires student engagement:Student engagement is a critical determinant in
student success (Ooms, 2008).
Student engagement can be enhanced through the
adoption and integration of learning technologies,
(Fry, 2009).
An Evaluation of the use of the Turning
Point mobile app.
The App
 Smartphone version of TurningPoint
 Students use App for iOS/Android phones
 Results are gathered via the Web
 Results shown in TurningPoint
 Students have more functionality than previously
text-answers/short paragraphs/calculations etc
 Results sent back to students as graphs
 No need for Participant Lists as students log in
 Works fully with TurningPoint so no-one is excluded
I own a Smart Phone / iPad type
devise that will operate the
ResponseWare App?
Did you use the ResponseWare
The use of Turning Point
The App provides me with
clarity about what good
performance means?
‘keeps questions and
answers logged’
The use of Turning Point
The App helps me to think and
reflect about how my work
is assessed?
‘significant step
towards continuous
The use of Turning Point
The App helps improve my
knowledge and understanding
The use of Turning Point
The App allows teaching staff
to provide learners with timely
feedback (i.e. fast turnaround)?
The use of Turning Point
The App motivates me to think
and act on feedback received?
The use of Turning Point
The App enhances discussions
around learning between student
and teacher?
The use of Turning Point
Provides a supportive learning
environment for students?
Usage and Satisfaction
TurningPoint was an easy tool
to learn how to use ?
Usage and Satisfaction
I would like to use this tool again
(e.g. in other classes / modules)?
‘User Friendly’
Usage and Satisfaction
The instruction provided
about the use of this tool
was satisfactory?
I encountered technical
difficulties with the use of
TurningPoint ?
Usage and Satisfaction
TurningPoint is a beneficial
instructional tool for all
students to use?
‘The App is easy to use’
Usage and Satisfaction
Student Feedback
‘sometimes have problems with connection’
‘quick response’
‘very handy’
‘can be slow when there is a big class’
‘unprofessional look’
The use of Turning Point
Staff / UU Advantages
 The ‘App’ makes preparation easier, as we don't
have to prepare participant lists
 No need to buy handsets (approx £25 each)
 Best used for informal, engaging class quizzes.
 Students ENJOY engaging in the quizzes.
 Provide staff with feedback.
The use of Turning Point
Staff / UU Disadvantages
 Reliant on the students entering the correct data
 Reliant on the room having adequate wi-fi signal.
 Requires a license / registration (£7per student)
 Not suitable for proper tests - difficult to invigilate
in tight / compact classrooms.
 Preparation of quizzes (technically easy – but
time taken thinking)
Moving forward
 Examine why uptake in of the App was low
 Identify Wi-Fi hotspots
 Further comparison of the overall satisfaction
with App and handset.
 Benefit between different year groups

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