File - Ms. Cowan`s 2nd Grade Class

*Write a letter to your child and leave it in their
desk. They will get the surprise in the
*Once everyone is here, we will start!
Thank you!
• About Ms. Cowan
• Class website:
• Ms. Cowan’s email: [email protected]
Main Goals are to create:
• A caring classroom community
• A safe learning environment
• Independent, responsible students who strive to
do the best they can!
• Money bags/bucket fillers
-Reading Launch (Spotlight on
-Character Traits
-Fairy Tale
Houghton Mifflin:
Decoding strategies, vocabulary, high frequency words
(sight words), fluency and comprehension.
Readers’ Workshop:
Book Baggies w/leveled books, mini-lessons (reading
clues, story elements, reading with stamina), workshop
partners, comprehension
-Narrative Unit
-Opinion Unit
-Realistic Fiction
-Gripping Stories
-Fairy Tales
-Nonfiction Reports
Concepts include number sense, comparing
and measuring, estimating, graphing and
probability, addition and subtraction, counting,
symbol recognition, multiplication and division,
place value to 100, geometry, regrouping,
fractions, time, and money.
Scott Foresman Workbook and Envision
Timed Math fact practice programs
Mental math (thinking words, #’s and pictures)
Develop life-long problem solving skills
Will be posted on the website Monday. (Possibly
available the weekend before). Due back the next
Approximately 30-45 minutes each night:
10-15 minutes of reading each night is critical to reading
fluency and comprehension. Reading log. RAZ
15 minutes of math/language arts review/writing prompt or
Enrichment math scanned and Reading Comprehension
Electronically – Website
Email or attach note with any questions or concerns.
Science: Lab 1x week (Thursday)/ Classroom 1+ week
Social Studies: Ancestors, Presidents, Community, Government, Producers &
PE: Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please make sure your child is wearing tennis shoes
and comfortable clothing on these days.
Library: Monday. Please make sure your child brings their checked out book with them
so they can get a new one.
Technology: COWS, iPads, language arts, making stories, brainstorms, Keynotes, etc.
and Tech Lab
Art: Ms. Bhu will come to the classroom to do art with the students. We will also have
Miss Tess visit during the Spring. The remaining art will be done in class with the teacher
or our art docent.
Field trips being looked into:
California Academy of Sciences
Lawrence Hall of Science
California Pizza Kitchen (Producers & Consumers)
Park Picnic in the Spring to meet our Pen Pals
We will need drivers and/or chaperones:
Paperwork needs to be turned in to the office by
October 1st!

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