Information Literacy in Banaras
Hindu University Library System
Ram Kumar Dangi
Dr. Sanjiv Saraf
[email protected]
What is Information Literacy?
Information literacy is a set of abilities requiring individuals to
“recognize when information is needed and have the ability to
locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information.”
Information literacy also is increasingly important in the
contemporary environment of rapid technological change and
proliferating information resources. Because of the escalating
complexity of this environment, individuals are faced with
diverse, abundant information choices—in their academic
studies, in the workplace, and in their personal lives.
Information is available through libraries, community
resources, special interest organizations, media, and the
Internet and increasingly, information comes to individuals in
unfiltered formats, raising questions about its authenticity,
validity, and reliability.
Why is Information Literacy Important?
Australian Library and Information Association
emphasized the importance of Information
Literacy as a prerequisite for:
✦ Participative citizenship
✦ Social inclusion
✦ The creation of new knowledge
✦ Personal, vocational, corporate and
organizational empowerment
✦ Lifelong learning
Information Literacy and Higher
Information literacy is a key component of,
and contributor to, lifelong learning.
Information literacy competency extends
learning beyond formal classroom settings and
investigations as individuals move into
internships, first professional positions, and
increasing responsibilities in all areas of life.
BHU Library & Information System :
Banaras Hindu University is an internationally
reputed temple of learning, situated in the holy
city of Varanasi. This creative and innovative
the great nationalist leader, Pandit Madan
Mohan Malviya, in 1916. The area of the main
campus of this premiere Central University is
1300 acres. The Central Library of the Banaras
Hindu University is situated at the centre of this
University. The Central Library serves the
students, faculty members, researchers, and
other staff members.
Collection of the BHU Library System:
The Banaras Hindu University with 15 Faculties
comprising 123 subject Departments, has a library
system with the Central Library at the apex, three
Institute Libraries, namely, Institute of Agricultural
Sciences, Institute of Technology, and Institute of
Medical Sciences, 8 Faculty Libraries, 25 Departmental
Libraries as well as one library at Rajiv Gandhi South
Campus, Barkachha, Mirzapur. The total collection in
all the libraries exceeds 13.5 lakh volumes . The library
has a unique collection of about 7227 manuscripts,
besides the collection of rare books, doctoral
dissertations, staff publications, local history
collections, etc.
ICT Application in the BHU Library:
Computerization of library holding
Networking Activities
Hardware and Software
Library Services
Information Literacy and BHU Library
User training program
Demonstration of electronic databases
Cyber library and ICT Training
Personalized Assistance
User manuals and user guide
Library Brochure
Library website
Visually impaired students
Library orientation tours
The BHU library system has more than 40 academic
libraries within the university, having more 15 lakhs
collection of reading material. The library system is
constantly doing efforts to maximum use of its
resources. For this, the library system doing many
activities to ensure maximum use of its resources e.g.
User training program, Demonstration of electronic
Seminars/conferences, Workshop, Reference service,
User manuals and user guide, Library Brochure, OPAC,
Website, Virtual tour of the library, Visually impaired
students awareness program, Organize days e.g.
librarian day, library establishment day.

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