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Diversification and Career
Enoma Alade, BDS,DDS,MPH(Health
Anadach Consulting Group
What has a background in
medicine given you?
• Service: Allows you to help people and advance
• Action: Enables you to be motivated.
• Respect: Your work and contributions are an
important part of your community.
• Security: Enables you to earn a good living with a
secure future.
• Mobility: Your skills and knowledge are in demand,
wherever you choose to live.
• Flexibility: Offers you a lot of career options.
Being a clinician, what
qualities/skills do I posses?
Ability to function under pressure
Intellectual Ability
Thorough and attention to detail
Confident Demeanor
Team Player
Excellent Communication skills
Focused, driven and goal oriented
Great analytic skills
Which of my skills are transferable
to alternate careers options?
Emotional Intelligence
Articulate, focused and goal oriented
Confident and fast learner
Comfortable with taking risks
Intellectual ability
Value of time
Good analytical and problem solving skills
Team Player
Why do I want to leave clinical
• Personal Circumstances: geographic
move etc
• Loss of professional autonomy:
• Personal burn-out
• To make an impact on a larger scale.
• Temporary basis
• Need a change
Understanding Myself
Careers and Personality Testing
• Knowing your personality type can help with
career planning and advancement.
• Determining your personality type would
assist in recognizing career options that
satisfies your preferences.
• It would also be useful in determining the
most suitable work environment for you.
• Assist to discover and use your strengths to
accomplish the work.
• If you find an unsatisfactory job fit, you can
examine the reasons and seek solutions
based on your preferences.
Source: h ttp://
What are my personality traits?
Extraverted versus Introverted
Sensing versus Intuitive
Thinking versus Feeling
Judging versus Perceiving
Take the Meyer-Briggs instrument test to
determine your personality traits.
The Meyer-Briggs Instrument
Take test in a calm, uninterrupted location
Be honest on all your responses
It is not a test
No answers are right or wrong
Information on the Meyer-Briggs instrument
Some Alternate Career
Some Alternate Career Options
• Healthcare Management-HMOs and
Insurance Companies
• Medical Informatics
• Medical Journalism
• Pharmaceutical Industry
• Biotechnology Industry
• Healthcare Policy and Governance
• Medico-Legal Work
• Entrepreneurial pursuits
• Management Consulting: Dr Kelechi Ohiri
Analysis of the alternate career
• Brief background on the career option.
• What are the current and future
opportunities in the industry.
• Is this career option suitable for me?
• Am I willing to learn new information?
• Am I willing to be the “rookie” on the job?
• Do I need more advanced training or an
academic degree?
Increasing my likelihood to
succeed: What I need to do?
Prepare yourself
Additional Training
Resources available
1.Know Yourself: The Individual's Guide
to Career Development in Healthcare
by Anita Houghton
2. Please Understand Me: Character &
Temperament Types
by David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates

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