Power Point Presentation 3 - Butler Homeless Initiative

City of Refuge- “Who refreshes
will be refreshed”-Proverbs 11:25
• The Mission of The Butler Homeless Initiative is to
provide homeless prevention and family
preservation. We will do this by way of establishing a
place in which programs such as educational
opportunities, employment opportunities and
community relationships will be utilized for
individuals and families throughout Butler County.
Who Are the Homeless?
• In the “Point in Time Count” done in 2009 for Butler County there
are at least
120 homeless individual who are residents of
Butler County.
* The Salvation Army of Butler County has seen an increase of
families and individuals who are Homless-45 families in 2011
and for the first six months of 2012 there has already been 32
families considered homeless according to the HUD definition.
Statistics on
butler county homelesness (8/12)
Safe House (not domestic abuse calls)
2010 – 56 calls from homeless
2011 – 39 calls from homeless from Jan-Oct.
2009 – 44 homeless families, no individual count
2010 – 51 homeless families, or 129 individuals
2011 – 25 homeless families Jan-Sept, or 113 individuals
2012 – 12 homeless contacts per month
*Mid-caps Transitional Housing program can provide for
6 families/2 individuals per month
Statistics on
butler county homelessness
Salvation Army
2010 – 38 homeless
2011 – 45 homeless families
2012 – to date, 32 homeless families
2010 – 100 open cases for homeless.
Given month DCF will take approximately 20-30
applications for homeless with 9-10 for families
with children
South Central Mental Health
Currently 2 homeless
5 in precarious living situations
1 placed child in SRS custody due to
becoming homeless
Children and Family Services
2012 – 1 referral per month for families with
First Baptist Church, El Dorado
2011 – 58 one night motel vouchers
2012 25 one night motel vouchers
“Decrease in number of 2012 vouchers
is due to stricter guidelines for help
given. Requests for help far exceeds
ability to help.
First Presbyterian Church, El Dorado
2012 - $502 given for housing
Section 8 Housing – 2012 Currently
Quail Ridge
1 year waiting list 1 bedroom
1 year waiting list 2 bedroom
3 bedroom waiting list varies
59 people on waiting list 1 bedroom
76 families on waiting list 2 bedroom
44 families on waiting list 3 bedroom
150-175 calls per month for housing
Definition of Homeless
According to HUD
• An individual or family sleeping in a place not
meant for human habitation (examples-on the
street or in vehicles)and or in an emergency
shelter for at least 1 year. OR at least 4 episodes
of homelessness in the past 3 years.-HUD website as of
July 2012
Butler Homeless Initiative desires to provide housing with
Administration, Safety/protection and Collaborations/ministries
for the El Dorado and Butler County area.
• Our Long term Goal for
Butler Homeless Initiative.to provide a place
(transitional housing) in
which to fulfill our mission.
Goal Point #1-Administration of facility
• The need for rules and regulations regarding a
homeless preventative and family preservation
housing unit will be established prior to it’s inception.
• BHI will have rules such as a 5 to 7 day emergency
residents, then a work detail will begin for those who
remain in residence.
• There will always be a trained staff and/or trained
volunteer on duty during operating hours.
• There will be policies in place for length of stay after
emergency shelter time is used up for all clientele.
• A set of rules, guidelines and regulations will need to
be signed by client and staff or volunteer prior to
overnight stay.
Goal Point #2-Safety and Protection
• Staff and volunteers will be trained in all hazardous weather
procedures, emergency evacuation procedures, basic first aid
procedures, basic Human services.
• All clients will need to be vetted by the Butler County Sheriff
department and or local police departments prior to entering
the shelter. Random drug testing and personal property
search's will be conducted by trained staff and or volunteer
on a regular basis.
• All medications will be placed under lock and key by staff or
volunteers, all weapons will be confiscated prior to a clients
entering the shelter. No alcohol , weapons and drugs will be
Goal Point #2-Safety and Protection
• There will be two staff and/or trained volunteers on duty
during operating hours to insure their safety and the safety
of the clients.
• Clients/residents will have designed meal times, and curfews
to insure safety for them and their families. As well as
outdoor time, computer usage will be designated.
• All personal belongings of clients/residents will be placed in
storage lockers/or baskets but BHI will not be held liable if
anything would be lost or stolen.
Current house rules and
Operation plan are tentative and
Evolving. Best plans include
Meeting with all community
Partners for input prior to
Open, once a location has been
Administrative Executive Board for BHI
As of July 1st, 2012
Krystal Wallace-mothers against Methamphetamine South Central
Trisha Menadue- technical illustrator, Excel industries, Inc.
Marilyn Hall-retired RN
Macy Gaines-Independent Living Specialist,RCIL
Sandy Bell-Community Aid Network
Pastor Danny Chappell-New Friends Bible Church, Augusta
Melody Gault-RSVP Program Manager, Butler County Department on
Marilyn Roberts-BHI Board member
Judy Scribner-retired teacher
Kelsey Stone-student at Newman University
Yvonne Yee-retired teacher USD 490 and finance office WSU
Ron Eisenbise-ex-Board member
Pastor Bill O’Connell-ex Board member, Pastor 1st Presbyterian Church
Wikipedia Definition of a Homeless Prevention Shelter
• Homeless prevention shelters “are designed
specifically to be temporary homes providing
for those that have fallen on hard times and
need an opportunity to get back into the
workforce…they are created not just to
provide shelter, but also offer a variety of
services including job training, community
building and family preservation”
Vision Statement portion regarding why BHI choses to
keep all Safe and Protected
• “ The Butler County Homeless Initiative, City of Refuge Shelter
understands the inherent value of every human being. We offer a
caring base for temporary shelter based on a plan to offer success
with minimum budget requirements. We formed with the idea that
everyman deserves to be treated with compassion, respect and
dignity. We believe that trauma, a lack of wisdom or experience in
decision making, impaired ability and prior negative environments do
not have to determine and individual’s value; each individual can
determine his own value on any given day. We believe in God’s plan,
and that we are the hands and body-the tools for His work. We would
hope to reflect God’s love, providing and incubator for faith, trust
and hope through relationship, action and provision.” –Krystal
Wallace, president of Butler Homeless Initiative 2012
Butler Homeless Initiative Coordinates and promotes
throughout County as a member of :
El Dorado, Augusta and Andover Chamber of Commerce
National Coalition for the Homeless as well as having petitions
regarding community support with more than 450 signatures.
Ministries, Programs and
There is tremendous potential to plug the clients and residents of
this shelter into the community of El Dorado and Butler County.
Such potential programs could be :
1. Bench making and gardening for the City of El Dorado
2. Thrift Store needed volunteers at The Salvation Army of Butler
3. Cooking and/0r set-up help with the Homeless meals in El Dorado
4. Food Pantry volunteers for 12 Baskets for Loaves and Fishes.
5. Cooling Center volunteers for set up and clean up
• THE SKY is the LIMIT for how this Homeless
Prevention and Family Preservation shelter can aid in
the bonding of this entire community.
Letters Of Support
• There have been letters of support from the
year 2009-2012 from various Human Services
organizations in Butler County, Cities in
Butler County, Churches in Butler County,
Service Clubs of Butler County. These letters
are from those who recognize the
tremendous need and value to care for our
current Homeless population as well as care
for those families with the potential to
become homeless in the future.
Letters of Support Agencies, Cities and Churches
List as of July 31st, 2012
The City of Andover
The City of Towanda
The Salvation Army of Butler County
The Family Life Center (El Dorado Safehouse)
South Central Mental Health
Butler Community College
The Resource Center
Soroptomist of El Dorado Chapter
El Dorado Charity Auxiliary
Ministerial Alliance of El Dorado
Ministerial Alliance of Leon
Letters of Support Continued
The El Dorado Church of the Nazarene
The First United Methodist Church of El Dorado
The First Presbyterian Church of El Dorado
New Life Fellowship Church of El Dorado
First Baptist Church of El Dorado
Trinity Episcopal Church of El Dorado
Harvey County Homeless Shelter
New Beginnings Inc.
Questions or Comments?
• Please share your thoughts, questions and
opinions regarding the Butler Homeless
Initiative and it’s future plans to prevent
Homelessness and preserve the families in the
butler County area and more specifically in El
Thank you for your time
and God Bless
• From the Butler County Homeless Initiative

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