IB DP 11th grade informational meeting powerpoint

I’m in 11th grade IB,
now what?
IB Diploma Programme-Preparing students for success in
higher education and life in a global society
11th grade informational meeting- 09/30/14
Elizabeth Towlen
Niwot HS’s IB DP Coordinator
Today’s handouts
● Note catcher
● IB research
● New IB diploma
regulations & failing
conditions document
● Academic honesty
● CO House Bill 1108
● Feedback form
Ultimate Goal?
● happy & wellrounded NHS
graduates ready to
take on the world
● second to none
college readiness
● life long friendships
NHS IB graduates testimonials
We asked NHS grads…
Nick’s letter
Vero’s Vimeo
Fun Facts
● “More than 1 million students will have participated in the DP since its
inception in 1968. DP students represent a broad range of nationalities
from nearly 140 countries and reflect diverse experiences and
perspectives. These experiences, along with the DP’s emphasis on
international-mindedness and academic rigor, provide students with a
unique set of skills, attitudes and perspectives for success in university
and life in the 21st century.”
● “The DP has gained recognition and respect from the world’s leading
universities. Annually, DP students send transcripts to over 3300 higher
education institutions in nearly 90 countries. The most popular of these
institutions are ranked among the top universities in the world.”
IBO Mission Statement:
“The International Baccalaureate Organization
aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and
caring young people who help to create a
better and more peaceful world through
intercultural understanding and respect.
To this end the IBO works with schools,
governments and international organizations
to develop challenging programmes of
international education and rigorous
These programs encourage students across the
world to become active, compassionate and
lifelong learners who understand that other
people, with their differences, can also be
right.” (IBO)
IB Learner strive to be:
Did you know that?
Mr. Rauschkolb’s sister was an IB student, so was Mrs. Lozen
Mrs. Towlen Tweets and expects you to read her emails
Mrs. Hauck runs IB/AP savings accounts
You must use your svvsd.org email accounts
IB classes are weighted (5.0)
NHS website was redesigned and the new one has been launched
NPIB/IB has a Parent (for now) Advisory Committee (next 10/7/14)- are you
interested in joining and representing your classmates?
● there is CO state law mandating each IB diploma recipient receive minimum of
24 college credits (Colorado House Bill 1108)
● NHS IB Diploma rate is consistently higher than the world’s average diploma rate
● more than 1.2 million students attend IB schools across the globe
IB Calendar
● it was shared with you via
● you are expected to follow its
due dates & deadlines
● you must communicate with
your IB teachers and IB office
staff in the event of not being
able to comply
● we are here to help you get
your diploma but can’t do it
without your input
DP students acquire breadth and depth of
knowledge and understanding while studying:
● one subject from each of five groups (15), ensuring understanding in their best
language, additional language(s), the
social sciences, the experimental sciences
and mathematics (at either standard-150
hrs or higher level-240 hrs of study),
● student may choose either an arts subject
from group 6, or a second subject from
groups 1-5,
● exploring the nature of knowledge through
the programme’s unique theory of
knowledge course (TOK),
● undertaking in-depth research in the 4,000
word extended essay (EE),
● enhancing personal and interpersonal
development through the creativity, action
and service component (CAS)
The curriculum
The six subject groups @ NHS:
● Group 1- Studies in language and literature: English HL for all
● Group 2- Language acquisition: French or Spanish (SL)
● Group 3- Individuals and societies: Economics SL, History of
Europe HL, History 20th Century SL, Psychology SL or HL
● Group 4- Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics- either SL or HL
● Group 5- Mathematics: Math Studies, Math SL or HL
IB Core-grades 11th & 12th
● CAS-starts on the first day of
Junior year & ends with CAS
Exit interview in April of your
Senior year, self-directed
● EE & TOK- both begin second
semester of Junior year
EE-Extended Essay Summit on
1/23/15 (9:15 am- 12:15 pm)
● TOK- class you take, includes
formal presentation & an essay
uploaded to IBO
1. Increased their awareness of their
own strengths and areas for
2. Undertaken new challenges
3. Planned and initiated activities
4. Worked collaboratively with others
5. Shown perseverance and
commitment in their activities
6. Engaged with issues of global
7. Considered the ethical
implications of their actions
8. Develop new skills
Group 4 project
● Introductory meeting on
November 6th @ 1:15 PM in
the NHS commons
● All IB Juniors are required to
attend this meeting
● if you are unable to attend
contact IB coordinator
IB Diploma points
Failing conditions- from 5/14 on
1. CAS requirements have not been met.
2. Candidate’s total points are fewer than 24.
3. An N has been given for theory of knowledge, extended essay or for a
contributing subject.
4. A grade E has been awarded for one or both of theory of knowledge and the
extended essay.
5. There is a grade 1 awarded in a subject/level.
6. Grade 2 has been awarded three or more times (HL or SL).
7. Grade 3 or below has been awarded four or more times (HL or SL).
8. Candidate has gained fewer than 12 points on HL subjects (for candidates who
register for four HL subjects, the three highest grades count).
9. Candidate has gained fewer than 9 points on SL subjects (candidates
who register for two SL subjects must gain at least 5 points at SL).
Your 2 year IB DP plan
● Is it still accurate? If
not, you must let us/IB
office know
● does it include at least
6 IB exams from
appropriate subject
● 3SLs+3HLs or
So far, how is it going?
Have you?
● connected with CAS coordinator
● received & read emails from IB coordinator
● checked out the IB Juniors Calendar?
Do you know?
who is the EE coordinator @ NHS & when will you meet
what day is the IB exam registration due date
when are you expected to complete and online CAS check-in survey
how many IB exams will you be taking this year (up to 2)
what should you do when you are falling behind
there is another meeting scheduled for 11th &12th grade IB students
on 4/20/15 to prep you for IB exams
your parents are the IB exam proctors- they will be trained on
Academic Honesty
● Our culture puts a high value on original
thinking and intellectual property
● Signed honor code contract is required of ALL students
upon entry to the NPIB program & is a critical
component of the IB DP
● It’s goal is to encourage students to express themselves
originally, confidently and competently
● NHS’s Academic Honesty Policy
● Serious violation of academic standards
● Ranges from blatant to subtle & from intentional to
● Often originates from a lack of awareness
● Factors that may trigger include: pressure,
disorganization, poor study habits, lack of
understanding about the seriousness of the offense
Plan Ahead & Save your $
IB students will take at least 6 exams (up to 2 during Junior year)
Examination prices (May 2015):
● IB exam registration fee - $160
● cost of each IB exam- $110
● postage fee- $10
● Total = $ 830
Many IB students also take AP exams in addition to their IB exams.
The savings from the IB Exam Accounts can be used for the cost of the
AP exams as well.
So, do your budget a favour by buying the gift cards, which are good for face value, may
Where can an IB student get help?
IB Office staff: Mrs. T & Mrs. H
Guidance Counseling:
● David Keyek (A-F)
● Amy Foote (G-L)
● Sarah Davis (M-Ri)
● Amy Brown (Ro-Z)
Other counseling staff:
● Misty Herndon- School Psychologist
● Tenica Henry- School Interventionist
● stay informed (emails, meetings, Twitter
@ SVVSD_NHS_IB, etc.)
● ask for help when you need it
● get involved
Feedback Time
● Your feedback is
very important to us
● Thank for your
comments & joining
us this evening
Please reserve questions
pertaining only to
you/your child for a
private conversation
● Google images
● IB Logos: http://www.ibo.org/myib/digitaltoolkit/logos/
● http://www.ibo.org/recognition/programmes/dp/index.cfm

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