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Creating Your Power Point
Things you should know:
Your presentation should be on an artist (living
or dead) that you admire or find interesting.
You may work alone or with ONE other person.
You need to decide who you will work with and
sign up for and artist TODAY.
You will have the next 2 class periods to
research and create your PowerPoint
You will be presenting your PowerPoint to the
Have a minimum of 10 slides.
Contain relevant, correct information.
Be in your own words except where correctly quoted.
Have a visual element on each slide.
Be creative, interesting and match the style of your
Have NO MORE than 2 or 3 sentences of text on each
Have a “Works Cited” slide at the end listing sources
where you got your information.
Contain a 5 question quiz at the end. The questions
should be relevant and test to see if students were
listening to your presentation.
Finding an artist that doesn’t create the
occasional offensive or even pornographic artwork is
very difficult. I have tried but simple can NOT look
at every piece of art that an artist ever created to
make sure it is school appropriate. In your research
you may come across artwork that is offensive. The
school tries to block these images but sometimes
they get through. If you run on to a work that
offends you just click out quickly and move on. If it
is really offensive let the computer lab person know
so they can block the site. Good luck!
Likes to use optical illusions in her art
Chuck Close
Focuses on very large portraits.
M.C. Escher
Escher was famous for his math inspired art and tessellations.
Grandma Moses
Started painting at 71 and painted until she was over 100 years old.
Diego Rivera
Famous Mexican muralist.
Andy Warhol
Famous for using popular images.
Unique street artist.
James Christensen
Famous Fantasy artist.
Bev Dolittle
Likes to hide images within her art work.
Jim Dine
Hearts, hearts, and more hearts.
Max Ernst
Likes the unusual.
Peter Max
Bright, intense colors and “peace” messages.
Ralph Goings
Tries to make his paintings look like a photo.
Roy Lichtenstein
Cartoon images.
Lichtenstein again…
Salvador Dali
Loved the unusual.
Rembrandt Van Rijn
Master of light.
Sandy Skoglund
Bizarre Installations.
Marc Chagall
Paintings that tell a story.
Takashi Murakami
A new kind of “Pop Art”.
Lee Quinones
Graffiti artist
Grant Wood
Loved to paint small town America.
Thomas Hart Benton
Loved to paint stylized image of early American life.
Andrew Wyeth
Painted haunting images of rural American life. Used egg tempura.
Carl Brenders
One of the best wildlife artists today.
Fredrick Remington
Painted scenes of the settling of the American West.
Georgia Okeefe
Loved to paint large close up pictures of flowers and bones.
Claude Monet
Wanted to capture his “impression” of the world around him.
A Japanese artist who had a distinctive style.
Jackson Pollack
He was called “Jack the Dripper” because he liked to drip paint onto his canvases.
Andy Goldsworthy
Used nature to create art.
Edward Hopper
Lonely Urban life.
Edvard Munch
Loved haunting, emotional images.
John William Waterhouse
He loved to paint romantic images.
Pablo Picasso
Father of cubism.
Jan Vermeer
He was a master at painting light.
Norman Rockwell
Painted realistic scenes from American life.
Jean Francois Millet
Realist – painted the common ordinary person doing common ordinary things.

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