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VanSickle Robbins
Membership update and new member introductions
In Memoriam Member Tribute to Janice Wilson
VanSickle Robbins
President’s Update
VanSickle Robbins
New Business
Board Elections/ Bylaws change
Events/ Salons
Treasurer’s Report
IWF Fellows Program
Mentor Program
Other Business
2013 New Members
Amy Tykeson
Anne Marie Mehlum
Bev Clarno
Carole Smith
Christine Vernier
Elisa Dozono
Ginny Burdick
Irene Firmat
Jeanne Staton
Jill Eiland
Loni Parrish
Lori Flexer
Lynne Saxton
Maria Pope
Nicole Maher
Rosaria Haugland
Stephanie Fowler
Su Midghall
Sue Levin
Trish Smith
President and CEO
Bend Broadband
Summit Bank
Former State Senator & Speaker of the Oregon House
Portland Public Schools
Co Founder
Vernier Software
Miller Nash
Oregon State Senator
Full Sail Brewing Company
Staton Companies
Oregon Public Affairs Manager
Art Gallery Elements
Senior Vice President
Ferguson Wellman Capital Management
Executive Director
Youth Villages Oregon
Portland General Electric
Northwest Health Foundation
Rosaria P. Haugland Foundation
The Renaissance Foundation
DHM Research
OR Executive Director & Chief Marketing Officer Stand for Children
William Smith Prop.
In Memoriam
Janice Wilson
1942 - 2012
President’s Report
 IWF Mission: Advancing leadership across careers, cultures and continents by
connecting women of significant and diverse achievement
 New Oregon forum brand
 Expanding Oregon forum membership (geography, professional/civic focus, age,
 More opportunities for friendship and fellowship
 Local leadership development/mentoring efforts
 Deeper involvement with international activities and programs
 New ideas:
--On the Board
--Forum exchanges
 Join IWF in Vancouver B.C. Oct. 16-18
2013 IWF Oregon Board Slate
Position 5
Kimberly Cooper-Jaqua (3-year
Other IWF Oregon Board Members:
Sharon VanSickle Robbins, Sandra McDonough, Mary Wilcox, Lyn
Bylaws Change
Article II Section 7
(c) Criteria for Membership. Additional members may be invited to join the
corporation on an annual basis. The corporation shall strive for a
diversified membership - geographically, politically, ethnically and
professionally. Nominees for membership shall be selected using the
following criteria:
(1) Resides, works or serves as a civic leader in Oregon;
Previous language:
 (1) A resident of Oregon;
2012 Salons & Events
April 4th
Annual Meeting
April 25
City Club event with Timothy Geitner
May 24
IWF Oregon/ NLO Mentoring event
May 31
Happy Hour NobleRot, Portland
2012 Annual Meeting
Sept 27 – 28 IWF Oregon retreat Eugene/ Corvallis
Oct 24-26
San Francisco
IWF World Leadership Conference
Nov 15
Vision 2020 Reception
Dec 13
Holiday Party
Noble Rot Happy Hour
Portland Holiday Party
Southern OR Holiday gathering
IWF Oregon Eugene/ Corvallis Retreat
September 27 - 28
IWF World Conferences
Morocco May 30 – June 1, San Francisco October 24-26th
Elisabeth Zinser at the IWF Morocco conference.
San Francisco attendees include Karla Chambers, Marilynne Eichinger,
Lyn Hennion, Joanne Jene, Sandi McDonough, Nancy Rangila, Mary
Spilde, Sharon VanSickle Robbins, Melody Rose, Mary Wilcox and
Elisabeth Zinser.
2013 Salons & Events
February 12 Happy Hour – Clark Lewis
April 23 Happy Hour – Lake Oswego
May 28 Member Salon - Oregon Historical Society
May 29 – 31 IWF World Cornerstone Conference, Jamaica
July 12 - 14 IWF Oregon Bend Retreat
August 23 – 25 Ashland Retreat with IWF Northern California Members
September 26 (tbc) Member Salon – International Service
October 16 - 18 IWF World Leadership Conference Vancouver BC
December Holiday Party
Treasurer’s report
IWF Oregon Income/Expense Statement January - December, 2012
Membership Dues - 2012
Membership Dues - 2013
Total Membership Dues (1)
Event Income
Total Income
IWF Dues (2)
Payroll Expenses (3)
Total Event Expenses in 2012 (ex. Annual Meeting)
Total Expenses
Opening Balance
Net Income
Ending Balance
Some dues come in at the end of the previous year, some at the beginning of the next. The total of dues for 2013 should
be approximately $23,375.
IWF asks for a partial payment of dues in December of the year before the "dues year." For 2012, $4,500 was paid in
Dec., 2011. IWF dues are a "base rate of $1,500 plus $80/member
Pip joined us in April. Her time was spent approximately 1/3rd on events and 2/3rds on administration and communication
with members.
Thanks to Gun Denhart who hosted the Holiday Party and to Susan Sokol-Blosser who contributed wine to the event!
Susan also contributed wine for '12 annual meeting!
IWF-OR pays for the registration and travel expenses for our president to attend the annual IWF conference.
IWF Fellows Program
Global Women's Leadership Program
IWF World Conference, Vancouver BC: October 2013
Harvard Business School: March 2014
INSEAD, The Business School for the World (Fontainebleau, France): June
Professional, international coaches and IWF Mentor
Nominations Due March 31st
Application Deadline for 2013 – 2014 program: April 15th, June 1st, 2013
Cost: $27,500
Named Scholarship: IWF Oregon
Selection Committee: Debi Coleman, Kimberly Cooper-Jaqua, Gretchen Hult™
Mentor Program
Mentor Program
Does our group have an interest in exploring “alternative” mentoring opportunities?
What do we hope to achieve?
What is the demographic we’d like to target?
What already exists?
What are our options?
--- technology (social media – Facebook, blog(s))
--- panel discussions on select topics
--- series of roundtable discussions
--- shadowing
--- matching needs with mentors’ skills/experience
--- others???
What would this group support and participate in?
How do we proceed?
Next steps and interested members?

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