Introduction to The Heart Wall

By Jim Stephens,
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
Pure Energy !
Each Emotion has it’s own specific vibration,
like every other kind of energy
Emotions lend color to our lives, but
sometimes they become trapped and cause a
multitude of problems
Trapped emotions are like
balls of energy, about the
size of an orange or
They may lodge anywhere
in the body.
They distort normal energy
fields, causing tissue
imbalance and eventual
physical symptoms.
The trapped emotion continues to resonate
at the same frequency.
It effects your tissues and the energy field
you’re sending out to others.
Eventually our
energy field may
become very chaotic.
We may feel we have
no control over our
Imagine the energy vibration you are
sending out all the time.
Think about what energy bombards you
from those around you and the environment.
To protect itself and deflect the negative
energy, your heart may put up an invisible
It will be made out of the available energy.
Heart is much more than an organ that pumps blood
- A “second brain”
- Constantly sending messages to the brain
- Sometimes a heart is shrouded by the negative
energy of a Heart-Wall
- Distorts the energy you are sending
- Distorts energy coming in to you
Heart-Wall can be made of several, even many,
trapped emotions
- Blocks the ability to give and receive love
- Not your fault (God-given defense)
- Blocks you from success
- Does protect your heart from
negative emotions and may
be necessary.
“This is the most important
thing God told me to tell
-Dr Bradley Nelson
(Dr. Nelson gives away Chapter 7 free.)
My experience was great. It was amazing how accurate things were, meaning
matching up with experiences that I did have in the past and the emotion that I
carried from it. It really made me feel better emotionally; relieved. I felt emotionally
more relaxed and free.
I am a type of person that can be controlled by my emotions and often I criticize
myself for being so weighed down with emotions...doing the session made me
realize that it wasn’t exactly me, but really all these emotions that I have trapped in
me from experiences I have had.
That in itself helped me feel better and lighter, knowing that it’s not something
that’s wrong with me. I definitely have seen some improvements with my
relationship with my husband, which was one thing we were releasing trapped
emotions about. What I mean with that is that I feel like the way I look at things
that happen where I would usually feel a certain emotion, like anger or insecurity,
doubt, I have found myself not being as bothered by those certain emotions as
much as before.
That’s about it. I would really like to do more sessions for sure :] I’m sure one is
not enough!
Jin Soon Stephens
Dear Jim,
I just received a call from our daughter. Her son certainly has some trapped emotions.
Understandably, she also has so much anxiety with trying to get him to eat basically all day,
He is almost 16 months old and is still less than 20 pounds. It seems that being force-fed some
medicine in the hospital, they may have really traumatized him to the point that he is actually
gagging on food, rejecting food. She is trying everything, playing games, trying infinite types of
various foods in infinite varieties of ways, but he gets thinner.
She goes to the doctor every 3 weeks for a weigh-in but he gains 2-3 ozs every visit, although
she will go tomorrow and thinks that he has actually lost weight this time.
She will call you today or tomorrow to set up a time to talk. I'm sending this letter to her, as well,
so that she can look at the powerpoints and perhaps listen to the audio recordings at the link.
She asked if there was anyone in LA area. I said that you would probably know, since a lot of
members are getting involved.
Hi Mr. Stephens.
Thank you very much for your call and message earlier to check in on things. Eva
Maria is truly amazing and I want to thank you for connecting us. She has done two
readings on my son thus far and has released a lot of negative emotions.
It's incredible how much is stored up in such a young child. Also, I am happy to report
that for the last 2 days, he has been eating like a champ. I've been researching
techniques used by feeding therapists and have started to try some out and the
results have been excellent. I know though that it's not only the new methods I've
been using, because Tristan suddenly has a willingness to eat that he didn't have
His temper is more manageable and he has a lot more patience during feedings.
Anyway, I am so grateful to you and to Eva Maria for reaching out to us with so much
love and concern. The work you are doing is a blessing.
All the best to you and your family.
The End
(of Powerpoint)
Thanks very much
Checking for a Heart Wall and Determining Substance
By Muscle Testing, ask if you have a Heart Wall
Determining Material and Thickness
Ask, Is the heart-wall made of wood?"
Is it harder than wood?
- Is it a metal? Some kind of rock? Etc.
Is it softer than wood?
- Is it vegetable material? Man made? Etc.
Finding thickness can help gauge progress.

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