What are supported internships? - The Association of National

Louise Jordan
Team Leader for Pathways to Employment
0-25 Division, DfE
Overview of session
• What are supported internships?
• How they differ from other
study programmes
• Bev Jessop, QAC
• Plenary
• Davina Jones, National Star College
• Help for colleges developing
supported internships
What are supported
• Why government is
introducing supported
• Who are they for?
• Who can offer them?
to work!
Definition of supported internships
FLEXIBILITY, with 4 principles
1. Majority of time spent at an employer’s premises
• Comply with real job conditions
2. Personalised study programme with E&M
3. Jobs must work for employer and intern
• Real business need, possible recruitment
4. Support for young person and employer
• Job coaches
Any institution or provider that has an allocation to
deliver 16 -19 education and training from EFA can
deliver SIs for 16 -19 year olds and young people with
SEN statements / LDAs / EHC plans to academic age 25
• Element 1 + Element 2 - allocated (by EFA)
• ‘Top up funding’
• DWP’s Access to Work funding for in-work element
of supported internship: travel, job coach, specialist
How are supported internships
different from study programmes
with work experience?
Not a replacement but a culmination
Focus on work preparation
Response to increased aspirations of young people
Personalised work placements
Making work placements a reality for those with more
complex needs
Access to Work funding
We know they work – 36% vs 7%
Bev Jessop
Vice Principal – Academic
Queen Alexandra College
SWOT analysis:
could your college offer
supported internships?
Davina Jones
National Star College
Setting up supported internships:
available help
New supported internship advice
• Introductory information
• Planning and designing supported internships
• Job coaching
• Recruiting and engaging interns
• Working with parents and carers
• Working with employers
• Achieving positive progression
• Funding
• Further reading
More help
Preparing for Adulthood – lots on the website
Evaluation of trial
Other colleges
Links to Fulfilling Potential and the Disability
Confident Campaign

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