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Wealth Discovery ™
We Realize the Potential
Invest with Discipline
The right hands make all the difference
PropShare Capital Sdn Bhd (1103165-D)
What do you see?
• Property price of the region are increasing
• Share markets are volatile
• Salary far slower than appreciation
I work hard to
increase my
I can’t afford to
buy house
Average of Malaysian
I afraid to invest
from stock
Not Affordable
However, those sound investors
get rich?
I buy more properties.
I own more business stocks.
I create more income sources.
• Why is there differences?
• What could you and me do?
Problem and Opportunities
• Everyone is looking extra source of incomes where most of the people is individual.
• Individual growth is not duplicate fast.
• Risk are higher.
• Time is limit.
• PropShare is offer to solve and leverage further.
We have a team of experienced people.
Leveraging time and fund.
Reducing Risk.
Duplicating a system.
If you see the same with us, we do the same together
We see ourselves a Valuable Investment Holding Company that help people
who trust us to generate their life long income streams. We would be happy
to see you live a better life.
We ride on the trends which you agreed that we have seen the same, we
own the real estate properties, acquire public & private equity shares.
How do we achieve our goal for you?
Trading and
Stock Trading
We adopt intra day and long term investing style to
strike balance of safety yet high return performance. It
yields the best of both income generation and asset
building to our partners.
Real estate
We invest in mainly Below Market Value (BMV) properties with
positive cash flow. Once a while we do have the appetite for
‘Sleeping Dragon’ class too! Such asset selection balance up
capital appreciation and cash flow building.
Our Corporate Structure
PropShare Capital
Stock Trading
Performs stock trading
mainly in the US and
Malaysia Stock
markets, however not
limited to these 2.
Property Investment
Building a better world
through value
Investing into BMV and
high potential property
We identify and
scrutinize high
potential trends, we
don’t stop to create
more income sources
Business Concept
Food and
Cash Flow
Ultimate Goal is Real Estate
Asset Management
Building Fundamental
Cash Flow
Long Term
Short or
Middle Term
How could you take part in our join success?
ordinary share
share series A
(Today and you)
PropShare Preference share series B
(Future and Others)
• We are opening up shareholding opportunity via Preference Shares
Series A subscription.
• You are Propshare Capital’s Preferred Partners and will always be
given priority in our future investments opportunities.
• You share the same dividend portion as with PropShare’s founders.
Why must you be share holder of series A?
As a Series A Preference Shareholder, you will be entitled to Profit Sharing via Dividend Payout upon profitability of the
company. To ensure your interest of reaping short term profit while preserving your long term financial aspiration, the
dividend payout will be made in the following manners:
Half of the profit made from stock trading will be distributed as dividend to Preference Shareholders Series A on a
bi-yearly basis for the first 4 years of operation.
Upon any exit of property investment during the first 4 years of operation, Preference Shareholder Series A will be
given voting right to decide the management of such profit. Upon achieving agreement of 2/3 majority of all the
Preference Shareholder Series A, management will distribute the profit as dividend.
We aim to achieve yearly dividend payout on the 5th year onwards as our aspiration to offer alternative passive
income stream to our partners.
Our Stock Trading Performance
Property Trend in Malaysia
60% population
< 25 years old
Urban population
28m population
at 2.3 annual growth
63% urban
< Total Transaction in
Our Financial Projection
Stock Trading Fund Size
Property Fund Size
Overall Fund Size
RM580k distributed Dividend
with potential asset value of
No distributed Dividend with
potential asset value of
RM580k distributed Dividend
with total potential asset value
of RM2.5mil
ROI/4 years
Ordinary shareholders are always entitled to equivalent amount of dividend every time there is a
distribution of dividend among the Series A Preference Shareholders as Management Fee for the
Remark: The above projections are based on best effort financial analysis of the Company’s
Budget. It shall not be construed as a Profit Guarantee in which so ever manner.
We want to be frank with you and what you need to
• Despite the financial projection and our aspiration, we start with a humble base growing from what we have,
wading through any unforeseen risk of catastrophe in market, what we have to do then is to walk through it
together with your trust.
• Series A Preference Shareholder will not be liable for any debt according to Companies Act and will have the first
right to the assets of the company.
What should we see next?
• We have observed a trend of shifting the highly successful business model from the ever lasting corporate giants to the
new dynamic and nimble small businesses. As foreseen by Jack Ma and the likes of successful startup owners in the
world, a lot of giant corporation will either be buying into smaller businesses to sustain their long term growth or
getting ready to be replaced by them.
• With the projected growth of the company’s profit, PropShare Capital aspires to build a stronghold of Startups Seed
Fund to invest in high potential and scalable businesses with potential up to 30~50 times of return upon triumph.
• What you dream of but yet to be? A business owner?
• You and us, we are in PropShare to make it happen.
Do we see the same again?
Step 1
Leveraging on our core
strength in stock and property
trading to churn cash flow
Step 2
Investment into various small
businesses as in return for
Step 3
Generates bigger cash
cycle or capital
appreciation with high
exit multiple
We are growing one!
What is the trend?
The ever increasing property price everywhere in the world has created a delusion that owning a home is getting more and more impossible. A personal
financial solution that entails the intellect of property investment is needed to rightly match individual needs and financial profile to the right property, to
enable potential home buyer to own their right dream home.
To be an Idiot Proof Reference Point for any Property Trade Transaction in the Market
Idiot Proof – a concept/system/UI through website or mobile app platform that anyone can easily navigate and understand
Any Property Trade Transaction – transactions ranging from residential to commercial and eventually land
Market – the whole property market where PropShare operates in
Matching any Property Buyer/ Tenant to the Right Properties
Matching – the action of profiling PropShare’s end user financial and property needs and linking that profile to a certain property through a predefined system
or algebra
Any Property Buyer/ Tenant – individuals who is either in the lookout of residential or commercial unit either for the purpose of purchasing or renting a
Right Properties – proposal of up to 3 property choices to PropShare’s end user based on their profile
Profile – affordability for down payment, installment/ rental cost vs cash flow, transportation mode, distance, life style, etc
Delivery Model
O2O – where first touch point with PropShare’s end user will be through internet connected devices and recommendation and viewing will be through
physical meet up with selected bankers/ property agent
Operating Model
Data Gathering – compilation of property data based on predefined criteria
Algebra/ Model Development – development of a strong algebra system which intelligently and efficiently organizes the data compiled and quick
recommends solutions accurately to PropShare’s end user
Our People that you have to trust if you have decided
to join us
Terence Kioh (CEO)
Ethan Yeoh (CTO)
A sharp clear minded thinker that maps out the
company’s blueprint, resourceful and visionary. He sees
beyond anyone in the team.
A software solution consultant that has vast international
working experience in several MNCs. He has sharp eyes on
properties and power brain for new business models that
churn cash for the company.
Boey Kwa Jian (CFO)
A strategic thinker that manages company’s resources. He
has extensive range of corporate strategy experience
from his career in management consulting to investment
banking. Corporate Merger and Private Equity are what
he knows.
Kelvin Saw (CTA)
He has been consistently achieving double digits ROI on
his stock trading every month. He lets his trade
performance speaks!
Bonus Chan (COO)
He has a vast network of HNWI (High Net Worth
Individual) social circle through his networking skill. He is a
true centre of network and resources in the team.

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