Prudence- Alberti Cherubino chalk

Technique: Drawing
• Media: the process used by an artist. In visual
art it is the material used, what binds the color.
– Chalk (ochre hematite, soapstone, shale)
– Charcoal (burnt wood)
– Graphite (carbon)
– Pastel (colored pigment & non-greasy binder)
– Pen & Ink (shading results from diluting the ink)
– Wash & brush (diluted ink, similar to watercolor)
Prudence- Alberti Cherubino
Three Mile IslandYvonne Jacquette (charcoal)
Nobspital –Paul Noble
The Singer in Green- Edgar Degas
Cottage among Trees- Rembrandt
(pen & brown ink)
Lotus- Zhu Da
(brush & wash)
Technique: Painting
Pigment -(powdered color) mixed in liquid that
holds the particles of pigment together
• Oils= pigment + oil
• Watercolor= pigment + water as thinner
• Tempera= pigment + egg yolk
• Acrylics= synthetic pigment + acrylic polymer
• Fresco= pigment in water + applied to wet lime
plaster, chemically infusing the pigment into the
plaster as it dries
• Mixed media= multiple techniques & materials
Starry Night- Van Gogh (oils)
After the HurricaneWinslow Homer (watercolors)
Egyptian Wall Painting (tempera)
Forward- Jacob Lawrence
Ocean Studio- Phillip Mullen
A Bigger Splash- David Hockney
Creation of Adam, Sistine ChapelMichelangelo (fresco)
The School of Athens-Raphael
Printing: makes repeated copies
from one artwork
• Printmaking is more profitable for the artist and
less costly for the collector
• Relief prints- woodcut
• Intaglio- metal plate
-line engraving (cut grooves into metal plate)
-etching (expose surface to acid
bath after carving into wax ground)
• Lithography- stone plate, a grease crayon is
applied, to which the ink does not stick
• Documentary photography
Relief Printing
Rhinoceros- Albrecht Durer
Behind the Great Wave at
Kanagawa- Hokusai (woodcut)
Intaglio Printing
The Judgment of ParisMarcantonio Raimondi
Paradise I and Paradise IIMarc Chagall (lithographs)
Documentary Photography
• Using photography to document social
• During the Great Depression, a largescale program began in the US
• Dorothea Lange worked for the Farm
Security Administration
• In the 1950s & 60s the new technology of
color photography emerged
Migrant Mother- Dorothea Lange
Grand Tetons & Snake RiverAnsel Adams
Art Elements
Line: long thin mark
Shape/Form: closed line
Color: hue
Value: lights (tints) and darks (shades)
Texture: how it looks like it feels
Space: how the elements are placed on
the picture plane
The Red Room
-Henri Matisse (line)
Miclantecuhtli and QuetzalcoatlAztec (shape)
Sunrise: ImpressionClaude Monet (color/hue)
Elsie in a Blue Chair –
Mary Cassatt (value/ tints)
Homage to the Square- Josef
Albers (value/shades)
The Slave ShipJoseph William Turner (texture)
The K’ang- hsi Emperor’s Second
Tour of the South- Wang Hui
Design Principles
• Repetition: rhythm- repeated shapes or
lines / variation- where there is contrast
• Balance: symmetrical / asymmetrical
• Focal point: where your eyes linger
• Perspective: linear / atmospheric
• Contrast: different placed together
• Unity: all elements work together to create
Les Demoiselles d’AvignonPicasso (repetition & variation)
Book of Kells- illuminated
manuscript (symmetrical balance)
Personage Throwing a Stone at a
Bird- Joan Miro
(asymmetreical balance)
A Primer on RugsBobbi Tull (focal point)
The Last Supper –Da Vinci
(linear perspective)
Madonna of the MeadowsRaphael (atmospheric perspective)
The Two FridasFrida Kahlo (contrast)
Autumn Rhythm No. 30Jackson Pollack (unity)
Additional Terms
• Chiaroscuro: using shading with darks and
lights to model form
• Dynamics: a sense of action or movement
within a 2-dimentional artwork
Mona Lisa- Leonardo Da Vinci
Composition IVVassily Kandinsky (dynamics)

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