Medical Interviews

Medical Interviews
Amy Watson
BMSc Student in Medical Education
Things to cover today on MMI’s…
General interview tips
Websites that are available to help you
Tomorrows Doctors
General Advise
Multiple mini interviews
10 stations
7 minutes
Bell sounding signifies end of station and start
of next…
• Can feel very fast and very slow…
• Gives a chance to make the most of every
Obvious Pointers
Dress code
Arrive on time
Come prepared
Hot topics
Ethical issues
– -moral principles that govern a person or groups
• Obvious questions
Websites available for your use!
• Examples of interview questions…prepare
some answers…
• Background & Motivation for medicine
• Knowledge of the medical school and teaching
• Depth & Breadth of interest
• Empathy
• Team work
• Personal insight
• Understanding of the role of medicine in society
• Work experience
• Tolerance of ambiguity & Ethics
• Creativity, innovation and imagination
Dundee University
Guidance online…
What is the interview like?
Knowledge about potential future as a
Ethical dilemmas or questions about policy or social issues.
- given a situation
-discuss the ethical or other issues involved.
-The interviewer may follow up with questions designed to probe the applicant’s
Interactions with an actor
- applicant is provided with a scenario involving an actor
-may involve giving bad news
-confront the person about a problem
- gather information
-observer present looking at your interaction with the actor.
Standard interview questions
- traditional interview questions such as “Why did you apply to this school?” or
“Describe an obstacle that you have overcome.”
A task requiring teamwork.
-Team work is essential to medicine, some stations involve two applicants working
together to complete a task.
Essay writing.
-Some schools include an essay component as part of the interview process so a
station may involve responding to a prompt in writing. This station may be longer
than the others to allow for the applicant to formulate and write the response.
A rest station.
-takes a lot of energy. Clear your mind and get ready for the next station.
• The General Medical Council GMC registers
doctors to practise medicine in the UK. Their
purpose is to protect, promote and maintain
the health and safety of the public by ensuring
proper standards in the practice of medicine.
• Graduates are entitled to provisional
registration with the GMC with a licence to
practise, subject to demonstrating to the GMC
that their fitness to practise is not impaired.
Tomorrows Doctors
• About Tomorrow's Doctors
The GMC sets the knowledge, skills and
behaviours that medical students learn at UK
medical schools: these are the outcomes that
new UK graduates must be able to demonstrate.
The GMC also sets standards for teaching,
learning and assessment. These outcomes and
standards are laid down in Tomorrow's Doctors
(2009) (pdf). It is also available online.
Tomorrows Doctors
Outcomes for graduates
• Overarching outcome for graduates
 Outcomes 1 – The doctor as a scholar
• and a scientist
• Outcomes 2 – The doctor as a practitioner
• Outcomes 3 – The doctor as a professional
Standards for the delivery of teaching,
learning and assessment
• Domain 1 – Patient safety
• Domain 2 – Quality assurance, review
• and evaluation
• Domain 3 – Equality, diversity
• and opportunity
• Domain 4 – Student selection
• Domain 5 – Design and delivery of
• the curriculum, including assessment
• Domain 6 – Support and development of
• students, teachers and the local faculty
• Domain 7 – Management of teaching,
• learning and assessment
• Domain 8 – Educational resources
• and capacity
• Domain 9 – Outcomes
GMC, Tomorrows Doctors…
• Why do we have these?
• Be prepared to discuss areas
• Don’t need to know it off by heart…
• Have an awareness of what medical
schools and GMC look for in students
and doctors and why…
• Preparation…but be yourself
• Dress appropriately
• Not going to ask anything you cant
• Not looking for yes or no answers
• Reasoning and logical way of thinking
• Move on and forget previous stations

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