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Angels of ‘97
How we came to be
The graduating class of 1997 from North Meck High School suffered the loss of several of its classmates.
Between their 10th and 12th grades, this class lost five of their classmates to car accidents and illness.
Family members as well as friends use a community involved spaghetti dinner, and a golf tournament to
raise money to offer scholarships to North Meck, Hopewell and Hough High Seniors.
A Support Group for parents who have lost children known as the Angels of '97 Ministries began in 2004.
Laura F. Barnette An IB student and dolphin lover who dreamed of attending
UNC-Wilmington to major in Marine Biology
Travis A. Childers An outdoorsman who loved gardening and making things grow.
He attended CampCare annually.
Calvin Keziah A great basketball player who wanted to attend
UNC-Chapel Hill with his twin brother, George.
Mandi Meador All around student and church leader committed to helping others.
Also Miss Teen Charlotte.
Kancham R. Potts A multi-talented musician and dancer who planned to
study psychology or piano.
15 years later…
• Continue our annual spaghetti dinner / auction in March each year
• Hold 5K event each spring before the spaghetti dinner
• Hold annual golf tournament in the fall
• Hold monthly support group meetings
• Annual candlelight service to remember and honor our Angels
• Awarded over $450,000 in scholarships to North Meck, Hopewell and Hough HS
• Created a legacy of not only our original Angels but over 60 Angels from our
community - reach out to families as we learn of tragedy
• Remain a 100% VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION with 501c3 status
•Maintain contact with our recipients
Our Angels Remembered
Joey Tesh Josh Hillman Calvin Keziah Ryan Marshall Yoho Travis A.
Childers Kancham Potts Sally McKenzie Clark Anna Grace Jordon
Ryan Spencer Disney Laura Barnette Mandi Meador Matthew
Huntz Stratton Stubbs Hope Elizabeth Stout Sasha Knox James Self
Danny Pallick Hudson James Welch Elaine Monger Kevin Mihalovich
Sara Ann Brumlow Courtney Campbell Puckett Alexandria Grace
Hinkley Amy Stephens Pardue Christopher Bivens Christopher
Middleton Jodi Moss Kevin Carosa Macie Basden Tara Bright
Matthew Markham Jennifer Gwen Stroud Philip Gray Griffin Ryan
David Sobiech Michael John Wirth Kate Gaddy Travis Conrad Zack
Robert Dancy Amanda Turner Jeanne Sarver Leslie Renee Walker
Michael David Duni, Jr. Jason Simmons Tabitha Roberts Amy Raborn
Derek Ellis Tammy Fitch Mandy Garrison Daniel Hyde Latimer
Emily Moss Brandon Bodsford Laura Fortenberry Daniel Brumm
Danielle Liotta Debbie Whitt Isaiah Joseph Jamey Baggett Nate
Coppick Laura Fortenberry Skylar Brooks Alex Ervin Michael
Daugherty Tim Easton
Our Recipients and Future Community Leaders
Catherine Jackson-Jordan Cameron Moore Dylan van Moses Audrey Morgan Kaley Vead
Joseph Quisol Siobhan Whipp Jennifer Cooper Brittany Bivins Erin Johnson Kevin Auten John
Auten Elizabeth Joagoe Addison Wolfkill Tyler Buchanan Sara Miles Andrew Yost Kathryn
Jeffords Anita Parks Madison Cochran Mallory Cochran Brian Messnick Justin Swick Kristen
Penninger Shezeen Ali Hannah Disney Erika Swanger Brandon Mundy Kristy Giragosian
Courtney Mayhew Ronnie Overcash Julie Obelenus Shelley Clark Brooke Herda Ryan Dailey
Lindsey Shapiro Eric Brumlow Elizabeth Puckett Callie Robertson Victor Blackett Kristen Henry
Benjamin Martin Karen Penninger Janna Lewis Kristen Powell Jamie Moore Julie Homan
Christian DeRiso Heather Venant Pete Colbert Chelsea Phillips Zachary Brock Brett Herda
Blake Ewart Louuse Diouf Jeffery Ross Kelsey Axe Brandi Sheehan Mark Maree Elizabeth
Tevepaugh Caitlin Shoe Elisabeth Stemen Ashley Brownlow Hannah Guerrier Lauren Ward
Amanda Kilburn Erin Lowrance Allen Clark Elyse Berrier Alan Parks Katie Henry Christine
Ripley Nicholas Reid Laurin Ogle Lauren Rust Carman Leung Jena Hendry Madelyn Rohleder
Charlie Gaither Andrea Barrett Joe Myers Chelsea Nist Josh Brock Tori Rollins Branson Lee
Elisa Marez Claire Lowrance Jonathan Randall Lauren Ripley Jill Stephens Elizabeth McGregor
Kenan Colbert Jeremy Moore Candee Holt Miranda Ervin Donnie Bruce Graham Reid Todd
Sarah Ruth Eckard Amy K. Fuschino Michael Joseph Georger Amber Stevens Kerr Sara Elizabeth
Lackey Daniel Kalib Wilkerson Kelly Beard James Randall Jennifer Holland Julia Barnette Heidi
Hecht James Byrum Duc Ninh Nguyen Chelsea Ward Kimberly Kerr Richelle Byrum Erin Cook
R. Matthew McAulay Kathryn Elizabeth Cook Brandon Lee Johnson Jonathan Bostic Sara Ann
Johnson Laura Strong LaDonna Brown Brice Davis Jody Marre Melinda McNiel Heather
Moeller Rachel Schuls Tamara Todd Cami Meador David Sitton Gabr’l Cuthbertson Osama
Idlibi Crystal Machacek Michelle Wheeler Lindsay Looper Jennifer Lowrance Leslie Maxwell
Terre Nahm Kevin Thompson Sandy Watkins Telicia Young
What’s Next for Angels of ‘97
Stop and Think Campaign
This is currently in development stages. The idea is to create, within the
schools, continued awareness about the importance of choices.
Encourage youth to “STOP AND THINK” about what choices they are
making and the potential consequences.
Stay Tuned as this develops…

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