SAP Basics

SAP Basics
Required Elements of an Institution’s SAP Policy:
0 Financial Aid progress standards must be as strict as or stricter
than institution’s academic progress standards
0 Frequency of SAP evaluation
0 At least annually – No Warning permitted
0 May evaluate at end of each payment period – Warning permitted
0 Grade Point Average Standard – consistent with graduation
requirements, but minimum of C-average at end of two academic
0 Pace Standard – Pace at each evaluation that permits student to
complete degree requirements within 150% of requirements
0 67% completion rate at each evaluation
0 Maximum Time Frame
SAP Basics
Required elements continued
0 Impact of course incompletes, withdrawals, repetitions, and
transfers of credit
0 Defined SAP statuses, in compliance with new Federal definitions,
including statuses in which students are not eligible to receive
Federal Financial Aid funds
Making Progress
Not Making Progress
Financial Aid Warning
Financial Aid Probation (for Approved Appeals)
0 Appeal procedures
0 How students re-gain eligibility to receive Federal Financial Aid
0 Notification to students
SAP Basics
0 Can only be used if checking SAP each payment period
0 Financial aid warning status is assigned automatically
and student is still eligible to receive aid during the
financial aid warning term. Students do not need to
appeal to be given financial aid warning status.
SAP Basics
0 If SAP is checked annually, student may appeal to have
a financial aid probation term to meet minimum
0 If SAP is checked each term, student may appeal if
after financial aid warning term SAP standards are not
0 Financial aid probation without an Academic Plan is
for one term only; probation with an Academic Plan
may be for one term or multiple terms
SAP Basics
0 Regulatory changes now require the examination of
the mathematical possibility for re-gaining SAP for
approved appeals within the subsequent semester or
the use of academic plans for approved appeals that
are mathematically impossible to attain within one
SAP Basics
Academic Plans
0 An Academic Plan for an approved appeal may state
specific conditions that must be met such as:
0 Register for fewer credit hours
0 Certain term grade point average required
0 May only take certain courses
0 May be as simple as a calculation or as detailed as a
class by class schedule
0 May require buy-in from other offices on campus such
as Academic Advising/Counseling
SAP Basics
Hot Buttons
0 How do you handle change of majors?
0 Non-accepted credits for transfer students? Some
evidently count them!
0 Happy Holidays and the appeal crunch….
0 Buy-in from lots of departments
SAP Stats at GTCC
0 Financial Aid Warning Status for Fall 2014: 1811
0 Financial Aid Unsatisfactory for Fall 2014: 1582
0 Financial Aid Warning-Max Timeframe for Fall 2014:
0 Financial Aid Max Timeframe for Fall 2014: 274
0 Financial Aid Probation (Appeals)
0 198 Denied Appeals
0 134 Approved Max Timeframe Appeals
0 626 Approved Appeals for GPA and completion rate
(includes continuing students – making progress on plan)
0 Maintain cumulative 2.0 GPA
0 Achieve 67% completion rate
0 Complete program within 150% of length of program
measured in credit hours attempted
0 SAP calculated at the end of each term
0 Warning status for first term of unsatisfactory
GTCC SAP Appeals
0 Two forms – one for GPA/Completion Rate issues and
another for Maximum Timeframe
0 GPA/Completion Rate appeals require documentation
0 Maximum Timeframe appeals require letter from
advisor estimating graduation date
GTCC SAP Appeal Plans
0 All students on Probation must complete 100% of
their attempted coursework with a 2.0 GPA or higher.
0 No F grades or Withdrawals permitted
0 Conditions will continue until progress is achieved.
Maximum timeframe appeals are given a maximum
number of remaining terms of eligibility.
GTCC SAP Strategies
0 Students on Warning status are notified by email and
by letter.
0 The letter is mailed approximately one month after
the start of classes. It reminds students of their
Warning status and points them to resources on
campus that can assist them with improving their
SAP Stats at UNC Greensboro
0 Total Non-Compliant with SAP policy for Fall 2014 = 1701
0 Financial Aid Warning for Fall 2014
0 25 coded as financial aid warning
0 15 approved for financial aid warning
0 Financial Aid Non-Compliant for Fall 2014
0 1661 Non-Compliant
0 Decisions
0 Denials – 110 First Denial, 16 Second Denial, 1 Final Denial
0 Approvals – 15 for max hours, 50 for late grade postings, 408 for
extenuating circumstances, 163 for making up hours at own
SAP at UNC Greensboro
0 Each student is notified about non-compliance with
SAP policy at the end of each term
0 SAP is reviewed after each term – Fall, Spring,
0 Financial Aid SAP policy is now more in line with the
Academic Good Standing Policy due to UNC System
0 Proactive instead of reactive
Appeals Process
0 Student is notified of non-compliance with SAP policy via
Different emails directed towards Financial Aid Warning
and SAP Non-Compliance with specific requirements for
Student submits appeal and required documents to the
Financial Aid Office for review
Second appeals are reviewed by Financial Aid SAP Appeals
Third appeals are reviewed by University Directors
Decision made and student notified via email
Undergraduate Students
Appeals Process
0 Submit appeal to the Financial Aid Office
0 Submit required academic/personal success plan
0 Submit approved graduation plan signed by advisor
0 Submit any other required documentation and/or
comply with additional information requests by the
Financial Aid Office
Graduate Students Appeals
0 Submit appeal to the Financial Aid Office
0 Submit required academic/personal success plan
0 Submit approved plan of study signed by
advisor/Graduate School
0 Submit any other required documentation and/or
comply with additional information requests by the
Financial Aid Office
Financial Aid Warning
0 Students who earn between 50% and 67% of locked
hours and who have never been non-compliant with
the SAP policy at UNCG will be placed on Financial Aid
0 Students on Financial Aid Warning must submit the
0 Undergraduate students – academic/personal success
plan & graduation plan (juniors/seniors)
0 Graduate students – academic/personal success plan &
plan of study
Students First Office at UNC
0 SFO works with students directly on completion of
graduation plan and academic success plan if needed
0 Refer to SFO for academic advising
0 Degree Works – students can run degree evaluations
themselves now
0 Manage academic interventions for Academic
Warning & Academic Probation students
0 Work closely with the Financial Aid Office regarding
student specific issues
Student Success Center at
UNC Greensboro
0 SSC consists of the Supplemental Instruction Program,
Learning Assistance Center, & Special Support
0 SSS Director works closely with students who qualify
regarding academic success plans
0 Students are referred to SSC for assistance with time
management, study skills, and other academic issues
0 The Financial Aid Office works closely with the SSC on
student issues and referrals
On-Campus Resources
0 The Financial Aid Office refers students to different
on-campus resources for assistance with Academic
Support, Health/Wellness Issues, and Student
0 Our Campus Resources Brochure is used widely at the
University to direct students to the appropriate
SAP Documents at UNC
SAP Policy
SAP Appeal Instructions
SAP Appeal Form
SAP Success Plan Information Sheet
SAP Documents at UNC
Greensboro Cont’d
0 Graduation Plan Instructions
Graduation Plan Template
SAP Medical Documentation Form
Student Success Center Fact Sheet
SAP at Wingate University
0 SAP is reviewed for undergraduate and graduate
students after each term – Fall, Spring, Summer
0 Students not meeting SAP are notified via letter,
indicating Warning or Probation Status.
Financial Aid Warning
0 Students who have not met the cumulative qualitative
and/or quantitative requirements will be placed on
Financial Aid Warning, and have the subsequent period of
enrollment to regain SAP by meeting the requirements.
0 Qualitative Measure: Students must complete at least
67% of total overall attempted hours. This includes
transfer hours.
0 Quantitative Measure: Student must maintain a
cumulative GPA based upon hours attempted.
1 - 23
1.6 cumulative GPA
24 - 56
1.8 cumulative GPA
57 +
2.0 cumulative GPA
Financial Aid Probation
0 Students who are placed on Financial Aid Warning
and fail to meet SAP requirements by the end of the
subsequent period of enrollment will be placed on
Financial Aid Probation.
0 Financial Aid Probation results in the loss of all
financial aid funds.
0 Students who are placed on Financial Aid Probation
may request an appeal by completing the SAP Appeal
Form and submitting the required documentation.
Appeals Process
0 Student is notified of SAP status via letter.
0 Students receiving Financial Aid Probation letter submit
the Financial Aid Appeal form and all required supporting
documentation to the Financial Planning Office.
0 Appeal is reviewed by the Financial Planning Appeal
0 If appeal is approved, determination is made whether
student can regain SAP in a subsequent period of
enrollment, or if an academic plan is needed.
0 Students are notified of the Committee’s decision via a
Academic Plan
0 Students with approved appeals that include the completion of an
academic plan will be required to meet with the University
Registrar’s Office to complete the academic plan.
0 Included in the academic plan will be a degree audit, required GPA
and completion rate per term and any other factors that may impact
the ability of the student to achieve SAP.
0 Student will be required to meet with Registrar’s Office each term
prior to registering for future classes.
0 Failure to meet requirements of the academic plan at any
incremental checkpoint will result in the loss of financial aid.
VA SAP Basics
0 VA generally allows a student to be certified for 2 terms while on
probation, subject to the school’s policy & SAA approval
0 A student terminated for Unsatisfactory Progress cannot be
certified until he/she is once again meeting the progress
standards published by that school
0 VA does not have its own standard progress standard, VA defers
to the school’s policy
0 If the school’s standard is deemed not stringent enough, SAA
establishes a separate policy for VA students that the school must
VA SAP Basics
0 Each student meets with Certifying Official (Rachel
0 Evaluation is ran for their program of study (student can
also sign into their web advisor and run EVAL)
0 After each semester, file is updated with grades for that
0 If student is below 2.0 GPA, a verbal and written warning is
0 Student cannot be certified for the next semester until
grades have been reviewed to see GPA
0 If GPA is below a 2.0, student cannot receive pay for the next
semester as they cannot be certified
VA SAP Basics
0 Student needs to pull GPA back up to 2.0 or they can
do an appeal to see if they can be reinstated for their
VA benefits. The appeal is sent to the Judicial Appeals
Committee for their decision
0 If reinstated, the student can be certified
0 The school GPA is used for VA. This is calculated in
accordance with the school’s academic progress
0 The Financial Aid GPA is used if developmental classes
have been taken since the registrar’s side of the house
does not include developmental grades
VA SAP Basics
0 The Veterans Administration leaves it up to the school
to determine if a student is making SAP or not
0 If the student is on warning, the SCO should send an email through the to let VA know the
student is on warning
0 If the student goes on suspension, the SCO sends the
information through VAOnce (software system that is
used to transmit information to VA) as a termination
with the message: “Unsatisfactory attendance,
conduct or progress.”

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