Welcome to Kindergarten! 2007-2008

Welcome to Kindergarten!
At Montgomery Knolls, learning
is magic!
Meet Your Teachers!
Mrs. Amy Brooks
Room 140
Mrs. Andrea Parker
Room 148
Ms. Kayla Mayberry
Room 132
Miss Burton
Room 125
Mrs. Amy Erroa
Room 138
Mrs. Karin Weber
Room 146
Ms. Olivia Granata
Room 144
Ms. Christine Greaney
Room 124
Curriculum 2.0
•You will receive more information at Back-toSchool Night, September 16th, 2014!
•Parent guides can be found on MCPS website.
School-Wide Expectations
• Be Respectful
• Be Responsible
• Be Ready
• This year we will be using a school-wide behavior
management tool called ClassDojo.
• ClassDojo is a web based program which allows
teachers to track students’ behaviors (positive AND
negative) easily and efficiently.
• Behavior reports will be sent home on Fridays.
Please sign and return to school on Monday.
Kindergarten Assessments
• Kindergarten Readiness Assessment
• Mclass Reading Assessment
• Weekly formative data collection
Ready for Kindergarten
Maryland’s Early Childhood Comprehensive Assessment System (EC-CAS)
Professional Development by Johns Hopkins School of Education, Center for Technology in Education
Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA)
Why it’s important –
• Supports
growing knowledge and research about the variability of young children’s growth,
development, and learning
• Provides
insight into children’s readiness for kindergarten
• Identifies
children’s performance across multiple domains and aligns with best practice for
assessing young children
• Inform
prior early learning and development to ensure that children are entering
Kindergarten ready to learn
Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA)
Social Foundations
Language & Literacy
Social Studies
Physical well-being & Motor
KRA Domain: Social Foundations
• Social and emotional development
• Approaches toward learning
• Executive functioning
KRA Domain: Language and Literacy
• Reading
• Writing
• Language
• Speaking and listening
KRA Domain: Mathematics
Counting & Cardinality
Operations & Algebraic Thinking
Measurement & Data
KRA Domain: Science
Life science
KRA Domain: Social Studies
Responsible behavior
Past, present & future
KRA Domain: Physical Well-being and Motor Development
• Physical education
• Health
Kindergarten can shape a child’s overall outlook on and
engagement in lifelong learning.
S.T.E.M Centers
• This year we will have daily S.T.E.M
centers to enhance the science,
technology, engineering, and math
Helpful Hint #1
• Please look at your child’s name
on the class lists.
• If it is misspelled or your child
prefers a nickname, please let
the teacher know when you visit
the classroom.
• If you do not see your child’s
name on any list, please let us
Helpful Hint #2
• The 1st day of school is
Monday, August 25, 2014.
• Breakfast will be available
starting the 2nd day of school!
• MKES participates in a special
program! Students will have
the opportunity to eat
breakfast in their classroom
from 8:30-9am.
Helpful Hint #3
•A standards-based report card will
be sent home twice a year.
•Back to School Night will be on
Tuesday, September 16, 2014.
•You will learn more about the
Kindergarten program, Curriculum
2.0, and the grading system at that
Helpful Hint #4
•Children should wear nametags each day the
first week of school.
•Please label all backpacks and lunch boxes
with your child’s name.
Helpful Hint #5
Each child will have a
red folder to use for
taking messages home
and returning messages
to school.
Red folders will be sent
home every day.
Please check the folder
and return to school
Helpful Hint #6
•Report cards are sent home
in February and June.
•Student progress reports will
be sent home quarterly.
•A newsletter will be sent
home each quarter to let you
know what your child will be
Helpful Hint #7
•You will receive a cafeteria menu each month.
•If your child has special dietary needs, please
let us know.
•Lunch: $2.55 (Reduced $0.40)
•Milk: $0.60
•Each child will be receiving a pin # for lunch on
the first day of school. Please practice at home.
•If applicable, please be on the look out for the
Free and Reduced lunch application. Be sure to
complete and return as soon as possible.
•Helpful Hint # 8
•Encourage your child to
wash their hands frequently,
especially before lunch and
after using the bathroom.
•If your child is sick, please do
not send them to school!
Please call the office to let us
know they will not be coming
Helpful Hint #9
If you would like to
volunteer in your
child’s classroom,
please contact the
PTA to sign up for a
required “Volunteer
Helpful Hint #10
Things you can do with your child
before the 1st day of school:
•Practice saying the teacher’s
name with your child.
•Practice saying the color of the
bus they are riding or if they are
in daycare or a walker.
•Explain the importance of a fire
•Read together! 
1st Day of School
•We would like to begin the school routine the first day. If
your child will be riding a bus, begin that the first day.
•If your child will be going home a different way, please
let the office know in the morning (by 11:00).
•Parents are invited to attend the “First Day of School
Boo-Hoo/Yahoo Coffee” in the cafeteria at 8:30.
•If you’re dropping your child off on the first day please
bring your child to the gym, teachers will be waiting.
•Parents will not be permitted to go to their child’s
classroom, in order to make the transition easier for all
Thank you for coming!
We look forward to a great
year of Kindergarten!

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