Cisco TelePresence

Cisco TelePresence
ISM 158
April 20, 2010
Amy Lin
Why use Cisco TelePresence?
• In today’s economy, no one can manage or run a
company alone. It’s all about collaboration with
partners, co-workers, colleagues and customers.
• Sometimes, those people are not local, but
located around the world and you need to
connect to them at a moment’s notice.
• And at the same time, you want to conduct your
business in a way that enhances the quality of
your relationships without the time lag and
information delay.
• That is where Cisco TelePresence comes in.
• Cisco TelePresence allows you to:
1) Easily schedule conferences – no IT support is
2) Launch meetings as if making a simple phone
3) In-room controls are intuitive – collaboration
applications are plug and play
4) Have meetings with lots of people in many
rooms at the same time – up to 48 locations in
one meeting
5) Bring in collaboration applications like Cisco
WebEx Meeting Center
6) Integrate existing videoconferencing systems.
How is Cisco TelePresence useful?
• The Cisco TelePresence collaboration experience
offers today’s innovative organizations a
competitive advantage. It can help you:
Accelerate Decision Making
Innovate Across the Value Chain
Scale Resources
Integrate with other collaboration applications
• TelePresence 3000
setup includes
special tables,
microphonespeakers, cameras
and lighting, but the
cost is $299k
• Cisco TelePresence
was named one of
the best products of
2006 in Business
Week’s Magazine.
Companies utilizing TelePresence
• PepsiCo deployed Cisco Telepresence systems
using the network services of British
Telecommmunications in its major offices world
wide, thus joining a growing list of multinational
companies relying on high-end videoconferencing
to cut down on travel costs and improve worker
• Procter and Gamble Co. (P&G) have installed
dozens of full telepresence rooms, some large
enough for more than a dozen people to join a
teleconference in one location.
• With 138,000 workers in 80 countries, P&G
estimated it had saved $4 for every $1 invested
in the systems through savings in travel costs
and improvements in productivity.
• Cisco and Bank of America announced that the
bank plans to roll out 200 Cisco TelePresence
systems globally by year's end, making it the
largest telepresence network used by a single
company so far. The bank currently uses 28 of
the systems for employee meetings and training.
• I think companies should invest in TelePresence
despite the initial down payment of about
$250k. TelePresence will revolutionize the
business industry. It allows companies to do
instantaneous conferences at a moment’s call
and connect globally with business partners,
branches, and colleagues. It saves the companies
money for business travel and allows employees
to work from home.
• TelePrescence is expandable to the education
and medicine field. Teachers can teach from afar
and doctors can instruct emergency stabilizing
first aid to EMTs. There is a lot of potential in

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