Music and Fashion in the 1960s

in the 1960s
By: Kristen Schmidt and Amy Klezek
Greasers Clothing
Boy’s typically wore tee-shirts with
a leather or denim jacket. T-shirts
were usually white or black with
rolled up sleeves. They also wore
Levi jeans, and sometimes they
wore belts. Almost all greasers had
their hair slicked back with grease.
Hence, the name “greaser”. They
sometimes wore flannel shirts and
Converse All Stars, or black boots.
In the book “The Outsiders”, they
mention Johnny’s denim jacket,
their slicked back hair, leather
jackets, and Levi’s.
Greaser girls usually wore
shorts or skirts that were
too short, and clothes that
were too tight; compared
to the Socs. These include
jumpsuits, short shorts,
tiny skirts, and low cut
tops. In the book, Ponyboy
says that he doesn’t like
how the greaser girls wear
tacky clothes, while the
Socs wear more
sophisticated clothing.
Socs Clothing
 The girls tended to wear
high necked, collared
shirts, and skirts down
below the knee. Their style
also was more
sophisticated than the
greasers. They seemed to
care more about how the
clothes looked than
showing off their body. In
the book, Pony is surprised
about how differently the
Soc girls dress verses the
Socs Clothing
People who were considered Socs
in the 60s usually wore higher
class clothing than the greasers.
They would wear khakis, collared
shirts, and madras shirts. The
madras shirts are plaid shirts that
are made with a lightweight
cotton material. They would also
wear rings so that when they
jumped a greaser, it would cause
more pain when they punched.
In the book, Ponyboy talks about
how lucky the Socs were to have
the Madras shirts. Johnny was
punched by a Soc while they were
wearing a ring. It made cuts in
his face because the rings are hard
and sharp and the edges.

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