Flags, Emblems of Australia
By Jill. B. Bruce
Why this book is the best
 This is the best book
because it has loads of
information about
Australia. It all has all
the different flags and
emblems of every state
and territory.
Review of this Book
 This book is about all the different types of flags around Australia. It also
tells you about the history of Australia and where all the Australian
animals came from, as well as the native plants and flowers, like
Kangaroo Paw flower. The pictures are really well drawn and really
complement the writing. This book also has every coat of arms for each
state and territory.
Anyone could read this
 I think anyone could
read this book
because it gives you
loads of information on
Australia. I give this
book an 8/10
My Favourite Bit
 My favourite bits in this book are the drawings and
pictures because they are so colourful and bright. It is
the first thing I look at on the page.
About the Author
 Jill. B. Bruce is a great Author. She has written many
different books about this wonderful country Australia.
This is Jill B Bruce and her Books
The dog on the tucker box
By Corinne Fenton
Why this is a good book
 This book is a very good
book because it is
suitable for anyone.
Also there is a model of
the dog on the tucker
box in Gundagai. This is
also a true story.
Review of this book
 This book is about a man and his dog travelling by truck to
Gundagai. But on the way Bill goes off into the bush and never
comes back. When Bill left to go into the bush he told his dog to
say on the Tuckerbox until he came back. His dog waited and
waited for him for weeks.
About the Author
 Corinne Fenton is a great author because she has written other
children's books. Like Hey Baby and Queenie.
Corinne Fenton
by Rolf Heimann
Review of Book
 This book is about time though Sydney. The book
started in 40000 years ago in the ice-age. Also this
book tells you when the Harbour Bridge and the
Opera House were built and history about Sydney. It
tells you about when the First Fleet came. The pictures
go really well with the writing because if you only look
at the pictures they will tell the story without words.
Why this book is good
This book is great because its got lots of information about Sydney. You can use this
book for assignments and homework. I give this book a 9/10
 Rolf Heimann is a great author because he has written
many different books. Books he has written are More for
eagles eyes, Amazing Mazes 2 and many more great
books for children.
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