to learn about the Council`s many accomplishments over the years.

Utah Developmental Disabilities Council
1971 - 2011
Looking Back, Moving Forward:
40 Years of Advocacy
2011 Council Members
 Adina Zahradnikova
Director of the Disability Law Center
 Amy Thompson Weyrich
Citizen Family Member: Salt Lake City
 Andrew Riggle
Citizen Member: Salt Lake City
 Bill Young
Director of the Utah Statewide Independent Living Council
2011 Council Members
 Bryce Fifield, PhD:
Director of the Center for People with Disabilities - Logan
Clarissa Crisp:
Family Citizen Member - Herriman
Deborah Bowman
Family Citizen Member – North Salt Lake
Don Uchida:
Director of Vocation Rehabilitation
Eder Soriano:
Citizen Member - Ogden
2011 Council Members
 Elsie Dee:
Citizen Family Member – Montezuma Creek
Eric Stoker:
Citizen Member – West Jordan
Holly Williams:
Children with Special Health Care Needs
James O’Neill:
Citizen Member – Park City
Jane Tuttle:
Citizen Family Member –West Valley City
Jeanie Pettit:
Director of West Jordan Care Center
2011 Council Members
 Jennie Gibson:
Assoc. Director of the Utah Parent Center
Jennifer Kuhn:
Citizen Family Member - Lehi
Kristen Hone:
Citizen Member – West Jordan
Lee Stephens:
Treasurer, Citizen Member - Bountiful
Glenna Gallo / Christene Timothy:
Department of Education
2011 Council Members
 Lenny Jones:
Citizen Member - Provo
Nels Holmgren:
Director of the Division of Aging
Nevah Stevenson:
Citizen Family Member - Draper
Reed Hahne:
Citizen Member - Orem
Rep. Paul Ray:
Legislative Member - Clearfield
Paul Smith:
Interim Director of the
Division of Services for People with Disabilities
2011 Council Members
 Robert Bucciere:
Neurobehavior H.O.M.E. Program at the University of Utah
Sen. Pat Jones:
Legislative Member - Salt Lake City
Sherri Dial:
Chairperson, Citizen Family Member – Santa Clara
Suzanne Smith
Utah Down Syndrome Foundation
Tom Brownlee:
Citizen Member – Eaglemountain
2011 Council Members
 Tonya Hales / Glen Larsen:
 Trevor Spackman :
Citizen Family Member – Sandy
 Troy Justesen:
Citizen – Orangeville
 Valarie Tanner:
Citizen Member -Vernal
Current Council Staff
 Claire Mantonya: Executive Director
 Frank Long: Contracts and Finance
 Bonnie Martineau: Administrative Assistant
 Mark Smith: Access Utah: Information Specialist
The Purpose of the Council…
…is to provide an advocacy voice,
…promote the development of services and
supports within the community,
…and to support changes to the system that
will better support people and families in
community settings.
The Mission of the Utah DD Council…
.. .is to be the state’s leading source of critical,
innovative, and progressive information,
…advocacy, leadership and collaboration
…to enhance the lives of individuals with
developmental disabilities.
Changes Promoted
Through the Work of the Council
 Living Arrangements 
Our community has gone from living in large
congregant settings to much smaller individualized
homes – to even owning one’s own home!
 Living Arrangements Projects
 Weber County Arc:
Alternative Living and Training Arrangement
 Trail, Inc.:
Nephi – Planning for Community-Based Housing for
Persons in Three Central Utah Towns
 Columbus Community Center:
Supervised Apartment Living for DD Adults
 Living Arrangements Projects
 Project TRI:
Transition to Residential Independence – Utah County
 Washington County Arc:
Supervised Apartments for St. George
 University of Utah:
Residential Curriculum for Individuals Who are Profoundly,
Severely, & Moderately Handicapped
(Note – language has certainly changed over the years, too!)
 Living Arrangements Projects
 Moab Regional Council Project:
Residential Services, Inc.
Association for Independent Living:
Critical Housing Needs and Access Program
Transitional Living Center:
Salt Lake City
Genesis Services
Assist, Inc. :
Accessibility Guidelines
HomeChoice Loan Program
Educational Opportunities Funded
by the Council…
Expanded Programming For All Ages!
 Early Intervention
 Primary Children’s Infant Stimulation Project
 State Training School:
Activity Therapy Centers
 Provo School District :
Diagnosis, evaluation, therapy, & training for
pre-school children
 Salem – Mt. Loafer Elementary School’s
Inclusion Project
 Wendover Head Start
 Recreation: After School/Summer/Other
 United Cerebral Palsy: recreation & leisure events in the
 Wasatch School District & Arc: summer recreation
 Five County TMR Group Home: Cedar City recreation
 Recreation: After School/Summer/Other
 Columbus Community Center: Therapeutic
Recreation Skills
 Four-County Parents Group (Southwest Utah):
Physical Education Skills
 Consortium of Groups in Price: Handicapped Swimming
 TRAILS: Teaching Recreation & Independent Living Skills
U of U Department of Recreation and Leisure,
College of Health
 Recreation: After School/Summer/Other
 YWCA: Therapeutic Recreation
 Active Re-entry: Eastern Utah Accessible Recreation Guide
 BEST BUDDIES: Chapters started around the state
 Utah Schools for the Deaf & Blind: Family Camps
 Millard County Family Council: Summer Enrichment
Council Funded
 Therapy/Behavior Demonstration Projects
 Multiple Handicapped Training Center: social & family
counseling, recreation, and occupational therapy
 Utah Arc: Human Sexuality Training system for parents of MR
 Utah Division of Health: Nurse Training
 Division of Health, Handicapped Children’s Services:
Developmental Physical Therapy Services in Rural Utah
 Therapy/Behavior Demonstration Projects
 Copper Mountain Mental Health: services to DD Children
and Families
 Children’s Behavior Therapy Unit: Salt Lake Mental Health
 Epilepsy Association of Utah
 Children’s Behavior Therapy (1981): Utah Children’s Autism
 Therapy/Behavior Demonstration Projects
 Project Turn: Behavior Management and Home-Based
Instructions for Parents with Autistic Children
 Children’s Behavior Therapy Unit (CBTU): Peer Support
Council Funded
 Parent Education
 Mental Retardation Association of Utah (MRAU):
Statewide advocacy demonstrating both rural and urban areas
 Epilepsy Association of Utah: Statewide epilepsy education
aiding parents
 Exception Child Center: Utah State Center for Persons with
Disabilities – Parent Education
Council Funded
 Parent Education
 New Hats: Parent Education
 Avatar – Ogden: Support Training for Parents with DD
 Utah Tourette Syndrome Association: Educational
Strategies Workshop for Teachers and Parents
Council Funded
 Transportation/Demonstration Projects
 T.H.E. VAN, Inc.: Transportation of Handicapped in Salt Lake
 Uinta Basin Transit Authority: Bus service between Duchesne
and Vernal (started May 2011!)
Council Funded
 Respite Demonstration Projects
 USU: Respite Training in Rural Areas
 Utah County Arc: Utah County Respite Care
 Bear River Mental Health Services: Respite Care and
Family Support Program
 South Sanpete School District: Respite Care: A Team
 DSPD: Respite fund training for parents
Council Funded
 Respite Projects
 U of U: Gerontology Center – Needs Assessment of Aged
Caregivers of Aged DD/MR Persons
 Division of Health: High Risk Register
 Newborn Screening Questionnaire
Council Funded
 Person-centered Services Demonstration Projects
 San Juan Vocational Transition Center
 DSPD: Older Adult Project, Client-Centered Services
 Utah Independent Living Center: Social Skills Development
through Leisure Education
 OPTIONS for Independence: CreatAbility Players
Council Funded
 Person-centered Services Demonstration Projects
 Asian Association of Utah: English as a Second Language
Program for Disabled Adults
Council Funded
 Training Professionals Projects
 U of U School of Medicine: Development of Disabled
Patient Curriculum Component for Physician Assistants in
 Salt Lake Rape Crisis Center: Victims with Disabilities
 Utah Head Injury Association: Traumatic Head Injury
Prevention Education
Council Funded
 Training Professionals Projects
 Newborn Hearing Screening in Utah’s Small and Rural
 Weber State: Dental Hygiene Program
 USU Center for Persons with Disabilities: Statewide
Information and Referral Project – ACCESS UTAH
 Council Funded 
Meaningful Work, Day Supports, Leading Full Lives
Throughout all of Utah: Projects
 Alpine School District: sheltered workshop
 Weber Vocational Workshop
 Box Elder County School District & Brigham City
Adult Day Care & Learning Center
 Utah Alliance for the Mentally Ill: ALLIANCE HOUSE
 Council Funded 
Meaningful Work, Day Supports, Leading Full Lives
Throughout all of Utah: Projects
 Cache Industries: Supported Employment
 Utah Arc: Transitional Family to Family
 Millard School District: Transition Project
 Easter Seals: Job Start
 Family Support and Treatment Center: Child Abuse
Prevention and Recognition in Day Care Settings
 Council Funded 
Meaningful Work, Day Supports, Leading Full Lives
Throughout all of Utah: Projects
 Brain Injury Association of Utah: Return to Work
 Community Employment Placement Program (Vernal):
Training Able Young Adults for White Collar Work
 Volunteer Center of the Greater Salt Lake Area:
Opportunities for People with Disabilities to Volunteer
 Council Funded 
Meaningful Work, Day Supports, Leading Full Lives
Throughout all of Utah: Projects
 Salt Lake Community College: TEAMWORK / Employment
 Utah Assistive Technology Program
 Utah Works
 Council Funded 
Developing Leadership and Advocacy Skills
for Family and Individuals
 Legislative Coalition for People with Disabilities (LCPD)
 Partners-In-Policy Making
 People First
 The Grassroots Advocacy Partnership (GAP)
 Disability Community Alliance
 Council Funded 
Developing Leadership and Advocacy Skills
for Family and Individuals
 Legal Services for the Developmentally Disabled, Inc.
(Disability Law Center): Legal Advocacy
 Tooele County Arc
 Salt Lake County Arc: People First
 Utah Arc: Volunteer Advocacy for Residents of ICF/IDs
 Council Funded 
Developing Leadership and Advocacy Skills
for Family and Individuals
 Work Activity Center: Parent Education Project
 Utah Navajo Development Council: Blanding
 Mental Retardation Association of Utah (MRAU):
 1989 – USU – Director of the LCPD: Marilyn Call
 Council Funded 
Developing Leadership and Advocacy Skills
for Family and Individuals
 Uintah Basin Disabilities Council: Vernal
 Utah Parent Center: HOPE – A Parent to Parent Network
 Disability Law Center: Parent Guide to Inclusion and IDEA
 Native American Self-Advocacy Project
Marks the 40th Year of the DD Council in Utah.
A small group of dedicated people have
changed countless lives of families and
individuals with disabilities forever…
When we look back on the progress we have
made since 1971….
What will move us forward into the next 40 years?
What will people with disabilities lives look like in 2051?
Let’s move forward together to make things

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