A Global Exchange for Positive Aging

A Global Exchange
for Positive Aging
Jan Hively, Ph.D.
[email protected]
The old story of doom and gloom...
• The world is aging, with Booming growth of people
“coming of age.”
• Longevity is expanding, generating the huge
growth of people ages 85+
• Overwhelming needs are
expanding, way beyond
the capacity of
service providers
The 21st century story of innovation, creativity
and hope...
• We have growing knowledge about the assets
(strengths and capacities) of older adults
• New technologies
support both lifelong
and community access
• Older adults are
organizing to care for
themselves and each other
The time is ripe for elders to step up and
change the culture of aging worldwide,
guiding the shift from a needs-based
consumer society to a collaborative society.
The Pass It On Network is a peer-to-peer
Internet platform for the free exchange of
ideas and low-cost programs initiated by
positive aging advocates worldwide.
The Story Behind It
2007: First Positive Aging
Conference, Florida
• Jan Hively, PhD – Vital Aging Network,
SHiFT Network, Encore Purpose Prize Fellow
• Moira Allan, International Journalist – 2Young2Retire
Europe, Le Cercle des Seniors Actifs
2009: Gerontology Conference, Paris
“They’re talking down to us about us!
We can speak for ourselves!”
“We are the ones ”
Plan for international network of older adult leaders
2010 – 2012: EVAA
European Voices for Active Aging
Conversations with
older adults & civic
----6 countries with
World Café Europe,
European Commission
funding & regional
London  Age UK
Changing the
Perception of Aging
Bonn  BaS
Civic Engagement
Strasbourg  2Y2R
Wellness + Movement
Prague Zivot 90
Age Friendly Cities
Bologna  AIP2
Work after 50+
Project funding from the European UnionBilbao  Innobasque
Social Innovation
EVAA Findings:
Engagement lifelong!
Meaningful work
Spreading innovations
Positive aging
Response – Pass It On Network website -- 2013
The goal is a vibrant Global Network
• Free access to innovative, low cost programs on a
multi-lingual internet platform
• Organized by and for older adults sharing their
strengths and know-how
• To help themselves, each
other, and the community
• Capitalizing on what
works and saving money
Mutual Support - Project Examples:
Old ‘Up
AGE to age
Caring Collaboratives
Vital Communities Toolkit
Aging Your Way
Meaningful Work - Project Examples:
SHiFT Network
Men in Sheds
Encore Action Networks
Lifelong Learning – Project Examples:
Project Renewment
Lifework after Retirement
Wisdom Circles
Boomers and Beyond
Little Free Libraries
Advocacy Leadership for
Positive Aging
We Offer a Worldwide Leadership Network:
• International Coordinator – Moira Allan, Paris
• Advisors - leaders of the global Positive Aging
movement, led by Jan Hively, PhD
• Country Liaisons – spreading programs for Positive
Aging in their native language to and from
active aging leaders and partner organizations
Country Liaisons
Organizers from 33
European countries
plus Russia, South
Africa, Argentina,
Australia, Japan,
China, India,
Canada, and the
Who Benefits:
• Older adults – gain inspiration and confidence –
“I could do that!”
• Partner organizations – outreach for follow up
• Service Providers – gain informed consumers and
allies for wellness
• Investors – gain
access to worldwide
network of older
adult leaders
Requirements for Success and Expansion:
• Culture shift – encouraging older adults to shift
from passive consumers to proactive participants
• Universal access and use of technology
• Investors/sponsors with similar values who see a
strong vested interest in supporting the exchange
Pass It On is unique – as a network
by older adults, for older adults.
We are ripe for an investor organization
to adopt and take to scale.
Short term needs:
Annual funding from investors:
Platform development
$ 10,000
(interactive website, social media)
Full-time Coordinator
Country Liaisons and Advisors
(communications, travel)
$ 36,000
$ 40,000
$ 86,000
Contacts to help meet 2015 goals:
• Increase Country Liaisons to 50
• Increase innovative programs to 100
• Support for upgrading website, social media, development
Scaling up strategies:
• Barnacling
• Training
• Adapting
“The answer has to come from grassroots initiatives not
requiring government structure or massive funding.
The Pass It On Network is an outstanding
model for the new catalysts for innovation
that draw from grassroots, peer-to-peer
energy and are technology enabled.”
Richard Adler

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