Executive Office of Labor & Workforce Development

EUC Orientation
Deval L. Patrick, Governor
Timothy P. Murray, Lieutenant Governor
Joanne F. Goldstein, Secretary
Labor and Workforce Development
George Moriarty, Director
Department Of Career Services
Why am I here today?
The Jobs Creation Act of 2012 allowed states the
ability to provide Emergency Unemployment
Compensation (EUC) to eligible Unemployment
Insurance (UI) customers
To ensure continued receipt of benefits EUC
customers must attend an EUC Orientation and
participate in an in-person Reemployment
Eligibility Assessment (REA)
Why am I here today?
• To Introduce you to tools and services available at the
Career Center to assist you in obtaining employment
• To Introduce you to Labor Market Information tools
• To Review your Work Search Activity
• To Develop a Career Action Plan (CAP)
• To Schedule a return to the Career Center for a
mandatory Reemployment Eligibility Assessment (REA)
Introduce you to Career Center Services
Introduce Labor Market Information (LMI) Tools
Introduce you to Job Quest and Features
Recruitments and Job Fairs
The role of Employment Specialists in assisting you
Intensive Services
Training Services
EUC-REA Assessment / Career Action Plan Activity
Next Steps
Career Center Services
Career Center Services
• There are 34 One-Stop Career Centers in the State
• Membership to one makes you a member of all
• Our Career Centers offer:
• Knowledgeable and experienced staff
• Proven results
• Access to valuable tools, resources and services
• Connections with employers in the local area
Career Centers will help you to:
• Prepare to find your next job
• Explore options to upgrade your skills
• Access specialized services
• Connect to community resources
Career Center Services
On-site resources include:
• Personal Computers
• Internet Access
• Fax Machines
• Telephone
• Copiers
• Industry/Occupation Information
• Hot Job Listings
• Workshops
Career Center Services
Specialized Services are available on-site:
• Veteran Services
• Veterans have “Priority of Service” in ALL Career
• Information and Services on:
• Services to Customers with Disabilities
• Trade Adjustment Assistance
• National Emergency Grants (NEG)
• Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)
• Hiring Incentive Training Grant (HITG)
Why am I here today?
As part of today’s Orientation, you will develop a
Career Action Plan
Before you leave today, you will receive an
appointment to return to the Career Center for the
mandatory EUC-REA Review to review your work
search and Career Action Plan.
The EUC-REA Review and its requirements are
mandatory - failure to comply will result in the loss of
EUC benefits
Work Search
Work Search Logs
While receiving EUC-REA or any UI benefits, you are
required to:
• Be Able and Available to work
• Be Actively Searching
• Conduct a minimum of three job search activities
per week
• Report any wages you earn
• DUA requires Work Search Logs to demonstrate your
work search
Work Search Logs
What constitutes Work Search Activity?
• Contact with employers (i.e. sending a resume, online application, in
person or phone contact)
• Using online job postings
• Reviewing professional journals / want ads / newspaper listings
• Contacting Staffing / Placement Agencies
• Employment counseling (this Review is a Work Search Activity!)
• Networking
• Meeting with an Employment Specialist in our Resource Room
• Workshop participation
Union workers: contacting your Union Hall / Business Agent (IF this is
the ONLY method of work search allowed by your union)
Work Search Logs
• You are required to bring work search logs to your EUC-REA Review
• Work Search logs will be reviewed to ensure you are conducting an
appropriate job search
• Work Search Activity may be verified (i.e. we may call the employers
to verify that contact was made)
• Failure to meet work search requirements will result in the loss of
• Must report any wages earned during any week that you work
UI Claim Questions: www.mass.gov/dua or 877-626-6800
Labor Market Information
Labor Market Information (LMI)
Labor Market Information is a critical component of
your job search!
It helps answer some important questions:
• Are there jobs available in my field?
• What are the current hiring trends?
• What are the anticipated pay rates for my job?
• Is my field in growth or decline?
• Do I need training before I get my next job?
• Are my existing skills transferable to another
Labor Market Information (LMI)
There are numerous sources for LMI
• Mass Career Information System:
• O*Net:
• America’s Career Information Network: www.acinet.org/occ_intro.asp
• US Bureau of Labor & Statistics:
• My Skills My Future:
• My Next Move:
• TORQWorks (please inquire with our staff)
Labor Market Information (LMI)
There are numerous sources for LMI
Other sources:
• Newspapers
• Job Ads
• Trade Magazines / Publications
• Informational Interviews
• Career Exploration workshops
• Networking
Labor Market Information (LMI)
You will be required to research the labor market
on opportunities in your current career field and
complete a Labor Market Research Worksheet
prior to your EUC-REA Review. Bring this
Worksheet with you to your EUC-REA Review.
This will include information on your occupation,
average wages, average number of jobs, outlook,
and other information
Labor Market Research Worksheet
Job Quest
Job Quest
Job Quest is the state’s online job bank – similar to
other online job search websites
As part of your EUC eligibility, you will be required to
register in the Job Quest website:
Benefits: Upload resumes, individual job matching
Job Quest: www.mass.gov/JobQuest
HOT JOBS List & Job Quest
HOT JOBS List & Job Quest
HOT JOBS List & Job Quest
Job Fairs
Recruitments and Job Fairs
Career Center’s host job fairs and individual
employer recruitments throughout the year
Local events are posted (state how local events are
posted in your resource room) and are located on
our website at:
Statewide events are located on Job Quest:
HOT JOBS List & Job Quest
Recruitments and Job Fairs
How to prepare for a Job Fair / Recruitment
• Dress for Success!!
First Impressions = Lasting Impressions
• Find out what employers will be attending
Research employers before attending
• Talk to every employer if possible
• Practice your “60 Second Commercial” or “Elevator
• Bring plenty of Résumé's!!
• Attend our (Insert workshop name here) to prepare for
a job fair!
Career Center Staff
Career Center Staff
We have Staff Members onsite who can assist you
with your job search in the following areas:
• Resume Feedback
• Job Matching / Job Development
• Find gaps in your work search
• Help identify barriers to your job search
• Recommend job enhancement workshops
Intensive Services
Ask yourself the following questions:
- Do I lack certifications, licensing or credentials required in my job?
- Is there some type of training I need to become reemployed?
- Am I missing some marketable skills that employers are looking for?
- Am I facing any type of labor market discrimination?
- Do I have limited job search skills?
- Do I have limited basic education skills?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, we
have staff members that can assist you – inquire
about our referral process to Intensive Services
Note: Eligibility requirements apply
Upgrading Skills / Training
You may have discovered that you have a barrier to your
job search that can only be overcome through training
Training services are available at our Career Centers – we
can assist you with the following:
• Skills / educational assessments
• Information on starting your own business
• Funding opportunities (Pell Grants, WIA, other grants)
• Training vendor research
Note: Eligibility requirements apply
Upgrading Skills / Training
An important note about training and EUC benefits:
• To attend training (regardless of the funding
source), you must request Section 30 approval
through DUA
• Section 30 DOES NOT fund your training, if
approved, it provides a work-search waiver (fulltime training only)
• Part time training still requires work search
EUC-REA Assessment /
Career Action Plan (A/CAP)
EUC-REA Assessment /
Career Action Plan (A/CAP)
The EUC-REA A/CAP is designed to ensure you are on
target for success at your EUC-REA Review
meeting and will identify:
 Your mandatory goals and tasks
 What barriers you may have in your job search
 What workshops you have scheduled
 Other activities, tasks, or goals assigned
These tasks, goals, and appointments are mandatory - failure
to comply will result in a loss of EUC benefits
Assessment /
Career Action
Plan (A/CAP)
Career Center Services
Policy on using our Career Centers:
• Child care arrangements should be made prior to your visit
• No food or drink in the Resource Room or Computer Lab
• Computers, telephones and fax are for job/educational search
purposes only
• Cell phones should be turned off or muted
• If you cannot keep an appointment or workshop, please call in
advance to cancel and/or reschedule
Career Center Services
The Career Center is here to serve you!
We appreciate all your feedback as it will assist us
in improving our services
If you believe that you have been denied service or
treated in an unfair or inappropriate manner, you have
the right to file a complaint
Procedures for filing a complaint are outlined in the
summary package given to you
Next Steps
1. Complete all required paperwork before we end this
2. Complete your mandatory tasks and goals
3. Attend assigned workshops (if scheduled)
4. Attend your EUC-REA Review Meeting with the
following items:
• EUC-REA Assessment / Career Action Plan (A/CAP)
• Resume
• Labor Market Worksheet (or TORQ Report/Plan)
• Work Search Logs

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