CGS 1060C Introduction to Computers ONLINE SECTION COURSE

CGS 1060C
Introduction to Computers
Dr. Thomas Nedorost
Why Am I Taking This Course?
Most likely, for one or more of these reasons:
1. To better understand the pervasive role
computers and the Internet play in
contemporary society
2. To learn how to maintain my computer and
use current software applications to help
me complete all my class projects and
assignments efficiently
3. It meets my GEP Mathematical
Foundations 2 requirement and sounded
more interesting than the other choices in
this category
4. It is a required course for my major
How Does This Course Work?
1. Lecture Component
2. Lab Component
3. Course Website
4. SAM Website
1. Although online students do not
attend weekly lectures, you are
responsible for reading the assigned
chapters in the text and reviewing
the lecture notes (PowerPoints)
2. The weekly lecture reading
assignments can be viewed on the
CGS1060 website’s “Calendar” page
3. Lecture notes and lecture exam
study guides are located on the
CGS1060 website’s “Calendar” page
1. The Lab Component provides hands-on instruction with
current word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation
applications as well as establishing a web site and creating
web pages
2. Although online students do not attend a weekly lab, you do
have a designated student LAB Instructor who can assist you
through email or on campus in HEC308 during “Open Lab”
Course Website
Contains the course announcements, course calendar, lab
assignments, due dates, exam study guides, instructor contact
information, course syllabus, and the grades you’ve earned in
this course
SAM (Skills Assessment Manager)
Online training & assessment
6 graded SAM Path assessments:
3 on Computer Concepts
SAM Activation will be covered
by your online LAB Instructor
 Do need your SAM Access Code
 Don’t need an Institution Key
Who Are My Instructors?
Lecture Instructor – Dr. Thomas Nedorost
- Answers to Tom, Dr. Nedorost, or Professor
Office: HEC 258
Phone: 407-823-0408
Hours: by email only for Summer
Email: [email protected]
Lab Instructors (Teaching Assistants)
- Appropriate to address by first name:
Brittany Gallant (Online LAB Instructor)
Email: [email protected]
What’s Your Story, Professor?
Lecture Instructor – Dr. Thomas Nedorost
EdD – Arizona State University, 2007
MS – MIS – University of Central Florida, 2002
AS – CP&A – Valencia College
MBA – UCLA Anderson School of Management
BS – CS – Northern Illinois University
BB – PAIR – Western Illinois University
AA – Moraine Valley Community College
Teaching Experience: Valencia and UCF
Faculty Advisor for Collegiate Cyber Defense Club @ UCF
Industry Experience: Arizona State University, Walt Disney World, HewlettPackard Company, and Andersen Consulting (now Accenture)
Other Experience: Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, Six Flags over Georgia,
California’s Great America, Six Flags’ Great America, Resident Assistant at Western
Illinois University, Northern Illinois University, & UCLA; Hall Director at ASU
Civic Involvement: City Councilmember, Lake Buena Vista, FL
Places I’ve lived: Illinois, Virginia, DC, California, Georgia, Arizona, Florida
How Is My Grade Determined?
1. Although there is a weekly lecture
and lab component, you receive one
overall grade at the end of this
2. Your overall Final Course Grade is
based on your scores on 3 Lecture
Exams, 4 Lab Assignments, and 6
SAM Training Assignments
3. The Basis for Final Grade is listed in
the course syllabus
4. This course does not assign
plus/minus grades
5. There is NO Final Exam in this course
I Heard CGS1060 is an Easy “A”
• EVERY student admitted to UCF possesses
the potential to earn an “A” in this course
• You’re graded on the work you properly
submit; not on your potential abilities
• Biggest problems students encounter:
– Not reading directions closely
– Not completing assignments by due
– Not submitting assignments properly
– Not checking for computer
compatibility issues prior to starting
• Some of you will NOT live up to your
– Over 20% of students fail or withdraw
each semester
How Can I Earn A Better Grade?
1. Focus your attention when
completing readings,
assignments, and reviewing
lecture notes
2. Submit your Lab Assignments
early to avoid last minute
technical glitches
3. Remember to take your Exams on
their scheduled dates
Do I Have To Come To Class?
No, online students do not
have a lecture or lab section to
attend on campus
Your online LAB Instructor can
provide assistance through
You may also come to HEC 308
during “Open Lab” hours to
receive in-person assistance
with your lab assignments
Where Can I Look For Help?
1. Check the Course Website and
Course Syllabus first for answers to
your questions
2. Contact your LAB Instructor for
questions about lab assignments
and SAM assignment grades
3. Contact your Lecture Instructor for
questions about lecture topics,
exams, exam grades, and final
grade in the course
What To Do Before Next Lecture?
1. Read Chapter 1 in the textbook
2. Read all pages on the Course Website
including the entire Syllabus
3. Record the due dates for all Exams, Lab
Assignments, and SAM Assignments on
your calendar/planner

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