Campus Living Vocabulary Terms and Definitions

Introduction to Campus Living
College Living Options
• On campus – Residence Halls/Dorms
• Off campus
– At home
– Student-oriented apartment complexes
– Other apartments or houses
Residence Hall / Dorm
• Housing owned and operated by the university
• Common residence hall types or options
– Coed or single-sex
– All-freshman or all-upperclassman or both
– Traditional hall-style or suite-style or apartment-style
– Amenities, policies, restrictions
– Themed housing, Living-Learning Communities
Living Learning Community (LLC)
• A campus living program providing additional
educational and extracurricular experiences
related to a specific theme
• Connects classroom learning with residential life
• Students in an LLC often…
– Live in the same dorm (and/or on the same floor)
– Take certain classes together
– Participate in social and educational activities together
Living Learning Communities
• May be themed around a common…
- Major
- Interest
- Lifestyle
- Culture
- Year in college
- Goal
- Other
- Extracurricular Activity
• Examples of LLCs at colleges in NC
Jarvis Leadership Program (ECU)
Future Pirate Nurse Living Learning Village (ECU)
QUEST Transfer Students LLC (ECU)
Substance-Free Environments (UNC-CH)
La Casa – Spanish House (UNC-CH)
Living Green (ASU)
Sisterhood Experience (ASU)
People in Campus Living
• Resident Assistant / Resident Advisor (RA)
– Student employees, leadership role
– Usually 1 per floor
– Resident Assistants…
• Inform students about policies, procedures, events,
• Enforce rules
• Mediate conflicts between residents
• Respond to emergencies
• Create programs and events to create sense of
community and connect residents with each other
– Get to know your RA!
People in Campus Living
• Residence Hall Director / Coordinator
– Full-time, professional employees
– Live in the residence hall
– Supervise RAs and oversee hall operations
• Other Campus Living Staff
– Varies from college to college
– May include maintenance, housekeeping, security,
desk assistants, programming assistants, etc.
Transitioning to Living On Campus
• Independent Living Skills
- Personal Hygiene
- Health/First-Aid
- Money Management
- Safety
- Transportation
- Nutrition
- Communication
- Housekeeping/Cleaning
• Self-regulation
When to go to bed? When to wake up?
When and what to eat?
When to come home? Whether to come home?
How often to shower? How clean to keep your room?
How much money to spend? What to spend money on?
Applying for Housing
• Pay attention to deadlines
• Learn about your options
• Be honest and accurate on lifestyle questionnaires
• Read the entire housing contract, and have your
parents read it too!
Researching Housing Options
• Visit the website of the college’s housing
• During your campus visit, ask to tour a dorm
• Ask current students what they like and dislike
about their dorm and living on campus
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