Deficit Reduction Plan Guidelines CSEA (ASU, OSU

Informational Session
Presented by
SUNY Canton
Human Resources & Payroll
August 31, 2011
 First
check - September 14, 2011
 3.333% reduction
 15 biweekly pay periods
 DRL (time-off) available for use
 Credited 5 days based on work %
D1C -
11-12 Deficit Reduction CSEA
(automatically calculated by NYS)
A1C -
11-12 Adjustment Deficit
Reduction (automatically calculated
by NYS i.e. inconvenience pay)
D2C -
11-12 Deficit Adjustment
(calculated by Payroll i.e. Holiday,
Extra Service)
•Longevity Payments
•Lost Time
•Lump Sum Payments for Accruals
•Overtime Pay
•Extra Service
•Holiday Pay
•Night Differential
Pay Check City can help you get an
idea what your check will look like.
To use DRL credits you must:
• provide reasonable advance
notice of time-off request
•use in ¼ hour units
DRL credits may not be used to
cover unscheduled absences
such as calling in sick
When completing time sheet use code
Employees will be repaid the value of
the 4 days deducted in 2012-2013 in
equal installments starting at the end
of the contract term (2016)
•All DRL credits must be
exhausted by close of business
3/31/12 or forfeited.
•Vacation balances may not
exceed 45 days by 4/1/12
If you leave NYS service
and have already taken
the DRL time off, we are
required to retrieve the
money (pro-rated)
The DRP provides an important part of the
recurring $450 million Financial Plan
savings; this savings must not be offset
by additional and unanticipated overtime
No general salary increases:
2012-13 2013-14
Performance Advances, longevity and retention payments will
continue. Current employees who remain active through 2013
will earn a one time retention payment:
$775 in 2013
$225 in 2014
•Grade 9 and below
$32.09 individual (+$4.08)
$128.08 family (+$10.34)
•Grade 10 and above
$42.79 individual (+$14.78)
$153.00 family (+$35.26)
Special Option Transfer Period
◦ 9/1/11-9/30/11
Changes in Co-pays
•Productivity Enhancement Program has
increased to up 6 days of annual leave
for $1000 to be used towards health
insurance premiums.
Employees electing to opt out of health
Proof of alternative coverage required
The Actuarial Life Expectancy Table
used to calculate the value of sick
leave credit has been updated to
effect those who retire on or after
October 1, 2011

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