October 2010 Presentation

•Work Information Center
•Facility Services
•Customer Service
•Six Sigma Process Update
Goal of the Work Information Center:
The primary mission of the Work Information
Center (WIC) is to provide information and
support to the faculty and staff of the
University concerning facility maintenance,
repair and renovations.
Corrective – Work done as part of daily
Preventive Maintenance – Scheduled work
orders to prevent equipment breakdown and
to extend the life of equipment.
Special Billings – Billable work that is under
$1000 (requires BanFin-59)
Projects – Billable work that is over $1000
(requires BanFin-59)
Power wagons for events
Hanging banners
Additional housekeeping assistance for
events or after normal working hours
Lock changes requested by department
Department and staff door signs
Hanging of items such as blackboards
Department may request an estimate for
work prior to being done
Submit an Estimate Request Form to WIC
Once estimate is complete a BanFin-59 is
needed to fund work before beginning
Online application that allows users to
submit corrective work orders directly to
WIC for processing
Account will need to be set up by WIC
Actware online allows you to enter requests
and track work orders
Billable work still requires BanFin-59
[email protected]
Submit emails through Actware1000 online
Call in all emergency calls
After hours and weekends contact the Police
Department at 334-4444
The goal of the Facility Services
Department is to provide customer service in
a professional manner while maintaining a
safe & clean environment for students,
faculty and staff.
5:00am to 1:30pm - Day Shift
4:00pm to 12:30am - Night Shift
Weekends as determined by work request
Restroom maintenance
Waste/desk side recycling collection
Classroom, Office, Locker Room, Gym, Lab, Auditorium,
Recital Room and Daycare Cleaning
Public Area (corridors, lobbies, and entrances)
Floor Care Maintenance
Clean and maintain all Academic, Athletic and
Student Union Facilities
Snow and Ice Removal
Pest Management
Floor Care and Upholstery
Special Projects
Custodial Contractual Services
Empty Waste in public areas (corridors, restrooms,
classrooms, gyms and conference/meeting rooms.
Clean and restock restrooms/locker rooms.
Clean classrooms and blackboards/whiteboards
Clean public areas (corridors, lobbies, and entrances)
Clean drinking fountains and elevators.
Clean other areas as needed on a daily basis
Clean labs
Clean corridors (dust mop and mop)
Clean stairwells (sweep and mop)
Clean Daycares
Dust ledges, furniture and windowsills in
public areas (corridors, restrooms,
classrooms, and conference/meeting
Office Cleaning - detail dusting,
vacuuming/dust mopping/wet mopping and
waste removal. (Computers/monitors are not
cleaned as a rule due to their sensitive
Strip and refinish floors – Tentatively during Fall and Spring Breaks
Gym floors dust mopped daily and auto-scrubbed weekly
Corridors dust mopped/spot mopped daily and autoscrubbed/burnished weekly.
Classrooms, labs, and conference rooms dust mopped/spot
mopped daily, mopped and burnished weekly.
Stairwells swept and spot mopped daily, mopped weekly.
Carpet shampooing – Winter Holiday
Carpet spot cleaned weekly.
Upholstery cleaned as determined by Zone Manager or by
Clean vents (in conjunction with the PAC Shop) - Annually
Recycling material is collected on alternate days of the
week (tentatively). Generally Tuesdays and Thursdays.
The Facility Services Staff collects office recyclable
material (paper/plastics) and transports it to a predesignated point within each building.
Cardboard is collected and disposed of in exterior
containers to be recycled.
Facility Services staff is trained annually by the Recycling
Department on proper recycling methods and the
importance of recycling.
Unused chemicals and other hazardous chemicals are sent
to the Office of Safety.
External and internal window washing
Venetian blinds
Limited upholstery cleaning
In-house furniture moving (moving of items
as large as file cabinets from one area to
another within the same facility)
Special events (i.e. Commencement, sporting
Snow/Ice removal
Flood clean-up
Blood borne pathogen clean-up
Entrances are given priority in the following
1) ADA entrances/exits (ramps)
2) Main building entrances/exits
3) Secondary and service entrances/exits.
Facility Services Staff clears up to 25 feet of
entrance area, or up to the nearest
sidewalk/street (whichever is greater) at each
Bloodborne pathogens are microorganisms in the
blood or other body fluids that can cause illness and
disease in people. These microorganisms can be
transmitted through contact with contaminated
blood and body fluids.
 When the department receives a call concerning
possible BBP, a Zone Manager uses tools specifically
to disinfect the exposed area. Once disinfection is
completed, the tools are collected and sent to a
medical facility for disposal.
 Facility Services Staff receives annual training on BBP
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) uses
current, comprehensive information on the
life cycles of pests and their interaction with
the environment.
Manage pest damage by the most
economical means.
Manage with the least possible hazard to
people, property and the environment.
The IPM at UNCG is managed by Ecolab
Provides comprehensive services for the following pest
control issues:
 Rodents
 Flies
 Small Flies
 Ants
Bed Bugs
 Birds
 Termites
Pest Exclusion
 Odor
Each Monday & Thursday Ecolab treats the
buildings on campus by zones.
Evening Shift buildings are treated once a
month on the first Thursday of the month.
The pest control technician checks the Pest
Concern Log Book each Monday and
Pest concern emergencies consist of issues
that involve biting/stinging insects or rodents
such as mice.
Ecolab will contact the University within an
hour, and has a 24 hour response time.
The UNCG Facility Services approach to Healthy High
Performance Cleaning
The UNCG Facility Services Department
cleaning adheres to guidelines set forth
by Green Seal Cleaning Standards (GS42) along with Healthy High
Performance Cleaning (HHPC) and
Some of the major components of the requirements set forth by GS-42
For a vast majority of cleaning applications,
the department employs the use of Alpha-HP,
H202 (hydrogen peroxide) Green Seal
certified general purpose cleaner.
Green Seal Certified foaming hand soap is
installed in most of the buildings maintained
by Facility Operations.
Virex 256 is the disinfectant used by the
Facility Services Department. Virex 256
is a hospital grade disinfectant with a 10
minute kill time.
Virex 256 provides broad spectrum kill of microorganisms including;
Herpes Simplex Types 1&2,
Influenza Type A2
Rotavirus and many more.
Green Seal does not currently certify disinfectants.
Becker Weaver (915 Northridge)
Surplus (2900 Oakland Ave)
Contact Info
 [email protected]
 Office: 256-1204
 Fax: 256-1166
Bryan, Stone, Petty,
Financial Aid, Office of
Safety, Foust, Forney
 Contact Info
 [email protected]
 Office: 256-1207
 Nextel: 442-4369
Zone 1 GUW’s
Leroy Arrington
Charles Tatum
Ferguson, Cone Art,
McIver, Aycock, Taylor,
Brown, Carmichael, Faculty
Center, Alumni House,
Studio Arts, Moore
Nursing, 320 McIver
Contact Info
 [email protected]
Dareck Beasley
Zone 2 GUW
 Office: 334-4600
 Nextel: 451-4988
HHP, Student
Recreation, Baseball
Stadium, Soccer
Stadium, Softball
Stadium, Grounds
Maint., ACOB*
 Contact Info
Zone 3 GUW’s
 [email protected]
 Office: 334-3603
 Nextel: 215-3263
Paul Bigelow
John Richardson
Sullivan Science,
Eberhart, Curry, HHRA,
EUC, Jackson Library,
Mossman North Drive
Daycare, Carter
 Contact Info
Zone 4 GUW’s
 [email protected]
 Office: 256-1206
 Nextel:382-7444
John Tinnin
Willie Brown
Zone 5 GUW’s
Robert Attaway
Ronald Stacey
New Music, 1100 W.
Market, 127 McIver, 119
McIver, Walker Ave.
Parking Deck, Print Shop,
University Relations,
Oakland Ave. Parking
Deck, Sink, Campus Supply
Contact Info
 [email protected]
 Office: 256-1231
Timothy Wilkins
Erick Gardner
Thomas Everett, C.E.H
Contact Info
[email protected]
Nextel: 382-9674
Contact Info
[email protected]
Nextel: 669-2020
Office: 334-5997
Contact Info
[email protected]
Nextel: 451-5969
Office: 256-1208
Remarkable Customer Service
Objective : To establish a procedure to carry
out the uniform Facilities Operations
customer service program.
Accessibility and Access Standards
Timely Responses
Committee consisting of campus community
faculty, staff and Facilities Operations group .
1. Enhance our remarkable customer
service program
2. Gain new ideas
3. Strengthen customer relations
4. Gain feedback on our program strategy
Purpose: To recognize employees that
strengthen the Facilities Management team
through their remarkable contribution and
performance . It includes the efforts of both
individuals and small teams working toward
fulfilling our mission and the mission of the
University of North Carolina @Greensboro.
Our Three Values:
1.Remarkable Customer Service
Annual Survey
Focus – Remarkable Customer Service
Ways of contact
Response time
Work request completion
2010 Results 
Judy Smith
Thank you for joining us today!
Additional information can be found at the
Facilities Operations website.

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