Coral reefs & society and culture

Coral reefs & society and
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What Is Biodiversity?
“the variety of plant and animal life in
the world or in a particular habitat, a
high level of which is usually considered
to be important and desirable.”-Oxford
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 The protection offered by coral reefs makes it home
to many diverse organisms ranging from fishes,
corals, molluscs and crustaceans etc.
 Most of the species found in coral reefs are endemic,
meaning they are found no where else in the world.
 Corals have the ability to produce new medicines for
mankind. E.g. New treatment for AIDS-AZT was
developed from chemicals in a sponge coral
 Sunscreen is also produced from chemicals found in
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• The reef provides a world of colours, shapes
and sizes that tourists world wide travel to
• Tourists are interested and amazed by our
white sands in the Caribbean which is formed
by the smashing of the waves against the
corals grinding them into powder.
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 Tourists are provided with the opportunity
to snorkle, scuba dive and fish in the reefs.
 The coral reef is then important as it
generates and contributes to a vast amount
of income obtained by certain countries.
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 Reefs provide valuable fisheries. Fishermen
depend on the reefs to sustain the
livelihoods of coastal villages
 Seafood is known for its source of protein
 Nearby Mangroves act as a nursery for
fishes before they venture out to the reefs
where they are offered more protection
from predators.
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Coastal Protection
 Reefs play an important
role in protecting the
coastlines from
 Reefs break the force
of the waves, this
results in calm waters
on the coast.
 It faciliates coastline
activites like fishing
and sea sports.
 Ports, harbours and
settlements (hotels,
houses) enjoy
sheltered locations
because of this.
 Wetlands thrive as
they depend on the
accumulation of silt
which usually occurs
under calmer
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Protect our
Buccoo Reef,
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