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International Business Association | General Meeting #2
Monday, September 15th
005 Business Building
Do you have what it takes?
Analytical Skills
Strategic Mindset
Please join us for an interactive marketing competition on
September 17th in Business 002 @ 8pm. Learn about
Johnson & Johnson marketing careers and get face time with the
recruiting team. Food and drink will be provided with TONS of Prizes.
International Business Association | Agenda
Happy Quarters
Market Updates
Overview of Professional Development Workshop
Professional Development Discussion & Breakouts
Meeting Wrap-Up
International Business Association | Happy Quarters
International Business Association | Market Updates
• War with the Islamic State
• British PM David Cameron
vows to destroy Islamic state
after militant group kills
British hostage
– U.S.-led military campaign
against the group
• Airstrikes on Iraq and Syria
• White House announced that
America was “at war” against
Islamic State
• 2 Journalists were executed
• Should we go back to war?
– Is still more/equally/less
important than our
involvement in Ukraine?
Professional Development Workshop | Overview
Who has an internship or job secured for Summer 2015?
Professional Development Workshop | Overview
Who is going to the Career Fair?
International Business Association | Icebreaker
 30 Second Pitch
Professional Development Workshop | Overview
Resume Workshop
Career Fair Research
Elevator Pitch
Professional Development | Why Is This Important
Brand yourself
– What are 3 things that make you different?
– Make sure those 3 strengths are present in your resume bullets
10-20 second glance from person reading
Interviewers expect you to know your resume inside and out – do not put
something on there that you are not ready to talk about
– Do not exaggerate
Professional Development Workshop | Overview
Formatting details
– 10-12 font
• Times New Roman
– Margins: 3/4”- 1 1/2”
– Quality printer
– Solid bullets
– Use lines, bold, italics for organization/look
– Balance white space
– ONE PAGE unless you have 6+ years experience
– Details are more important than you think
Resume Workshop | Formatting Example
Resume Workshop | Formatting Example
Resume Workshop | Headers
How many lines are you taking away from the rest of your resume?
– 4 lines versus 6 lines
Professional Development Workshop | Overview
Organization sample:
– Education
– Relevant Experience
– Leadership Experience
– Service
– Work Experience
– Skills/Interests
Organization varies based on your experience – tailor your resume in a way
that best complements you
– Combine (for example: if all of your leadership experience is also
relevant, you do not need a leadership experience section)
Resume Workshop | Content
High school education and activities
– Up to you; Generally mid-sophomore year – take off
Passive vs. Active word choice
– Participated in, Attended, Helped
– Created, Developed, Analyzed, Researched, Managed
Roles vs. Achievements (Goal-Oriented)
– People reading your resume already know what a treasurer’s role is –
what did you accomplish?
Quantify everything!
Jobs – put how many hours/week you work!
Resume Workshop | Use
After a point, you will have many accomplishments and will have to decide
which to include on your resume and which to not include
– Possible solution: Keep long running document of resume (over one
page) and tailor depending on which internship/position you are
applying to
– Linked-In
Your resume is a living document: change it as much as you want! The
more work you put into it and the more eyes that see it, the better it will
Resume Workshop | Final Note
Many different views on resumes
– Embrace them all
In the end, everything is your decision!
Create what best exemplifies and markets YOU
Check relentlessly for errors
– Major specific resumes
– Smeal’s resume webshops
– Schedule mock interview or resume review
Resume Workshop | Breakout Session
Career Fair Prep | Before
BJC Fall 2014 Career Fair
– September 16-18, 2014
– 11 AM-4 PM
– Research 10 companies you are interested in and their opportunities
(print a list for yourself with a detail about each – plan your questions
out before hand)
– Map out where the companies will be
– Print resumes and prepare business professional attire
Career Fair Prep | Breakout Session
 Which companies do you plan on visiting at the Career Fair?
Career Fair Prep | During
• Meet the companies!
• 30- second introduction
– Name, year, major, “I am applying for your ________
internship/position, <Insert Question Here>”
– Do not ask a recruiter about their opportunities – that
information is online! Show how prepared you are!
– Get a business card or email address!
– Write down what you spoke about with the recruiter
directly after
Career Fair Prep | Breakout Session
 A recruiter asks you the generic question, “Tell me about yourself.” Practic
e your pitches!
Career Fair Prep | After
Follow up!
– Email the people you got business cards from
• Name, year, major
• “Thank you so much for talking to me about _____
internship/position today at _______”
• “I am looking forward to this opportunity in ______ with ______”
• Detail about what you talked about to make them remember you
– Check what you wrote down!
• Email them again next time that company is coming to campus
• Relationships are built over time and networking is key
Professional Development | Follow-Up Emails
• You all know what to do in a follow-up
– Be respectful, play it safe, within 1-2 days of phone call/interview
• Let’s take a look at what NOT to do…enjoy 
Point System | Overview
• Fundraising Event = 1 General Meeting
• Networking Event = 1 General Meeting
• Canning Weekend = 2 General Meetings
International Business Association | Social Event
• Homecoming float with Penn State Marketing Association
• Friday 26th is the Homecoming Parade
• If interested, sign-up at the end of the meeting
Organization Dues | Overview
• $20 for the semester
• $35 for the year
• Talk to me after the meeting!
International Business Association | Wrap-Up
 Final Note
- Use us as a resource
 Next Meeting
- Monday, 9/29 at 6 PM in 005 Business Building
- What is consulting?
- Case Study #1
 Connect With Us
- Email:
[email protected]
- Website:
- Facebook:
- LinkedIn:
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