HEKSS GP Mentoring and Career Support Programme

Technology Enhanced Learning
Rebecca Burden
Programme Manager
[email protected]
Vision and Aims
• A high quality, blended approach to utilising
technology enhanced learning, which is
centred on patient safety, multi-professional
learning, demonstrates organisational
collaboration and delivers the skills and
knowledge that underpin the KSS strategic
Vision and Aims
• Establish a strong functional stakeholder group to
build upon and develop the way in which
technology enhanced learning is utilised
• Develop and increase the provision of
opportunities for multi-professional learning using
• Support and encourage the growth of innovation
and research
• Ensure that the regional approaches and
development to TEL are aligned with national
strategy and standards
Investment in Simulation
– Paediatric simulation in Sussex - BSUH
– Virtual patient simulation scenarios – SaBP
– Simulation – interventional simulator for
Emergency Care, Interventional Radiology,
Cardiology and Vascular Surgery –
Frimley Park
– Quality Ward Round simulation training –
– Simulation equipment – bronchoscopy,
ENT, anaesthetics
– Simulated Ambulance
– Simulation ( Medical Emergency Teams) –
University of Surrey
Investment in e-learning
• E-learning
– Awareness raising for gender
– Interactive on-line learning child
protection (Kent)
– Health Equalities framework
– Quality management – visitors
– Urgent care pathways for
– Advanced Care Planning
Other Technology Enhanced
Learning 2013-2014
• Video – communication
skills for health
practitioners to support
patients in pregnancy
• Software for delivering
radiology training
• Blended distance learning
for community
Regional Network
• Regional e-learning network
– Meets 3-4 times per year
– Shares best practice
– Shared e-learning hosting
– Commissioning regional e-learning
• KSS simulation network
– Meets 3 times per year
– Shares best practice
– Reviewing faculty development
What are we doing now?
Plan for 2014-15
Patient Safety
Simulation technician
Training Multi-professional Faculty
Develop 2 tiers of training for
simulation trainer/faculty
Encourage, develop and support
regional e-learning and assessments
aligned with the national platform
eLearning and online
Identify innovative TEL activities to
support KSS educational priorities
Simulated Ambulance
Introduce a mobile simulation unit
Review and develop the provision
and outcomes of simulation training
How can you get
Programme Board
Network meetings
Workshops – invite proposals
Health Education Kent Surrey Sussex
Career Progression Programme Update – September 2014
Mike Bailey
“Through creative partnerships we shape and develop a workforce that impacts positively on health and wellbeing for all”
National, Regional and Local
Career Progression Development Strategy 2014-2020
HEE National Bands 1-4 Strategy
HEE Widening Participation Strategy
Francis Report
Cavendish Review
Richard’s Review
SDS Programmes
Greater integration between health and social care
Key Programme Objectives
Improved health and social care careers advice
Increase in young people recruited to the NHS
Development of pre-employment programmes
Joint initiatives across health and social care
Commission relevant, high quality and cost-effective
Increase apprenticeships across new and existing staff
Implement HCA training standards
Evaluation and return on investment
Development of healthcare support worker and assistant practitioner roles
Supporting innovative ways to positively reconfigure this workforce
Work To Date
Careers Advice Workshops rolling out from September 2014
First Princes Trust Pre-employment programme rolled out with Medway
Community June 2014, BSUH and Sussex Community looking to roll out joint
one in November 2014
Education Business Partnership Pre-employment programmes for college
students studying health and social care related subjects rolling out at Sussex
Partnership Trust, Frimley Park and Western Sussex from October 2014
12 organisations across KSS involved in Certificate of Fundamental Care
Pilot which will be evaluated from September onwards. Looking to
nationally roll out from April 2015
On target to achieve 549 apprenticeship starts in 14/15 across KSS.
Developing rotational apprenticeships across health and social care
to roll out from October/November 2014
Simulation Technician Apprenticeship pilot rolling out November
Future Work
Rolling out a total of 24 Careers Advice Workshops
Initiate 2 more Princes Trust programmes in 14/15
Develop 4 more Education Business Partnership Pre-employment programmes
Implementation of the Care Certificate across organisations in KSS
Care Certificate E-learning Pilot
Apprenticeship target of 1373 apprentice starts for 15/16
Pre-Nursing HCA Experience Pilot
Increased development of Bands 1-4 workforce, including QCF qualifications
Transition to Employment Programme
Further development of Assistant Practitioner roles
Career pathway development
Routes into Higher Education
Health and Social Care Hub Model
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