Top 10 Tips and Tricks in GP

Tips and Tricks in GP
 Here are tips to make your day to day daily jobs
easier in GP
 Slide will be available for download from our web
 Change Default Column order
 Increase maximum record number
 Under Smartlist options change max records for all
smart list in one shot!
Smartlist Export Solutions
 No more reformatting your favorite exports when they
get to Excel!
Increase speed of Smartlist
export to Excel
Increase export speed by a factor of at least 10!
Included with GP 10 and 2010 for free.
Modify Dex.ini – (Located in the Dynamics folder)
Set line SmartlistEnhancedExcelExport=TRUE
Save modified Dex.ini file
Smartlist—Change Default
Column order
 Change the master setup of Smartlist once!
Correct a GL Journal Entry
Copy a GL Journal Entry
Allow or don’t allow account entry!
Customize source documents
 Original Cash receipt Source document - CRJ
Customize source documents
 Change to something you can recognize - ARCRJ
Customize source documents
 See new source document now default on cash receipt entries
Excel Reports
GP 2010 has them ready to use!
Keyboard Shortcuts
 Ctrl + L - Displays the Lookup window
 The cursor must be placed in a field that uses the
lookup window
 Enter a letter or number to seed the value of the
lookup. When the lookup window appears, the
cursor will have already moved to a starting
position based on your entry. Use the up/down
arrows or page up/down keys to move the cursor
and hit “Enter” to select the item.
Keyboard Shortcuts
 Tab - moves the cursor to the next field, but also be
mindful that Shift + Tab moves to the previous field.
Tab sequences (the order that the cursor moves in)
can be changed using Microsoft Dynamics GP
 Ctrl + A This keystroke selects all text, which is
perhaps more useful when you need to select all text
in a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet.
Keyboard Shortcuts
 Ctrl + C - Copy
 Ctrl + V - Paste
 Hit “Enter” to fire repetitive mouse clicks.
Open up a window such as Vendor Maintenance. At
the bottom of the screen, click on the Next Record
navigation arrow to bring up a record. Leave the
mouse hovering over this navigation arrow. You can
hit “Enter” and the next record will display. You can
continue this process for as long as you like,
providing a very handy way to quickly review
consecutive records.
Keyboard Shortcuts
 Move to next field : tab
 Move to previous field : shift + tab
 Move from scrolling window to next field : ctrl + tab
 Move from scrolling window to previous field : shift + ctrl +
 Default button on a window : enter
 Close the current window : ctrl + w
 Exit application :alt + x
Keyboard Shortcuts
 Ctrl + L To open the look window
 Some shortcuts for the home page
 Navigation pane button ctrl + number of navigation pane button. For
example, press ctrl + 2 to activate the second navigation pane button.
 For Date Fields - if you enter it just the day, it will automatically fill in
the current month and year.
06 Becomes
 Adding a Shortcut to Open Up a Specific Window
For example, you can use a shortcut, say CTRL + SHIFT + C to open up
the Customer Maintenance Window.
Short Cuts
 From your Home tab create custom shortcuts for
your most used windows – user specific
Reprint Posting Journals
Yes, Posting Journals can be reprinted!
Financial button>>Reports>>Cross Reference
Choose By:
 JE
 Source Document
 Audit Trail Code
Professional Tools
PSTL – Free with GP2010
Professional Tools
 Account/Vendor/Customer/Item changer
 Account/Vendor/Customer/Item combiner
 Unapply RM
 1099 Modifier
 Database Disabler
 So many more!!
Advanced Lookups
 Administration – Company – Advanced Lookups
Advanced Lookups
General Ledger to Payables & Receivables
reconcile report
 Financial – Routines – Reconcile to GL
General Ledger to Payables & Receivables
reconcile report
 When you click process this report is generated
Remove STUCK users
 We can automate it with this script
select * from SY01400 WHERE USERID IN
delete SY01400 where USERID IN
select rtrim(USERID) FROM SY01400 ORDER BY
Speed up the process for
Receivables Aging
 Sales>>Routines>>RM Aging. Don’t print the
report. Simple—but it really speeds it up.
 OR
exec sp_Msforeachdb
' use ?
/* is this ia a Great Plains company db? */
if exists ( select INTERID from DYNAMICS..SY01500 D where INTERID = ''?'' )
/* does this Great Plains company db have open RM trx? */
if exists ( SELECT TOP 1 * FROM RM20101 WHERE CURTRXAM<>0 )
print ''Aging database ?''
/* Insert your script below this Line, Note: Double up single quotes */
DECLARE @O_iErrorState int, @I_dAgingDate datetime
select @I_dAgingDate = convert(varchar(10), GetDate(), 102)
EXEC dbo.rmAgeCustomer 0, '''', ''þþþþþþþþþþþþþþþ'', @I_dAgingDate, 127, 0, 0, '''',
@O_iErrorState OUT
SELECT @O_iErrorState
/* Insert your script above this Line, Note: Double up single quotes */
print ''Aging done for database ?''
Shorten default doc numbers
 From the setup windows in GP shorten the next #
The User Preferences window enables you
to set defaults associated with your user
 Microsoft Dynamics GP – User Preferences
Budgeting Tip
 You can use the same budget id every year.
 Budget ID can be = ‘BUDGETID’
 This minimizes the maintenance for FRX or MR
because you don’t need to change the budget id in
the column layouts each year.
MR Tip - calculate an average in the
column definition
 Use the new ‘Periods’ to divide by the number of
periods to calculate an average
 This column must have something in the Period cell
MR Tip - calculate an average in the
column definition
 Results
MR Tip - To let Management Reporter select the
appropriate width for the cell content, doubleclick the Column Width cell, and click AutoFit.
Security –Create a user with sa
rights in GP
 You can give a GP user administrator rights in GP
add/delete users
 Assign the specific Microsoft Dynamics GP
administrator(s) SQL login account to the
SecurityAdmin fixed server role and within the
Db_AccessAdmin and Db_SecurityAdmin database
roles that exists to the DYNAMICS database.
 DYNSA must be the database owner of ALL
Microsoft Dynamics GP databases
 Still need sa for PSTL
Reporting Services (SSRS)
 You own it now!
If you are on GP 10 or GP 2010
 Easy to deploy
 With the GP2010 install it is part of the
installation now.
 Includes out of the box reports when
deploy through GP.
SSRS Reports
 Check to see if deployed –Administration – Reporting
tools setup
What’s New GP 2010 with R2
 Exclude Inactive Employees in Lookups
 Secondary Status Codes
 Map amounts to multiple W-2 boxes for Pay
Codes, Benefits and Deductions
 Track Fiscal Year Values for Pay Codes,
Benefits and Deductions
 Process Concurrent Pay Runs
 Increased Flexibility with multiple
Exclude Inactive Employees in
Secondary Status Codes
Map amounts to multiple W-2 boxes
for Pay Codes, Benefits and
Track Fiscal Year Values for Pay
Codes, Benefits and Deductions
Increased Flexibility with
multiple garnishments
Tips and Tricks in GP
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