Contract changes 2015/16
• GPC has achieved a negotiated contract
2015/16 just before the end of September
• Early agreement to allow time to prepare
• Minor changes to further reduce bureaucracy
Key Changes
QOF 2015-2016
QOF Stability assurance
- No change in size of the QOF/or number of
QOF points
No increase to any of the thresholds
Contract changes
• Alcohol enhanced service
- Alcohol DES will cease end of March 2015
- All money reinvested into global sum .
- Now it will be Contractual requirement to screen
new pts .
Patient participation Enhance service
- PPG DES will Cease end of March 2015
- all money re invested into global sum .
- From April 2015 it will be contractual requirement
for practices to have a PPG .
Avoiding Unplanned Admissions
Extended for another year
• Reporting will be bi-annual, on the 30 September 2015 and
31 March 2016
• There will be 3 rather than 5 payment components, with
46% in an initial payment, with two payments of 27%
attached to the reporting dates
• Patients who have died or moved practices prior to the two
reporting dates in the two per cent register will be included
• the introduction of a patient survey (and funding of £500k)
subject to the outcome of a feasibility study
• requiring at least one care review during the year for any
patient on the register from the previous year
KEY Contract Changes
• Named GP for all patients
By 31 March 2016 all practices will need to
include on their website reference to the fact
that all patients (including children) have been
allocated a named, accountable GP.
Key Contract Changes
Patients' online access to medical records
All pts to have Online access to all information on their
medical records that is in coded form (no free text or un
coded info )
Online appointment booking
Number of availability of appointments for online
booking to be increased form the previous year .
Assurance of Out of Hours provision
From April 2015 OOH provider/or practice that has not
opted out of OOH provision to provide report to CCG to
ensure that it meets national quality requirement .
Key Changes
• Publication of GP earnings
contractual requirement for practices to publish
on their practice websites by 31 March 2016
mean net earnings that relate to the GMS
contract for GPs in their practice (contractor and
salaried GPs) relating to 2014/15
Key Contract Changes
• Seniority payment
Mechanism of retrospective adjustment agreed –
seniority payments end 2020 and remaining money
will be added to the global sum /kept within the
• Maternity and paternity cover
The reimbursement will cover both external
locums and cover provided by existing GPs within
the practice who do not already work full time.
• The overall number of points in QOF remains
at 559 points.
• changes are resourced through retirement of
some points and redistribution of points to
reflect workload .
• This agreement includes a commitment that
practices continue to undertake the work for
the retired indicators as clinically appropriate
and in accordance with best medical practice
• Atrial fibrillation
• The retirement of AF005 (6 points).
• The introduction of NICE indicator NM81. The
new indicator will be AF006 with a point value
of 12 points and thresholds at 40-90%.
• The replacement of AF004 (6 points) with
NICE indicator NM82. The new indicator will
be AF007 with a point value of 12 points and
thresholds at 40-70%.
Coronary heart disease (CHD)
• The retirement of CHD006 (10 points).
• The amendment of DEM002 to include a care plan
=number of points from 15 to 39 points to recognise
an increase in the number of patients with dementia.
The new indicator will be DEM004, the thresholds will
remain at 35-70%.
• A change to the timeframe for DEM003. The new
indicator will be DEM005, the points will remain at
6 points and the thresholds will remain at 45-80%.
• Chronic kidney disease (CKD)
• The amendment of CKD001 (the register) to
reflect the change in the classification in line with
the updated NICE clinical guideline.
• The retirement of CKD002 (11 points), CKD003 (9
points) and CKD004 (6 points) (total 26 points).
• Obesity:The replacement of OB001 (the register)
with NICE indicator NM85. The points will remain
at 8 points.
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