Patient Online NHS England Presentation

Patient online
December 2014
National support
• Events in Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle
• Guidance available on NHS England website
– Getting ready checklist
– Posters to display in practices
– Leaflets for patients
– Examples of signage
– Case studies
• Patient online forum
National support
National support
Posters to display in practices
National support
Leaflet for patients
National support
Signage for screens in practices
National support
Case studies
National support
Patient Online Community
• The Patient Online Community is our
programme’s online hub.
• It is a private and secure online environment
that allows us to communicate, collaborate
and share information with our stakeholders
• in real-time.
• If you would like to join please email:
[email protected]
Local support
• Communications pack produced to help support
GP practices implement patient online and
inform patients about what is available to them.
• You don’t need to have communications skills to
use the tools available in the pack, you can
always contact us if you need any advice.
• You can also work together with colleagues in
other practices to share ideas or produce pull up
banners etc.
Local support
Resources in communications pack for practices
• Syndicated articles for practices to use on their
website and in newsletters including versions for:
– General public
– Mother and baby groups
– People with long term conditions. I.e. asthma,
diabetes , COPD, ect
– When the practice reaches a landmark number of
patients who have registered
Local support
• Social media - does your GP practice have a Facebook
or Twitter account that can be used to support this
social media campaign?
• Twitter - #patientonline, example tweets:
– Need a doctors appointment? You can now do this online
on your own GP practice website #patientonline
– Need a repeat prescription? You can now do this online on
your own GP practice website #patientonline
– Winter is on it’s way, remember you can order your repeat
prescriptions online on your GP practice website
Local support
• News release produced for practices to send out
at their convenience to inform patients the
services which are available
• Teleconference/Webex can be organised early
next year for any practice managers/GPs who
would find it useful to discuss how each other are
• Promotional day/week of activity in GP practices
to promote patient online/give demonstrations of
how it works and what is available
• Communications pack available to practices –
• Articles, social media, news release sent out
by practices – over next few months
• Promotional day/week in GP practices – over
next few months
• Teleconference/Webex – early 2015 (if
• Register for patient online forum - now
• Are there any other materials or support you
would find useful?
• Do you have any feedback on the materials in
the resource pack?
• Any questions?
• Angela Clark, Communications Officer, NME
Communications Services,
[email protected] or
0113 825 2962
• Chloe Watson, Programme Communications
Manager, NHS England, [email protected]
or 07918 368 360

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