Kingdon’s Policy Windows:
Three Case Studies
Lauren Siegel and Rachel Bjorhus
Overview: Kingdon’s Policy
Kingdon’s policy windows model is easily
applied to a variety of policies and assists in
understanding how policy action unfolds.
 Will apply to three case studies:
◦ Immigration reform
◦ Gun control
◦ Reauthorization of VAWA
Answering the questions: how did the
windows open and how long were/will they
stay open?
Kingdon’s Framework
Policy windows
◦ Problem Windows
◦ Political Windows
◦ Predictable Windows
 Solutions drawn from the policy stream
 Coupling and joining of the streams
 Role of entrepreneurs in coupling process
Comprehensive Immigration
Immigration Reform and Control Act of
1986 last comprehensive action
 Most recent attempt in 2007
 Impact of recession; anti-immigrant
 Variety of interest groups: business, labor,
social advocates, state governments
 When did the window open and how long
will it be open?
◦ Very recently
◦ Not very long
The Policy Window and Joining the
Problem Stream-Growing number of
-Labor needs of a
struggling economy
-Social welfare system
-Increasing number of
state-level actions
Political Stream-Obama’s reelection
importance of Latino
in the House
-Increasing pressure
from business/labor
community and
Policy Stream-Obama’s inclusion in
second term agenda
- “Gang of Eight”
bipartisan Senators’
policy proposals
-Previous proposals
from labor and
education advocates
When Will the Window Close?
Congressional action appears imminent
◦ “Gang of Eight’s proposal expected in
coming weeks
 Current political context plays important
role, both in Presidential agenda setting
and in bipartisan consensus building (due
to electoral politics implications)
Gun Control: Before the Policy
Societal Predisposition
 The second amendment: “A well regulated
militia, being necessary to the security of
the free State, the right of the people to
keep and bear Arms, shall not be
 Regulation versus Rights
 The Founding Fathers instituted intrusive
control laws. (Winkler, 2011)
Confusion Over Indicators
Opening the Current Policy
Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary
 Mass shootings reportedly not on the
rise (O’Neill, 2012)
 On the heels of shootings in:
◦ Aurora, CO at the premier of Dark Knight
◦ Oak Creek, WI at a Sikh Temple
◦ Tucson, AZ- Rep. Gabrielle Gifford
The Policy Window and Joining the
Problem Stream-Newtown as the
focusing event
-Mental illness
-Enforcing current
-Not enough laws
Political Stream-Obama appointed
Biden as head of task
-Democratic Senate
and Republican
-continued media
-state-level successes
Policy Stream-23 executive actions
for reforms
-Current bi-partisan
Keeping the Window Open
(Hayes, 2013)
When Will the Window Close?
Very soon- April 6th report says
Democratic Leaders will be meeting
 May have to scale back measures to gain
more bi-partisan support
 Will likely pass as the most
comprehensive federal gun control
A Predictable Policy Window: The
Violence Against Women
Reauthorization Act
Funds the investigation and prosecution of
violent crimes against women, as well as DOJ’s
Office on Violence Against Women
 Originally passed in 1994 with a 235-195 vote
with bipartisan support
 In 2000 and 2005 it was reauthorized with
amendment that extended protections from
gendered violence
 The window opened in 2011 when it was due
for reauthorization
However, Maybe Not So
VAWA was expired for over a year before
the 2012 renewal was making progress
 The reauthorization was not fully
resolved until February 2013-passed 286138
 This reauthorization by far took the
 How does this fit into Kingdon’s
Violence Against Women Act
Reauthorization 2011-2013
Problem Stream-Reauthorization
-Continued need for
services and
programming related
to gender-based
Political Stream-Democratic
Executive and Senate,
Republican House
-Pressure from
Reproductive Rights
Interest Groups
-The role of states
Policy Stream-The Senateprotections for
same-sex couples,
individuals, as well as
grants to tribal
-The House
excluded all of this.
The Policy Window Closed
February 2013
This reauthorization decreased
appropriations for all of its programming
 Has all of the Senate’s intended
protections for undocumented individuals,
those that identify as LGBT and Native
American women
 Continues all programming, including
education-based, non-direct services
How do you think Kingdon’s model of
“riding a policy wave” fits with principles
taught in our policy analysis courses?
Do you agree or disagree with our
analyses of these three issues?
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