Ender*s Game VS Lord of the Rings By: JW Sayer

Ender’s game- He lives in a city, he is a third child, had a
monitor removed, and he has a older sister that loves
him, and an older brother that wants to kill him.
Lord of the rings- Frodo lives in the Shire, which is a
land with rolling green hills, and full of very small
people called hobbits. Everything is very cheery and
bright, and everyone is happy.
Ender’s game- Ender receives his call when Graff comes
to Ender’s house and tells him that he wants him to
come to battle school. Even though he doesn’t really
have much of a choice.
Lord of the rings- Bilbo gives the ring to Frodo, and tells
him he must carry it, and take it to mount doom.
Ender’s game- Ender tries not to go, because he doesn’t
want to leave his family, but Graff says he has to.
Lord of the rings- Frodo says no, and doesn’t want o
leave his ordinary life in the shire but is
eventually persuaded.
Ender’s game- Ender’s initial mentor if Graff, because
he is always around to watch him, but Mazer Rackham
is the mentor that teaches him everything.
Lord of the rings- Gandalf helps teaches Frodo so that he
can survive, and Aragorn protect’s Frodo and sam, and
also the fellowship helps them out.
Ender’s game- Ender enter’s the battle school, where he
has no friend’s, and no idea what to do.
Lord of the rings- Frodo, Sam, Pippin, and Merry leave
the shire into lands they have never been to before.
Ender’s Game- Ender makes a couple friends like Petra,
His enemy is Bonzo, and he is constantly advancing,
and facing new challenges.
Lord of the Rings- The characters form the fellowship of
the ring. They are constantly tested against
themselves, and their many enemies, like the orcs, and
Ender’s game- Ender loses hope, and almost quits and
breaks under pressure, but he knows he must keep
Lord of the Rings- Frodo and Sam enter Mordor, and
realize that the situation is hopeless, they are
surrounded by the enemy, but they have no option but
to continue
Ender’s game- The ordeal comes when Ender faces the
challenge in the simulator, and has to destroy the
bugger world.
Lord of the Rings- The ordeal comes when Frodo and
Sam have to get to the top of mount doom
Ender’s game- Ender knows that he is almost done
training, and know he can soon go on to fight the
buggers, but he almost goes insane doing so.
Lord of the rings- Frodo and Sam get to the top of mount
doom and can now destroy the ring, destroy evil, and
save middle earth
Ender’s game- Ender and his crew face the last challenge
in the simulator- he has to destroy the bugger world,
when he is far outnumbered, and outgunned. He
doesn’t know it, but the fate of mankind rests on him.
Lord of the rings- Now Frodo must actually destroy the
ring, which is the hardest part for him because he is
attached to it, and because Gollum attacks him.
Ender’s game- Ender decides to go with his sister to the
bugger planet to be a leader, and because he can’t go
back to earth because of Peter.
Lord of the rings- Frodo and Sam end up on a floating
island in the volcano, where they are picked up by the
eagles, that help them get to safety.
Ender’s game- Ender discovers the bugger cocoon, and
realizes who they were, and writes a book about them,
and carries on their story.
Lord of the rings- Frodo returns to the Shire after leaving
his human, dwarf, and elf friends. But then he sails
over the sea with the elves. His legend is well

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