Leadership - Middle Georgia Chapter

Brad Ashley, Colonel (Ret), USAF
Director of Southeast Cyber Operations
SCITOR Corporation
Scitor: Mission-Focused ….. Trusted Partner
34+ Years of Technical and Programmatic Leadership Delivering Mission Success Supporting National Security Decision Making
1,300 employees operating in 27 locations with a revenue > $500M
Privately owned and operated
Nearly 100% of employees hold Secret to Top Secret /SCI clearances
Strong small-business partnerships — 60% of Scitor’s subcontractor work is allocated to
our small business partners
OCI-free company concentrating on government services
95% employee retention rate
Average prime award fees are 99+% over the past decade
“Scitor” is derived from the Latin word that means “to seek, to know.”
The logo, a long “I”, stands for the emphasis on providing meaningful and actionable
information to satisfy customer needs
Easy access to expertise with over 30 IDIQ Contract Vehicles including GSA Professional
Engineering Services (PES) Schedule, MOBIS, Seaport-E, STS, OUSD BPA
Headquarters: 12010 Sunset Hills Road; Reston, Virginia 20190
President: Tim Dills, with over 24 years at Scitor
Scitor’s Core Customers
Scitor’s Capabilities Focused on Total SolutionsTM
Mission Engineering
Acquisition Support
Domain expertise across Intelligence Community, DoD, and Commercial
models provides End-to-End mission analysis, modeling, and CONOPs
development – yielding clarity of requirements and balanced application of
With over 15 years of service to the IC Acquisition Center of Excellence
(ACE), we support billion-dollar procurements for complex systems.
Program Management
Our best practices are based on PMI industry guidelines which deliver
measureable results to achieve budget allocations, schedule and
performance goals.
System Engineering and Integration
Our processes (based on CMMI/INCOSE) are tailored to the changing
business environment, supporting both Quick Reaction Capabilities (QRC)
Agile Software deliverables and complex long-term system-of-system
development efforts.
Financial Management
We use efficient and effective proven techniques to support the management
of funds to accomplish the objectives of the organization.
Mission Operations
From launch to orbital operations, we support 24/7 operations and
sustainment for communications, space situational awareness and ISR
satellite systems. We constantly seek mission improvements to protect space
assets to ensure the highest level of functionality and.
Security and Information Systems
We implement technology and processes to protect systems, applications and
data across multi-security domains.
For more information about Scitor call Joe Delpino, SVP Strategic Development, at 703-488-5036
or visit our website at www.SCITOR.com
Leadership Philosophy
• Know your supervisor’s philosophy
• Know his/her supervisor’s philosophy
• Your boss’s priorities should be your priorities
– Know your boss’s agenda…work your boss’s
– Bring solutions and COAs…not just problems
• Develop/refine your own philosophy/style
Ashley’s Leadership Philosophy
Attitude is EVERYTHING. I believe in a HOOAH can-do attitude!
My job is to take care of you, mentor and nurture you, provide the resources
needed, stay out of your way, and grow the next generation of leaders
You watch my 6 and I watch yours
We will have fun
One team-One Fight
I will always trust you…until you prove yourself untrustworthy
I like to get out from behind my desk and walk around
I like to talk to people, get out of the office & avoid unnecessary meetings
I hold everyone accountable for their duties and responsibilities
Recognition (formal and informal) is vital – never met an award category I
didn’t like if we have deserving nominees
We will work reasonable hours and make time for our families - your
families are important to me and you
Make sure you run out of career before you run out of family
Personal (haircuts, uniforms) and workcenter appearances are very
• The key to happiness is low standards.
• Face it…by definition – half of us are below average.
• I might not be able to make you do it…
but I can make you wish you had.
• Say it loud and with confidence and it will be believed.
• A hooah and a nod can carry you a long way in life.
• If everything is important – then nothing is important.
• You can do twice as much…if you half-ass everything.
• There is an art to knowing when to shut up.
• If you can’t be on time, be early.
• If you are an optimist, your life is filled with disappointment….
• If you are a pessimist, your life is filled with pleasant surprises.
• R X IQ = C
– Rank Times IQ is a Constant

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