The Name`s Bont

Name’s Bont
Joss Bont- explained
• Joss Bont is the local rascal.
• He is the lowest of the low in society and
regarded as a drunkard fool by his family and
• He is one of the local miners in Eyam, he
enjoys having a pot of ale (alcohol) in the
mornings and a pot of ale in the evenings.
• He is a rage-aholic.
JOSS- angry man
• Joss beats his wife and children to take out his
• ‘.. my father, in a drunken rage, had flung me
against the wall when I was about six years old.’
• He is most likely frustrated about the fact that he
is underappreciated in society.
• Joss; like most men in his generation were under
the impression that women are not equal to men
explaining his behaviour to his wife and daughter.
JOSS- wants to be a boss
• Towards the end of the novel Joss Bont
expresses his inner yearning to be in charge
and have some power.
• He decides to dig graves for the plague ridden,
population of Eyam and charges them
indecent amounts as a payment for his
• Joss goes overboard with this little amount of
power he was given and becomes corrupt.
• At one point he even tries to bury a dying boy
alive to get his payment quicker, then robs him.
• ‘And then he finally committed an act so vile that
even our population, diminished and exhausted
was spurred at last to action’ p.194
• Joss’s hunger for power is also one of the reasons
he beats women, so as to exert his dominance
and strength over them.
Aphraid Aphra
• =-An example of Aphra superstitious ways was
when she decided to dance around the fire
chasnting upon the death of the biggest boss,
• -Aphra was considered a good match for her
husband as she was just as much of a bad-ass.
• -She was just as selfish as Joss, and put herself
and her family before society at all times.
-Aphra was a woman of many talents. She knew
how to manipulate a plague ridden town, and
was never scared to get down and dirty.
-Though she died a woman hated by all, she will
forever be remembered as a woman who
loved her husband almost as much as she
loved a decent pot of a
R.I.P 
Joss might have reasons for acting the way he does,
he might have had a bad childhood, bad
experiences with being affectionate or maybe he
is just bad ass. We don't know if he had a good
side or could be a decent man as all we were
shown through the novel was the angry Joss.
But all most will remember him by is:
Hated father, husband and nuisance to society.
Left to die and eaten alive by animals in a cave.

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