Anchor handling tug supply DP 2 for deep water

Trailer Bridge Charter Barges
Trailer Bridge Jacksonville Terminal
Handout for BB Conference
Atlanta Bridge
Chicago Bridge 400 x 100
Atlanta Bridge with Lift boat Loaded
– New Orleans to Nigeria
Atlanta Bridge Loading Modules at Kiewit
Smith Maritime
Modular buildings to Haiti - Memphis Bridge
Atlanta Bridge 400 x 100
Brooklyn Bridge
Loaded with Gantry Cranes to Puerto Rico
McKeil Marine
Newfoundland Nickel Smelting Plant
Three of our Barges over 300 days
Shipyard Crane – Boston to Romania (Sarens)
Navy vessels – Oakland to Yokohama
Cranes to Tampa - 2005
Panama Canal Transit
Military vessels - Oakland to Japan and New Containers back from China to Jacksonville
400 x 100 GA Drawing
400 x 100 Deck Strength
10 MT / SQ Meter Boundary Condition
10 MT/ SQ Meter Stress Plot
80 MT/ SQ Meter Boundary Condition
80 MT/SQ Meter Stress Plot
350 MT/SQ Meter Boundary Condition
350 MT/SQ Meter Stress Plot
400 x 100 Barge Specifications
Length Overall (feet)
402’ 09”
Breadth (feet)
100’ 00”
Depth (feet)
21’ 06”
Draft (loadline, in feet)
10’ 07- ½”
Displacement (loadline)
8673 Long Tons
Gross tonnage
Net tonnage
Lightship displacement
2754.48 Long Tons
Loadline displacement
9148.3 Long Tons
Deadweight capacity
6017 Long Tons
Clear deck capacity
38,000 square feet
Classification ABS +A1 Barge
Barge Memphis Bridge
Atlanta Bridge with Drilling Tower
Charlotte Bridge with Oil Rig

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