Being Prepared Means

Guide for Community
Education Forums:
Tips for Making
Effective Presentations
Tip #1
A great presentation begins
with preparation
Being Prepared Means:
• Know your material: review and practice
• Know your audience:
*members of community?
*number of attendees expected?
• Be on time
• Ensure technology is working
Being Prepared Means:
Speak slowly, pause for understanding
Make sure all can see and hear
Make eye-contact
Hold questions until end of presentation
Don’t say what you don’t know – offer to
get more info to reply to question you
can’t answer
Being Prepared Means:
• Ensure that audience is respectful and
• Only provide information, not legal
advice: only attorneys or BIA accredited
representatives may provide legal advice
Being Prepared Means:
• Stay up-to-date on DACA and DAPA by
signing up for email updates on the
websites of:
Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc
National Immigrant Justice Center
Know Your Limits
Your role is critical in getting the word out to
the community. You can:
• Explain the eligibility requirements for DACA
and DAPA
• Explain the kinds of documents that would help
satisfy the eligibility requirements
• Explain the application procedures for DAPA
and DACA
• Warn people to avoid notarios
• Refer people with legal questions to lawyers
and accredited representatives
Know Your Limits
• If you are not a lawyer or accredited
representative you can’t give legal advice
about a person’s eligibility for DAPA or
DACA. REFER people with legal
questions to a lawyer or accredited
Agenda for Community Forum
• 10 minutes: prayer and welcoming ( by Pastoral
• 30 minutes: review DAPA / DACA and eligibility
(PowerPoint presentation, including how to
• 10 minutes: Q&A on PowerPoint
(general info only, not legal questions)
• 30 minutes: Q&A with legal advocate

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