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February 2015
Where we came from
Numbers…and why we don’t care about them!
What we are good at…and why!
Our passion about tax
What others think about us
Who do we work with
Our focus on knowledge
Eurofast History
Eurofast is an international boutique professional
services Group employing over 200 people in South
East Europe & East Mediterranean.
Our team of professionals is capable of efficiently
addressing all client needs in one single meeting,
using one single language for all the countries in the
Our Vision
In the emerging markets where we operate in SEE and EM, by the year 2020 we want
to see our Organisation being the No 1 reference point for businessmen
seeking reliable advice in terms of advisory, legal, tax, M&A, assurance, corporate,
payroll & accounting. A dream team of forward thinking, qualified, outstanding local
professionals with an international outlook, who are always reliable, exclusive,
personal, innovative, accountable but above all genuine persons our clients can trust
and become friends with.
We would like to be an international boutique of leading professional services, in the
top-10 professional rankings in terms of size compared to other similar organizations
in our Region- the preferred choice of thousands of Organisations.
We simply want our clients to stand out and proudly say "WE WORK WITH EUROFAST
Our Mission
We do not seek merely
to satisfy our clients,
We seek to delight them!
What we are
good at…
Our services
Eurofast Global
▪Accounting & Payroll
▪Mergers & Acquisitions
▪Cross border transactions
▪Transaction advisory
▪Intellectual property
▪Compliance reporting
▪Cross border structuring
▪Immigration & Citizenships
▪Financial Services
Bringing value to clients
with our service
Eurofast Taxand
International Tax
Tax efficient real estate structures including
investment funds
Tax advice surrounding transactions, disposals and
spin offs
Designing acquisition and holding structures
Minimizing tax obstacles in real estate
Transfer Pricing
VAT planning & compliance
Tax controversy and litigation
Real Estate
Eurofast is Taxand Cyprus
M&A and
Transactional Practice
We advice, in the best possible way , every enterprise which is interested in
exploring opportunities for development, as far as selling, buying or merging their
enterprise with other companies.
Our M&A Services
• Research of the business environment and market
• Negotiating and closing
• Preparation and training for high level members of companies
• Corporate Law
• Legal, tax and financial due diligence
• Transactions and Trade finance
International Tax
Eurofast may advise and prepare a suitable tax plan tailored to your needs. We can
maximise your taxation benefits and advantages, minimise tax liabilities, increase the
tax savings and increase your business liquidity and asset coverage.
International Tax
M&A and Transactional Practice
• Tax advice surrounding transactions, disposals and spin-offs
• Designing acquisition and holding structures
• Tax controversy & litigation
Indirect Tax
• Indirect tax consulting and guidance
• VAT compliance and fiscal representation
• Indirect tax reviews and planning
Transfer Pricing
Transfer Pricing continues to be the most significant international tax issue for
Eurofast can assist your company to comply to both the legal and economic
requirements the countries in South East Europe and Eastern Mediterranean.
We can help you design and implement a Transfer Pricing policy that makes sense for
your business, capitalize on efficiency and drive your performance.
Our Transfer Pricing Services
• Defence strategies,
• Transfer Pricing Planning and Compliance
• Advice and assistance in preparing Transfer Pricing documentation
• Negotiations with Revenue Authorities
Our Accounting department consists of a team of highly skilled and experienced
accountants who are able to offer you all of the accounting services required.
Our Accounting Services
• Computerisation of Accounting Records
• Monthly Accounting Support Services
• Monthly, quarterly, biyearly and yearly Management Accounts
• VAT book keeping
• Accounting Compliance and Reporting
Employment & Payroll
Eurofast in recent years has become a leader in employment and payroll services
offering practical and responsive advice to a wide spectrum of clients including
multinational and locally listed companies, mid-market companies and large private
Our Employment & Payroll Services
• Long and short-term global equity and cash plan design and implementation
• Payroll preparation and processing
• Employer and employee tax, social security, withholding tax
• Legal and regulatory global due diligence
• Employee compensation and engagement programs
• Equity awards for international assignees
Real Estate Tax &
Shipping Tax
Real estate Tax
• Tax efficient real estate structures
• Construction/ development tax strategies
• Tax advice (transactions,disposals,spin offs)
• Tax neutral financing arrangements
Shipping Tax
•Representing buyers, sellers
•Corporate Finance
•Finding strategic alliances
•Private Placement of Debt and Equity
Corporate Services
We aim to provide high quality services in an efficient and effective way. Our wide
experience and technical knowledge enables us to offer corporate services with a firstclass level of quality, in accordance with our philosophy of going beyond merely
satisfying our clients to the level of delighting them.
Our Corporate Services
• Company Registrations in various jurisdictions
•Opening and management of bank accounts,
•Creation and management of Trustee services
Financial Services
Eurofast can provide guidance on the object of a company in obtaining a Cyprus
Financial services license assisting on the completion of all requirements until the
competent authorities deliver their assessment
Our Financial Services
Business plan
• Prepare the draft of a specialized Memorandum and Article of Associations
• Obtaining all the relevant certificates
• Guide clients on the Cyprus legislation and requirements on Financial Services
• Preparation of the application and consultation on the structuring of the company
• Guidance on the preparation of the three years business plan as required by law
• Drafting of the anti money laundering manual
• Determination of the internal procedures and the know your client policies
Immigration &
Eurofast offers full professional assistance for its clients in obtaining residency and
citizenship through citizenship by investment programs in Cyprus and Balkan countries.
Local lawyers, tax experts and other professionals in fully pledged offices are ready to
provide you with the best advice in all matters related to residence programs.
Our services for Immigration & Citizenship
• Preparation of applications and documentation to be submitted
• Submission of documentation to authorities
• Representation of applicant for the communication with the authorities
• Tax advises on investment opportunities
• Assistance on finding and acquiring the immovable property
• Preparation of necessary agreements and compliance with the law
• Assistance with VAT refund
• Work permits
Where can you find us
Single point of Contact,
Many Points of View
Banja Luka/
Cairo/ Alexandria
in numbers…
people across South
East Europe and East
Offices in SEE and East
Team members in
every office
Reference point;
1 meeting handles all!
…and why we don’t
care about them!
…and why we don’t care about them!
If you measure success in numbers, Eurofast hasn’t achieved all that much.
We have never focused on numbers. We prefer to think how to better become
…and to personally know every single client!!
Regional Competitive
• Positioned as primary professional
services group in the Region
• Only organisation which covers
entire Region
• We eliminate cultural, language,
social & communication barriers
Eurofast offices
All our Eurofast offices:
➢Fully fledged
➢Have local team members
➢Connected via telephone extensions
➢Connected via video
➢Follow the ISO procedure
…and why we are
good at it
…and why we are good at it
Partner Led from Start to Finish
▪ Management Team
with a Western European
▪ reference point
▪ meeting handles all!
…in 1 meeting
➢In 1 meeting:
- Issue relating to:
Country A
Country B
Country C
Country D
➢1 person responsible
The Taxand Story
Taxand : only global organization focused on tax;
Eurofast is Taxand Cyprus
2000 400
Leading Tax
Tax Partners
Independent (do
not undertake
audit) tax firms
Up to
per country
Common purpose – practical advice, responsively delivered
Taxander per country
Global brand
Board with 9 members
Global Executive Committee with 50 members
Uniting passion – tax
Eurofast is Taxand Cyprus
The Taxand Story
Our passion about tax
In 2002 the tax advisory
landscape changed radically
And … local tax legislation
differences require local tax
Worldwide business
operations require global
Complexity of tax systems
requires dedicated tax
The largest international
network of tax advisors
New legislation introduced to
prevent repeat disasters
Client demand created for independent
(separate from audit) tax advisory services
and Big 4 alternatives
The Taxand Story
Our passion about tax
Established in March 2005 to
respond to market demand
Founded by a respected group of 9
entrepreneurial, independent tax
And… still growing – more
countries; local expansion
Focused on delivering high quality,
senior led, seamless service
The world’s largest
independent tax
Working together delivering
integrated global services
Now comprises 50 member firms
and preferred contacts
Globally providing clients with
access to over 2,000 tax
professionals and 400 partners
The Taxand Story
Taxand : only global organization focused on tax
Law firms
Independence advantage, conflict free, unbureaucratic, best practice
Big 4
Local knowledge, global view
Partner led from start to finish
Complex problems, customised advice
Passionate about working together
Eurofast is Taxand Cyrpus
Quality tax advice, globally
Taxand Key Facts
What others
think about us
What others think about us
International Tax Review: The only authoritative and genuine awards in taxation worldwide!
Our key people
Regional Director
Bachelor in Accounting, Diploma information technology
Expertise Accounting & Payroll strategy development and implement
Panayiotis Diallinas,
[email protected]
Tel: +30 210 825 7722
5 Victoria Square,
10434 - Athens , Greece
Our key people
Accountant Partner
Certified Tax Auditor, Financial Auditor, Expert Charter
Accountant, Authorized Trainer of financial Auditors &
Accredited financial Auditor of Eufunds.
Extensive Financial & Tax Adursory, Audit, Accounting & Payroll
Iulia Lascau
[email protected]
Tel: +40 21 318 2262
79, Vasile Gherghel Street
District 1 Bucharest, Romania
Serbia, Montenergo,
Croatia & Bosnia
Our key people
Regional Manager, Western Balkan
MA International and development economics and MA
International relations degree
Experience Financial Analysis, Risk & Hedging Operations
Nemanja Paskulov
[email protected]
Tel: +381 11 3241 484
31/4 Beogradska street
11000 Belgrade,Serbia
Our key people
Transfer Pricing Advisor at Eurofast, responsible
for clients in South East Europe
Bachelor in Economics from the National and
Kapodistrian University of Athens with major in
Economics and Business Finance. professional
qualification in Audit from IESOEL
Expertise Transfer pricing and has substantial
experience in various industries. Advises on
designing the transfer pricing model for each
Anastasia Sagianni
[email protected]
Tel: +30 210 825 7722
5 Victoria Square,
10434 - Athens , Greece
Tax Accountant at Eurofast Global Sofia
Audit Master degree in Accounting and Control from University of
National and World Economy in Sofia
Expertise payroll and employment service, local statutory
compliance and application of IRFS.
Donka Pechilkova
[email protected]
Tel: +359 2 988 69 77
22 Cyril and Methodius str., fl.5 , apt .12
1202 Sofia, Bulgaria
Our key people
Our key people
Tax Accountant at Eurofast Global Tirana
She graduated from State University of Tirana, Faculty of
Economy. Holds a BSc in Finance
Expertise Reporting , Payroll & Employment accounting
and tax matters, financial reports
Drilona Likaj
[email protected]
Tel: +355 42 248 548
Rr. Hajdar Hidi, Pall. “PIENVIS”, Kati VI
Tirana, Albania
FYR Macedonia
Our key people
Executive Administrator
BSc degree in Computer Management Information
Systems and a Master in Business Administration degree
with a concentration in Marketing.
She has undertaken the setup and client base growth of
the Eurofast Skopje office.
Expertise, management & digital marketing
Elena Kostovska
[email protected]
Tel: +389 2 24 00 225
Partizanski Odredi 43A/15
1000 Skopje, F.Y.R Macedonia
Bosnia, Croatia,
Our key people
Marketing, business development, financial services,
Cyprus tax and corporate issues.
Economics in Banja Luka, specializing in Business and
Entrepreneurship. Master Degree from the Frederick
University Nicosia
Expertise Advisor Annual services, tax, accounting &
Payroll foreign. EU funds, business plans and various
marketing activities in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and
Dajana Topic
[email protected]
Tel: +387 51 340 680
Mladena Stojanovica 117A
78000 Banja Luka, Bosnia
and Herzegovina
Our key people
Acting Manager of Eurofast Global’s Montenegro
Bachelor of University of Economics
Expertise Financial services in duo line employment,
HR services
Jelena Zivkovic
[email protected]
Tel: +382 20 228 490
Bul Sv Petra Cetinjskog 112
81000 Podgorica, Montenegro
Our key people
Tax and Legal Advisor, Eurofast Croatia
Master of Law title from the University of Zagreb
 Expertise domestic tax advice, real estate and
corporate law corporate insolvency, M&A Tax.
Experience in Contract Law, Employment Law and
obtaining work and residency permits for clients.
David Jakovljevic
Our key people
Country Executive
MBA degree, specializing in Management from
University of Nicosia in Cyprus and holds a Master
Degree of the Kyiv National Pedagogic University
Expertise, management & digital marketing
Nadiya Omelchuk
[email protected]
Tel: +38 044 502 10 68
116 Gorkogo Street, Office 6
03150, Kyiv,Ukraine
Our key people
Master of Law degree with honor from Kyiv
Shevchenko University
Expertise MBA, Risk management control & employee
law, Restructuring of Bank & Insolvency
Anna Pushkaryova
[email protected]
Tel:+ 995 32 220 00 11
6 George Saakadze Descent,
Tbilisi, 0171, Georgia
Our key people
Chris Damianou, Director, International Tax
Certified Public Accountant, member of the AICPA
Specialises in international tax structuring and planning, including real estate structuring
Over 25 years of working experience in tax consulting, working with local as well as multinational
author of numerous taxation articles published in the International press and magazines
Was the Chairman of the Europe/Middle East/Africa BKR International, a top-20 international
accounting and tax organisation.
Was the President of the Junior Chamber International of Cyprus in 1999.
He is the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Montenegro (except Limassol) in Cyprus.
Our key people
Zoe Kokoni, Director
Specializes in Tax, Payroll and Labour issues.
Has extensive experience in Greek, Bulgarian and Cyprus immigration rules.
Deals with citizenship and residency permits issues, provides advisory
services to expatriates on taxation issues and employee benefits as well as
social security issues.
Is a member of Taxand Global Compensation Service line and a Board
member in Antea and is the Head of our Eurofast representation in ADP
Streamline for Greece and Cyprus.
Our key people
Maria Damianou, Director,
Accounting Support Services
Specializes in accounting, payroll, employer services,
indirect domestic tax and compliance services in Cyprus
Responsible for the management of payroll services of
clients located in multiple locations
Author & contributor of numerous publications
specialized in employment and indirect taxation
Our key people
Maria Savva, Director, Regional Operations
▪ Business Communication Finance (Concordia
University, Montreal)
▪ MBA (University of Cyprus)
▪ Supervises and manages all day-to-day
operations (HR, IT, Admin, Marketing) across
all offices
Our focus on knowledge
Our focus on
(Taxand publications)
Our focus on
Staying close to our
Find us online
Keeping you
Thank you!
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