Tour Training - YMCA of Regina

YMCA of Regina
Elements of an effective tour
Step 1 - Introduction
 Friendly Greeting
 Introduce yourself
 Personalize your tour - ask questions
 “Why did you choose to come to the
 “What are you interested in doing when you
are here?”
– Focus information on areas of interest (ex. Basketball,
Swimming, Fitness Classes Weights)
 Use a tour form to ensure that you cover all
important points
 By the time someone has requested a tour,
they have usually decided to purchase a
membership, the tour is one of the last steps
in an individual making a decision
 During your tour, use language that assumes
they have already purchased a membership
Step 2 Features
 Locker Rooms
– Women’s Plus (Health Club)
– Men’s Plus (Health Club)
 2 Pool - 25 yards & 15 yards
 Conditioning Centre
 Track
Step 2 Features
 Gym
 Courts (2 Racquetball, 2 Squash courts)
 Power Pacing Area
 Personal and Group Training
 YMCA Childare & Youth/Pre-school
Step 3 Benefits - Focus on the
Benefits not the features
 Pool – A lane swim is offered 4 times a day.
– Works both upper body and lower body.
– Aquafit classes, great exercise no impact on
 Kiddie Care
– offered throughout the day so you can drop
your child off for a visit and go for a work out
at the same time
Step 3 Benefits - Focus on the
Benefits not the features
 Conditioning Centre
• one of our staff can give you an orientation to the
equipment and set you up on a program
• We have a wide variety of equipment so you can
crosstrain (utilize different exercises) in your routine
to help reduce boredom
• Friendly atmosphere which has a lot of natural light
• Personal and Group Training available
Step 3 Benefits - Focus on the
Benefits not the features
 Gym
• we offer over 75 fitness classes each week
• whenever the gym is not being used for a class you
can sign out equipment from the front desk and use
the gym - shoot baskets
• Drop in volleyball on Tuesday nights. Drop in
basketball during other evenings
 Track
• indoor running track for walking and jogging
• wide variety of Fitness classes offered
Step 4 Important Information
 Volunteers Organization - point out volunteer board
 YMCA is a charity - point out Annual Support board
 YMCA membership can be used anywhere
– all across Canada
– around the World
 YMCA is an International Organization
Step 5 Benefits and obstacles
 Listen for Positive and Negative Cues
– “I know a lot of people here.”
• “We serve over 40,000 people in Regina . We offer
a wide variety of programs which gives members a
chance to meet other people.”
Step 5 Benefits and obstacles
 Prospective member watches basketball
• “Are you interested in Basketball? We have Dropin basketball Monday and Wednesday evenings.”
 “I don’t know how to use this equipment.”
• We have trained staff that can show you how to use
all of the equipment and set you up with a program.
We also have personal trainers that can assist you
with your program.”
Step 5 Benefits and obstacles
 “When are you open?”
• “Our YMCA is open from 5:45 am till 10:00 pm
Weekday; 7am-7pm Weekends and Holidays).
• “What time do you think you would come to the
Invitation to join
 Discuss costs and payment options at the
end of the tour
 “What payment method would you prefer?”
 Would you like to use the pre-authorized
checking method or you can pay the full fee
up front.
 “When can I sign you up for an
Only 3 Responses
– sign them up
 Maybe
– you may want to offer a guest pass
 NO
– Find out why and record information on tour
 Make sure you are a great host and give the
potential member a positive feeling about
the YMCA
 Make friends for the YMCA. Give enough
information to create a comfort level
 Smile & be friendly

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