The Foundation Stage - St Catherine`s Catholic Primary School

Welcome to
Parents Meeting: 17th June 2013
K.Corbett 2013
Tonight’s Meeting
 To meet the teaching team and find out
about St. Catherine’s.
 To help you to understand the curriculum
that your child will be covering in their
reception year.
 To identify the key ways in which you can
help your child at home and in school.
 To ask any questions you may have.
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The Environment
The Year 1 class will be next door to
our classroom.
Reception and Year 1 will work
closely together, sharing the outside
area, especially in the afternoon.
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The Team
• Teachers – Mrs Corbett (Year R),
Mrs Rankin and Mrs Herbert (Year 1)
• Miss Reed (Year 2)
• Support Staff – Mrs Thomas, Mrs
Toohill, Mrs Gall.
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What is the Early Years
Foundation Stage?
The Early Years Foundation Stage
(E.Y.F.S.) is the stage of education
for children from birth to the
achievement of the Early Learning
It is based on the recognition that
children learn best through play and
active learning.
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Where do we start?
• We will pinpoint your child’s
development on entry by observing
them during play-based and childinitiated activities, seeing how they
interact with others.
• We will talk to them, finding out
their interests.
• Also to assist us will have the
transfer information from their preK.Corbett 2013
Within the theme of Learning and
Development there are seven areas. All
areas are connected but the first 3 areas
are prime areas which dovetail into the 4
other areas.
Communication and language;
Physical development;
Personal, social and emotional development ;
Understanding the world;
Expressive arts and design.
K.Corbett 2013
Personal, Social and Emotional
The children will be learning to:
Become self-confident;
Take an interest in things;
Know what their own needs are;
Dress and undress independently;
Become independent;
Tell the difference between right and wrong.
We also use our adopted scheme of work for
K.Corbett 2013
RE, called ‘God Matters’.
Personal, Social and Emotional
The Choices Behaviour Policy
At St. Catherine’s, we aim to support each
child to make the right decisions and choices
about their behaviour.
We encourage the children to look and
reflect on their actions, considering if they
have made a good choice.
We also think about how a better choice
could be made next time.
If children have not made a good choice,
there are a series of steps to help them grow
and develop.
K.Corbett 2013
Communication, Language and
The children will be learning to:
 Talk confidently and clearly
 Enjoy listening to stories, songs and poems
 Hear and say sounds, and link them to the
 Read and write familiar words
 Learn to use a pencil effectively
K.Corbett 2013
The children will be learning to:
Develop an understanding of maths through stories, songs,
games and imaginative play
Learn to read, write and work with numbers from 0-20.
Become comfortable with ideas such as 'heavier than' or
Be aware of shapes and space.
Understand what is meant by addition and subtraction.
Learn to count confidently and consistently
with 1:1 correspondence
Children will develop an understanding of mathematical language
and concepts.
K.Corbett 2013
Understanding of the World
The children will explore:
Find out about the world around them,
asking questions about it
Build with different materials, know about
everyday technology and learn what it is used for
Find out about past events in their lives and
their families' lives
Find out about different cultures and beliefs.
We also have welly walks, either around the
school environment or further afield.
Visitors come in to speak to the children.
K.Corbett 2013
Expressive Arts and Design
The children will explore:
Colours and shapes
Making things
 Role play
Making music
Small world play
Selecting and using own equipment
Learning through singing
K.Corbett 2013
Physical Development
The children will be learning to:
Move confidently
Experiment with what they can safely achieve
Control their body
Understand what happens to their body when
they exercise.
Move to music or ideas
Put sequences of movement together.
Become aware of space
Handle equipment safely.
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A typical Morning
• 8.35 – Doors open/hang coats up/book bag in
tray/independent table activities.
• 8.45 – Bell for school rings/Register
• 8.50 –Assembly
• 9.10–Letters and Sounds (WALT – We Are Learning To…)
Wake and Shake
• 9.20 – Literacy and independent literacy activities
• 10.30- Story and fruit
• 10.45 – 11.00 - Playtime
11.00 - Maths and independent maths activities
• 11.45 – Wash hands and loo before lunch
• 12.00 – Grace and lunch
• 1.00 – Get ready for home time and TILY (Today I Learnt..)
and home time prayer.
K.Corbett 2013
• 1.15 – Collection for home
The First Few Weeks
Each child has their own book “My Learning Journey”
where we keep evidence of their learning and
samples of work or photographs of what they have
been doing. You can look at these whenever you like.
WOW Cheques
Children will also have WOW! Cheque books. These
are little cheques for you to write anything your
child has done which has made you proud, or you
didn’t know that they could do. This can be anything
from tidying their room to writing their name!
You will be invited to discuss
how your child has settled in
and their progress so far at
2013 parents evening in
Head Teacher Awards and Little
Lost Bear
 Head Teacher awards are given to children as an incentive
for doing their best.
 Children will receive a tick on the classroom chart. If they
achieve 15 in a week they get a head teacher award, and go
to see Mrs Guppy on Friday afternoon.
 Once children have visited Mrs Guppy 5 times, they get a
special certificate on Friday’s Celebration Assembly, which
you will have an invite to.
 Little Lost Bear is a reward ted that goes home with a
different child within the class for 1 night only. He has a
photo album if you want K.Corbett
to add2013
any photos.
House Keeping
Any sickness, diarrhoea, must be followed by
48hrs absence.
Children all need to be able to use the toilet
Any absence requires a note or telephone
call explaining why.
Head lice are common! Please check regularly
and treat as recommended.
Only prescribed medicines can be
administered. Please get a form from the
office to enable usK.Corbett
to do2013
House Keeping
Uniform – Please name it!
Grey skirt or trousers/summer dress or grey
White or blue polo shirt or shirt.
School jumper or cardigan.
White socks
Black shoes
Children will also all need wellies.
PE Kit
Blue shorts and jogging bottoms
White t-shirt
K.Corbett 2013
House Keeping
There will be regular class Liturgies and
Assemblies, which we hope you will be able to
attend. A list of these dates will be sent out
at the beginning of term. The children will be
taking part in the Nativity this year, date to
be arranged.
K.Corbett 2013
And Finally…
If you would like to come in to school
to help out in any way we are always
grateful for volunteers!!!
You will need to have a CRB clearance
to do this. Forms are available from
the office.
Any questions?
Thank you for coming!
K.Corbett 2013

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