- Aurora Quest K-8

Aurora Quest K-8
A Choice School for Academic Excellence
Dave Schoenhals, Principal
Cari Roberts, Assistant Principal
Casey Powell, Dean of Students
Nanette Jones, GT Facilitator
Erin Graves, Counselor
To be an exemplary school
that develops innovative
thinkers and leaders who
are driven by our guiding
Aurora Quest K-8 believes that gifted and high
potential learners come from all socio-economic
and cultural groups and deserve to be educated at
their level of academic attainment and beyond to
ensure motivation, authentic learning, and
advanced opportunities. Working with students for
similar ability in a school devoted to optimal
learning practices for gifted populations provides a
rich context in which learning can become a
 Authentic Learning
 Enrichment Opportunities
 Affective Development
Instructional Practices &
Authentic Learning Experiences
Teach and use interactive instructional
 Open-ended questions and learning
 Inquiry approaches
 Critical thinking skills
 Metacognition strategies
Language Arts
 College of William & Mary  Foss
 Junior Great Books
 College of William & Mary
 Authentic Literature
 Units of Study (writing)
 K-5 Investigations
 5-8th Connected
Social Studies
 Scott Foresman
 History Alive
 College of William & Mary
Enrichment Opportunities
Provide opportunities for students in all
grades to discover and develop their
passions, talents and interests.
 Visual and music
 Band and orchestra
 Foreign language
Community service
Affective Development
 Develop self-understanding,
leadership and interpersonal
 Develop emotional intelligence
 Explore career options at grade
5 and above
Affective Development
Guiding Principles:
Who Should Apply?
Students entering grades 1st through 8th
who have been identified as Gifted and
Talented or High Potential at their home
school and are:
 Proficient in all core content areas
(reading, writing and math)
 Advanced in at least one core content
areaHighly motivated
 Complex thinkers
 In need of a challenging environment
Who Should Apply?
Students entering Kindergarten next school
year and will be turning 5 years old by
October 1st.
Some signs of a young gifted child may
 Reaches milestones early
 Is verbally precocious/speaks in unusual
long sentences/extensive vocabulary
 Remembers everything
 Extreme curiosity/asks complex probing
Who Should Apply?
If your child turns 5 years old after Oct. 1st
and you feel she is school ready:
 You must contact Donna Buss for Early
Access testing [email protected]
 Your child must qualify for Early Access
to be eligible for Quest.
 Go through our application process and
we will get the Early Access results from
the district.
Application Timeline
Sept. 27th – Applications available
Oct. 9th – Parent Information Night
Nov. 8th – Deadline to notify school’s AGATE TL/Teacher
Jan. 10th All Applications due to Quest by 3:00 p.m.
Jan. 25th – Testing for grade 1st-8th applicants if needed
Jan. 25th and Feb. 1 – Kindergarten testing & screening
 Week of March 24th – Decision letters mailed for all
grade levels
 May 7th 6:00 p.m. – Scheduling Meeting for new
incoming 6th, 7th, 8th graders and their parents
Quick Facts
$100 testing fee for out-of-district applicants
Transportation from each quadrant of district
20-hour parent volunteer commitment
Traditional school calendar
No school uniforms
Before/after school daycare
After school enrichment opportunities
Q: How many spots are there for each grade
A: For Kindergarten there are possibly 50
depending on the number of qualified
For 1st-5th and 7th-8th we never know.
Depending upon current students moving
there can be 0 to 4, possibly more.
For 6th grade there can 30 or so as we
typically open a new section.
Q: Do siblings take priority over other
A: Not necessarily. We look at all
qualified applicants equally and
determine which students are best
qualified for that spot. If we have
equally qualified applicants for one
spot, we will offer it to a sibling.
Q: What are the chances for out of district
applicants getting a spot?
A: For Kindergarten and 6th grade
applicants we have been able to take
out of district students. At the other
grade levels it is difficult for any
applicant as there are very few spots
available, but there has been years in
which we have exhausted the waitlist.
Q: What are your class sizes?
A: Kindergarten through 2nd are
typically 25-27 students.
3rd-5th are 27-29 students.
Middle School are typically around 30.
 Students are considered “In district” if
they reside in the Aurora Public Schools
boundaries in which their neighborhood
school is an APS school.
 Students are considered “Out of district”
if they reside in a neighborhood in which
they would attend a non-APS school
(some Aurora neighborhoods are NOT in
the APS district).
 If your child is currently attending a
non-APS school, but you live in the
district, she is considered in district.
 If your child attends an APS school, but
you live outside of the district, she is
considered out of district.
 Once your child has been accepted to
attend Quest (in or out of district), you
do not reapply each year, she is in.
 If you missed the Parent Informational
Meeting this PowerPoint includes all of the
information covered at the meeting.
 As far as tours, our Videography class is
preparing a virtual tour so that parents
and student applicants can see our
wonderful school. This helps keep our
students’ instructional time from any
distractions. So stay tuned as the video
should be up in the next few weeks.
Contact Information
 17315 E. 2nd Avenue
Aurora 80011
 303-343-3664
 [email protected][email protected]
 aps.k12.co.us/quest

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