Department Scholarships and Academic Tuition Waivers

UAA Department
Scholarships and Academic
Tuition Waivers
Knowing the difference between the two and using them
Charlene Robertson and Heather Paulsen
Academic Tuition Waivers
 The Anchorage campus
allocates Chancellor's
discretionary tuition awards as
dollars, not to exceed 6% of
the prior fiscal year gross
tuition revenue.
UAA Department
 May be held either at the
institutional level or at the
Statewide (SW) Foundation level
– careful monitoring of fund
balance via either Grants &
Contracts or Advancement
takes place
Funding Source
Academic Tuition Waiver
UAA Department Scholarship
 Tuition Revenue
 Department budget
 Grant(s)
 Foundation (SW)
Academic Tuition Waivers
 Satisfactory Academic Progress applies
 Maintain GPA 3.0 for graduate program/ 2.8 for
school and college awards for undergraduate
students and 2.5 for administrative waivers for
undergraduate students
 Can only pay Anchorage campus courses
 May not be permitted in conjunction with VA
chapter 31, chapter 33 or Employee Tuition
Waiver benefits
 All combined TW total award amount may not
exceed tuition costs
Academic Tuition Waiver
Signature Card
UAA Department Scholarships
 Awards do not tie directly to the student schedule
 May be applied in excess of tuition costs
 Department must validate the purpose of the scholarship
does not represent compensation or fellowship purposes
 Department chooses the Fund/Org which the scholarships
are paid out of, so long as an appropriate program code
What happens when the student drops
Academic Tuition Waivers
Departmental Scholarships
 If before the add/drop
deadline: The Academic
Tuition dollars come off of
the student account
 If before the add/drop
deadline: The Scholarship
dollars remain on the
student account
 If after the add/drop
deadline: The Academic
Tuition dollars remain on the
student account (as does
the tuition)
 If after the add/drop
deadline: The Scholarship
dollars remain on the
student account (as does
the tuition)
Scholarships funded by Grants
 Most donors have specifications within the grant with
outcome requirements
 As a department how can you better monitor the grant
$$ are being used appropriately?
Dates and Deadlines
 UAA Student payment deadline extended for 2013-2014
academic year
 Scholarship and academic tuition waiver forms must be
submitted long before the student payment deadline to allow
plenty of processing time
Late Fees
 If students receive late fees due to late paying
scholarship(s) the student will need to pursue the Request
for Exception Process:
 If the department wishes to cover the costs of the late fees
to students, incurred due to department delays in
processing they may do that by sending the request to
Accounting Services with the fund/org they would like to
pay with
 Late starting courses are not exempt from the UAA late fee
Student Fees
 Governed by the Dean of Students office
 Only documented exceptions to the waiving of these fees are
for those students at the Chugiak Eagle River Campus or the JBer Campus, and do not have any other courses on the
Anchorage Campus
Residency and the Non-Residency
 Governed by Enrollment Services
 Exemptions/exceptions are approved by the Chancellor
 UAA Financial Assistance website:
 UAA Academic Tuition Award Guidelines website:
 Grants and Contracts website:

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