What do we do in Ovens National School

Our school is situated in the ‘Lovely Lee Valley’
in County Cork in the south of Ireland.
There are 334 children from the age of 4 to 13
years of age attending the school. We have 12
classroom teachers with 6 teachers working in
the resource and learning support area all
managed by our principal Eoghan Hyde.
We have 5 classroom assistants and a full time
School website :- www.ovensns.com
The school communicates to the wider
community through its website and blog.
There is a very active Parents Association
which supports the school in many activities.
School Curriculum
The Irish School Curriculum consists of the
following subjects :Irish English
History Geography Science
Visual Arts Music Drama
Physical Education
Social, Personal and Health Education
Religious Education
School Activities
Each month we have Assembly
where the children can share
their stories and triumphs with
their peers.
Individuals or class groups may
perform for the assembled children.
The Principal prioritises some aspect
of behaviour which will be
highlighted for the next month.
Music & Drama
Music is taught throughout the
school and the children have
the opportunity to learn an
instrument from First Class
with the support of a visiting
Drama is also an important
part of our school life. This
subject is also supported with a
visiting teacher.
The children take part in
displays and competitions in
these areas.
New pupils in Ovens
Ovens National School welcomed fifty
four new Junior Infants on the 30th
August this year. It was a very exciting
day for the pupils, their parents and the
school staff. There are two new Junior
Infant classes and their teachers are
Ms. Finnegan and Ms. Haydon.
As part of our Physical Education
Programme the children
participate in many sports.
During their school life they
partake in coaching for hurling,
football, tennis, rugby and
swimming. Athletics and
gymnastics are also taught.
Daily exercise is encouraged and
workshops on skipping and
juggling are organised
• Our athletes with
many trophies
Football final winners !
Cheering on our local Football Team
• Our local football team are in the County Final
on Sunday. We wish them well.
Holy Communion Enrolment Mass
• Second Class
• Enrolment Mass
• Fr. Hickey is our Parish Priest
Around our school
• Trophy Display
Our Blog address
Plans for the future
• We are due to begin building an extension to
our school
• Our school population is expanding rapidly
with the number of children is increasing
• Our project will help to build an awareness of
environmentally friendly development
Other School Activities
School Garden
Harvest Church Decoration
Art Competitions
Board Game Day
Themed Days
Comenius Projects
Ovens School has
participated in two
previous Comenius
• Children’s Literature
through Fingers
2000 - 2003
• Good Manners a Rainbow
that Colours your Life
2008 - 2010
Charitable Collections
Rainbow Days
Student Council
In September 2011 Ovens School first
Student Council was formed.
The children have regular meetings with
the Principal and keep the classes
informed and up to date with school
activities. They also help children in the
school yard at lunch breaks.
Our Student Comenius Committee
Comenius Committee -Students
• Our present Student Council newly elected in
September 2012 are on the Comenius Project
• Members are: Luke, James, Brionna , Mary,
Louise, Tim, Fiona and Conor
• We know that they will be a great team and that
they will do fantastic work for the project in
Ovens NS.
• We wish them the best of luck in their good
Comenius Committee Staff members
• This
This is our Comenius Committee - Pauline, Deirdre,
Kieran, Ber, Marie, Joe, Carmel, Marian and Sarah
We look forward to working together for the next
two years.
ESD- Education for Sustainable
• What do we do in Ovens
National School ?
• How do we help the
environment ?
We do not litter.
Our new
Our Woodland
We have a garden. We
recycle raw food in the
We grow vegetables
Spider’s web
We learn about the care of
the environment
T h e re ’s litte r a ll a ro u n d u s
T h e re ’s litte r o n th e stre e t
T h e re ’s litte r in th e b u sh e s.
T h e re ’s litte r n e a r m y fe e t
L e t’s p ic k u p th e litte r
L e t’s k e e p th e sc h o o l ya rd n e a t
W e w o n ’t th ro w litte r
in th e b u sh e s o r o n th e stre e t!
We visit the recycling centre near our school. We put plastic and cans into the recycling bins.
Our School Woodland
Ten years ago our school worked on a
Trees Project.
The children in 3rd class who are now
18 years old studied the importance of
trees in our environment.
• We explored how humans use wood as an
important resource material and how humans
and plants have a symbiotic relationship
• Our Parents’ Association did some fundraising
and helped with the planting of a mini –
woodland. The trees were chosen carefully.
We use the Woodland for Science and
• Teachers have taken pupils on Nature walks to
observe the trees in all seasons.
• Mini-beast hunting is also very popular with
the children whereby
• The woodland provides a wonderful scientific
• Native Irish trees predominate and we used
beech hedges as a fence. Oak, ash, alder,
maple, crab apple and horse chestnut have
thrived in the corner of our school field.
Our woodland now
• Ten years later our trees are growing still and
presently we are pruning and managing the
woodland to enable future classes to learn
about our trees and this habitat for minibeasts
and wild flowers.
• We look forward to working on our new
• We know that the Four Ps project will extend
and improve the work which has already
• Best of luck to everyone with this new project

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