Deloitte Mike Carnovali

As the co-leader of Deloitte Consulting’s and the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Market
Offering , Michael has helped many organizations to assess and implement an effective Human
Capital program. Michael has focused on assisting clients identify, evaluate, prioritize and mitigate
their HR and people challenges related to complex governance, risk and compliance requirements.
Michael’s experience traverses the HR landscape and includes HR operational and compliance
reviews, HR risk assessments, HR audits(DB/DC Retirement Plans, Compensation, Payroll, Talent
Management, HR Operations and Legal Requirements), and HR internal controls assessments and
remediation. With more than 14 years of HR consulting experience, Michael has served companies
in the consumer and industrial products, public, state and government, oil and gas, manufacturing,
hospitality, banking and securities, insurance, life sciences, health care, telecommunications and
technology sectors.
Michael Carnovali
Deloitte Consulting
Human Capital, Governance,
Risk and Regulatory
191 Peachtree Street, NE
Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30303
+1 404-220-1200|
[email protected]
Michael frequently teams with C-Suite Executives to perform HR Risk Assessments to plan and
perform HR related internal audits or implement remediation projects to help address strategic,
operational, financial, reporting and compliance objectives. Michael and his team have helped
global, national, regional and local organizations evaluate and improve their Human Resources
functions. He has helped create and implement Deloitte Consulting’s HR Risk Assessment
Framework and has assisted organizations address risks in areas including employee benefits,
compensation, payroll, operations and systems, talent management, legal and regulatory
compliance, governance and strategy.
Michael has authored several thought pieces related to Human Resource risks and has also
spoken at public events related to Human Resources risk and challenges the Human Resource
function faces.

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