Kevin Thompson: Connector

Left and Right Wing Leak
In high temperatures, there is a high frequency
and instances of “nuisance messages”. This is
caused by hot air in the pack bays that cannot
escape, and the A and B loops detect overheat.
The APU bleed and packs shut down, followed
by master caution faults. These include Upper
and lower Ecam, left or right wing leak
message, APU bleed fault, pack fault associated
with overhead panel, engine bleed fault, and
pack fault.
The proposed Connector will correct the issues
indicated by these “nuisance messages”, and
provide further relief in the following ways:
 The connector hooks up to the Huffer connection,
where it will allow cool air to flow into the pack bays,
and not into the bleed system
 The packs are then able to work more efficiently,
keeping the passengers, flight crew, and cabin cool.
 Instead of being a reaction, the connector is a proactive
solution to prevent these problems from happening
during quick turns
Resetting Engine 1 and 2 bleed switches
Resetting flight warning computer 1 and 2 circuit
In accordance with TSM 24-00-00-810-818
Connecter will prevent these problems, given there
are no pre-existing issues such as a pack bleed
leak; in which case the messages will not clear
unless problem parts are repaired or replaced per
the TSM
Using this connector during quick turns (ie. 30, 45, 60
minutes), the aircraft will be using no extra fuel while
still keeping the aircraft cool and preventing “nuisance
messages” and their indications.
Connector allows packs to function more
efficiently, creating conditions similar to cooler
temperatures and/or cruising altitude.
Passengers and Flight Crew are kept in cooler and
more comfortable conditions while boarding and
before takeoff on Flight line
Given the mechanical advantages provided by a
more efficient cooling system (connector), flights in
hot climates or conditions worldwide will
experience less delays and/or cancellations due to
overheating as indicated by ”nuisance messages”
Using the connector will prevent billions in
revenue loss worldwide by:
Reducing flight delays due to prevention of
“nuisance messages” caused by overheating
 Reducing cancellations
 Reducing the need for preventative maintenance
 Increasing customer satisfaction
All of the above translate ultimately to increasing
revenue for all parties involved.

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