Is it possible to choose a baby based on its genes?

Is it possible to
choose a baby
based on its
Should we
choose a baby
based on its
Designer Babies
What is PGD?
Sperm and egg cells are put together outside of the body.
This is in vitro fertilisation (IVF).
The cells divide. This creates an embryo.
The embryo is grown in an incubator for a short time.
Each cell contains genes.
sperm +
It is possible to take one cell from this early embryo
without damaging it.
Looking at genes from this cell shows which genes the
baby would have. For example, is there a gene for a
serious disease?
PGD or pre-implantation genetic diagnosis involves
choosing embryos for their genes
Dr Bob
did this first in 1990
The chosen embryo is
then implanted into
the mother and grows
inside her womb.
Taking one cell and reading its
genes allows us to choose only
the embryos with genes that
the parents want for the baby
Choosing a boy or a girl by PGD is possible
but not normally allowed in the UK
Currently, PGD is mostly used to find embryos that do not
carry a serious inherited disease.
Healthy ill
So it is possible to choose a baby’s genes
But which genes should we be able to choose?

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