Big League Consultants is the professional
recruitment consultancy working with
Employers and Job seekers and specializes in
customized solutions to executive search.
At Big League Consultants, we believe that our
success is best reflected through your success.
Above everything else, we value:
Partnership. We act as an extension of our client’s
office and work closely to provide you with decisive
and dedicated support. We understand what matters
to you the most and deliver accordingly.
Integrity. In a demanding business with high
expectations and standards, we honestly represent
our clients to candidates and our candidates to
clients. We do not promise what we cannot deliver.
Confidentiality. We accord the highest respect to
information that we have been entrusted with.
Needs Assessment
In order for us to thoroughly understand a
company’s hiring needs, we first begin by
familiarizing ourselves with the company.
Position Specification
After carefully assessing our clients' needs,
we prepare a written Position Specification,
which outlines the responsibilities of the
position, the qualifications required of the
ideal candidate, and the criteria for success.
This guides our search efforts.
Based on the Position Specification, we identify
target candidates at target companies through
research and identification.
Candidate Identification, Interview and
Target candidates are contacted directly and are
evaluated for their qualifications, level of interest
in the position and potential corporate cultural fit
within our client’s organization. During this
period, regular progress reports are provided to
our clients to help them better understand the
current market.
Presentation of Candidates and Client Interviews
Summaries and resumes of the best three to five
individuals who most closely fit the Position
Specification are then submitted for review. At
our client’s convenience, the Consultant
schedules a meeting with each candidate. After
each interview, the Consultant gathers comments
and feedback from our client and each candidate
to reexamine and/or redefine the Position
Specification if necessary
Referencing of Successful Candidate
Once our clients have selected a final
candidate, the Consultant contacts
individuals who are capable of providing
insights about the candidate’s qualifications.
Completion of the Search
Once the placement is finalized, we will
continually be available to support both
parties in a successful integration with the
Looking Forward for long lasting relationship

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