Human Resources - Stamford Board of Representatives

FY 2014-2015
Budget Presentation to Board
of Finance
Human Resources
Clemon Williams, Acting Director
April 24, 2014
Summary of Operating
Budget Request
Total Funding Request FY 14-15 (All
Change from FY 13-14 Adopted
$285,223 (increase)
Human Capital/Personnel FY 14-15
(All Activities)
Change from FY 13-14 Adopted
Operating Budget
Request by Activity
Starting Page
FY 14-15 Mayor’s
FY 13-14
$ Change
% Change
Where Stamford HR Department Stands
Compared to other Municipalities
Stamford: 1,950 employees – 12 HR/Benefit employees 11 unions
New Haven: 1,323 employees 9 HR/Benefit employees – 8 unions
Norwalk: 620 employees - 6 HR/Benefit employees - 6 unions
Hartford:1,800 employees - 10 HR/Benefit employees - 7 unions
Waterbury: 2,450 employees - 13 HR/Benefit employees -12 unions
Greenwich: 1,800 employees – 14 HR/Benefit employees – 9 unions
Staffing Ratios for Organizations with
1,000 to 4,999 Employees
2011 International public management Association for Human Resources
Budget increase driven by the following:
1. Addition of a Time and Attendance Manager;
2. Maintaining one position after Board of Finance
reduced HR’s salary line;
3. Contractual wage increases;
4. Over-time associated with testing to create Charter
mandated eligibility list for anticipated vacancies and
expiring eligibility list; and
5. Cost associated with testing including vendor for
creation of examination for police, fire and fee
associate with acquisition of “test developer”.
Business Case for Budget Increase
1. Time and Attendance Manager is needed to insure accuracy and
integrity of reported hours worked, as well as leave balances;
2. Time and Attendance Manager will enable the City to spot time
keeping anomalies and take corrective action(s) where there are
3. Time and Attendance Manager will also assist the City in
Compliance with various laws, including, but not limited to
Affordable Care Act and FMLA.
4. Testing is mandated by the City’s Charter and Civil Services
5. Test Developer, The Western Region Item Bank (WRIB) will give
the city access to 59,000 categorized written test items which will
enable the City to change test over time and avoid continually
using same examination.
Human Resources Accomplishments
• Settled seven (7) of the City’s eleven (11) union agreements;
• In all seven (7) agreements negotiated new benefit plan design, which
resulted in cost savings to the City;
• In all seven (7) agreements HR successfully negotiated increase employee
contributions to the pension plans;
• Eliminated the defined benefit plan for new hires in six (6) of the unions.
In the one (1) union that maintained the defined benefit plan their
contribution increased and restricted eligibility;
• Successfully move post 65 retirees from Retired Drug Subsidy program to
an Employer Group Waiver Plan which increases the City’s rebate from the
Federal Government’s Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services by
$150,000 annually;
Human Resource Accomplishments (continued)
• Processed termination paper work for 712 individuals between July 1,
2012 and February 4, 2014;
• Since December 2011 successfully rebutted Medicare claims for over
• On boarded 486 individuals in calendar year 2013;
• Established procedure auditing vacation accrual for both the police and
fire departments;
 By adjusting the vacation balances, in accordance with the Fire Union’s collective
bargaining agreement, we reduced the City’s accrued liability for vacation time by
$288,198. In addition, we have establish procedures for an ongoing review of all
payouts for accrued vacation time to ensure accuracy and compliance with
contractual terms.
• Audit all payouts for vacation accruals that were not captured in Kronos
• Thus far in 2013/14 FY HR has been involved in 6 contract arbitrations,
28 pre-disciplinary hearings, 16 grievance hearings, 10 Prohibited Labor
Practice Conferences, 9 mediation/arbitrations, 6 employee
investigations, 6 briefs and 12 job description changes.
Human Resources in the Future
• Complete negotiations for UAW, Fire and 1199;
• Start negotiations for Police;
• Conduct a 2014-2015 entry level police officer examination in
compliance with the City of Stamford Charter, Civil Service Rules
and Regulations.
• Manage and administer Police Sergeant and Lieutenant promotional
• Conduct a 2014-2015 entry level fire fighters examination in
compliance with the City of Stamford Charter, Civil Service Rules
and Regulations.
• Manage and administer Fire Lieutenant, Deputy Fire Marshal,
Assistant Fire Marshal, Fire Captain, Deputy Fire Chief promotional
• Create, administer and grade civil service examinations for no less
than 25 other positions;
Human Resources in the Future
• Increase ethnic and gender diversity of applicants for police
and fire positions;
• Continue to review and update position descriptions;
• Assist CERF, Custodian and OPEB Trustees’ in selecting
financial advisor;
• Consolidate 401(a) and 457 vendors.
• Continue process of challenging unemployment claims
where warranted;
• Monitor and take corrective action where there are incidents
of leave abuses (i.e. sick, IOD and Workers Compensation);
Human Resources in the Future
• Continue to work toward more uniformity in the City’s collective
bargaining agreements, particularly as they relate to:
 Retiree medical benefits;
 Salary continuation; and
 Employee cost share for pension and health care
• Provide Departments with information on potential retirees to
assist them in planning for staffing needs;
• Develop Management Training Program;
• Work with outside consultants to ensure that HR staff is properly
focused and utilized, and
• Work closer with the Board of Finance on strategy for
negotiations of wages and benefits.

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