This is the history of London
 The Big ben is a clock tower of Westminster (typically
called house of parliament). Since 2012 the official
name of tower is Elizabeth Tower but it’s usually called
Big ben. It is 96,4 meter high. This monument is
dedicated to St. Stephen. The Big ben has got five
bells. It is very popular with tourists for its history and
its style.
 Bugkingham Palace is an official royal home. It is
a very big palace. The queen has got only one
apartament in Buckingham Palace. Inside there is
a cinema, a chapel, a swimming pool… The queen
has got other two residences in the United
Kingdom. The palace is famous because there is
the changing of the guards. It’ a very beautyful
ceremony, with military music. The palace has got
775 rooms. The queen has got a guards called
Queen’s Foot Guards. They’ ve got a red jacket, a
big black hat and a black trousers. This is very
popular with tourists.
 This is a symbol of London. It is
above the River Tames. The bridge is
built 1886-1894, it is a mobile bridge.
It’s got two big towers on the side.
The bridge is very beautiful for its
color (sky blue). It’s 224 m long. The
Tower bridge opens 1000 times a
year, but there is little traffic on
the river so you are lucky if you find
the bridge open.
The tower of London is a very ,
important castle because inside the
palace there are royal treasures. It
was a royal palace, a prision and
many other palaces. The tower of
London has guards called Beefeaters.
The Beefeaters have got a red and
black uniform with a crown. Today
there is a guide for tourists but a long
time ago they had guards for
prisioners. Since 1988 the tower of
London is a world heritage site.
British Museum is a very big building. Inside
the museum there are many archeological
remains, the space is little for all treasures and
you will find it in the basament. This is one of
the largest museum in the world. This is very
popular with tourists because it’s very
 London is the capital of United Kingdom. It has 1572,15
km₂. London has got 8.308.369 people, but many
people are foreigners, its inhabitants are called
Londoners. London has got a big underground system
called THE TUBE. London is in the south of United
kingdom. In London there are a lot of important
monuments: the Big Ben, Westiminter, London
Eye,Buckingham palace,British Museum, Madame
Tussand’s, Trafalgar square. London is very popular
with tourists for its beauty.

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